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Death certificate download online

Death Certificate Download Online

Death certificate download online –According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, every death in India must be registered with the relevant State/UT Government within 21 days of the event. Every death must be reported, and the deceased’s closest relatives will receive the death certificate. 

The date, fact, and cause of death are all stated on a death certificate, which is a document the government issues to the deceased person’s closest family. 

The Delhi Municipal Corporation is in charge of issuing death certificates for citizens of the state. In this essay, we’ll go through in great detail how to get a Delhi death certificate download online.

Getting a Death Certificate for 

For the reasons listed below, death certificates are necessary. 

  •  A death certificate is the official documentation of a person’s cause of death.
  •  A death certificate includes details on the person’s time of death, death date, and death location. 
  • One can be released from social, legal, and official obligations via a death certificate.
  •   A death certificate is one of the necessary documents to settle the property inheritance. 
  •  The deceased’s family member can now receive insurance and other benefits thanks to the death certificate. 
  • Genealogical data can also be found on a death certificate. 

Who May Register a Death?

Within 21 days after the death date, a person’s death must be registered. In Delhi, the following people will record their death: 

  • The head of the household has the right to file a death report with the relevant Registrar Office if death happens there. 
  •  An authorised hospital employee is in charge of recording or registering a death that occurs in the hospital with the appropriate Registrar’s Office.
  •  If a person passes away while incarcerated, the jail’s in-charge can file a death report with the relevant Registrar’s Office. 
  •  The head of the village or the local police officer in charge may register a death if it takes place in a public area. 

What happens if a person’s death is not reported within 21 days?

The registrar or area magistrate must provide approval and there is a late registration fee if death is not reported within 21 days of the death’s occurrence. 

  1. On payment of Rs. 2 late fees, a death reported after 21 days but within 30 days of its occurrence may be registered. 
  2. Only with the registrar’s written consent and payment of Rs 5 can a death reported after one month but within a year of its occurrence be registered. 
  3. On an order from the area magistrate, such as the SDM, the first-class magistrate, or a presidency magistrate, and upon payment of a late fee of Rs. 10, a death reported more than a year after its occurrence may be registered.

Essential Documents 

Please supply the following paperwork when applying for the certificate & death certificate download online :

  •  An affidavit stating the time and date of the death
  •  The necessary fee in the form of court fee stamps
  •  Proof of the deceased’s birth
  •  (1) A duplicate of the ration card. 
  •  No Objection Certificate. 
  •  Aadhar Card (NOC). 

Fees for enrollment 

Here is how much the government charges to get a death certificate download online in Delhi: 

  •  There is no fee for recording a death within 21 days of the event. 
  • The Medical Officer of Health (MOH) will certify when a death is registered within 21 to 30 days after the death after receiving a fine of Rs. 25 from the applicant.
  • The only person authorised to issue the certificate is the Joint Director of Statistics; a fine of Rs. 50 and an affidavit are required. 
  •  The applicant will need the Cause of Death Certificate, the Cremation Certificate, and an Affidavit if registering a death after a year. The applicant may obtain the certificate by first-class magistrate’s order. 

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Death certificate download online

Death certificates are available to Delhi residents through the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s official website. The following are the online processes in Delhi for requesting a death certificate & process for death certificate download online

Step 1: The applicant must sign into the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s online portal (MCD).

Step 2: Next, choose between the North DMC, South DMC, or East DMC regions. 

Step 3: On the website, select “Registration of Birth & Death.” 

Step 4: From the menu of choices, click the “Registrations by Empanelled Institutions” link. 

Step 5: Fill out all the required information, including the date of birth or death, the gender, the mother’s or father’s name, etc., and then press the “Submit” button for death certificate download online

When can I expect to receive a death certificate 

Obtaining a death certificate typically takes 4 to 7 business days. 

Verify the status of the death certificate 

Visit the MCD official web portal website to find out the status of your application. Select the website’s link for Application Status. To examine the most recent status of your application, enter the application number and press the Submit button. 

Check Death Certificate download online Information 

To check death certificate download online information, Search the MCD Delhi website’s records for Death Certificate as well. Click the submit button after entering the registration number. The information from the death certificate will then be displayed on the screen. From the MCD Delhi website, you can download the death certificate. 



What number of death certificates do I require? 

An average of 6 to 10 certificates are required. Ten copies are advised. How many will be required will depend on the deceased’s assets. The family will need to assess its assets and determine how much money is actually required. 

What does a death record number mean? 

An ancestor’s cause of death can be identified via the number on the death certificate, known as an ICD number. International Classification of Diseases is referred to as ICD. A specific cause of death is associated with an ICD code. 

In India, who has the authority to certify a death? 

The Doctor’s Certificate and Panchanama, issued by recognised authorities like the Police, Revenue Officer, etc., may be shown by the citizen while applying for the certificate at their local Municipality or Panchayat Office. The service is for registering deaths that occurred within the previous 21 days. 

How does death registration work? 

The chance for legal documentation of a person’s death is provided through death registration. The recovery of inheritance and insurance payouts is one of the many ramifications of death documentation. Additionally, it is a significant component in the creation of life tables, which are essential for national planning. 

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