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Online FIR Mumbai

FIR online Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, a global financial hub, and the epicenter of Bollywood glamour. It’s a city of golden opportunities, but it also has a darker side. Crime and corruption sometimes cast shadows over this bustling metropolis.

In this blog, we delve into a critical aspect of city life—how to file an Online FIR (First Information Report) in Mumbai. When safety is at stake or mishaps occur, knowing how to navigate the system and report incidents is essential.

We’ll guide you through the process of filing an Online FIR in Mumbai. Whether it’s a missing person, a lost item, or more serious matters, we’ll explain how to do it efficiently.

Ready to know how to report incidents and play your part in maintaining safety? Let’s dive into the world of Online FIR Mumbai, where just a few clicks can make a difference.

Online FIR Mumbai

Here is the process of filing FIR online Mumbai – To file Online FIR in  Mumbai follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • Firstly, pay a visit to this site online FIR Mumbai.
  • Then you need to scroll down
  • After scrolling down, you will see different options and types of FIR you want to lodge like the missing person, lost/theft, unclaimed vehicle, unidentified body and etc.
  • You will find out a section with the name “lost/found”
  • You need to click on it, and fill up all the asked details.
  • After filing up you need to click on the button “submit”.
  • After clicking on the button your entered phone number will receive the
  • Enter that OTP and click on the “submit”.
  • After clicking your screen will display the FIR in which all the details you have filed will be seen.
  • You need to download that copy of FIR and have to make print of it.
  • Cross verifies multiple times before submitting the FIR as it will be register as the case and Mumbai police need all the valid proof.

Filling an online FIR in Mumbai takes just a few seconds.

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Points to be Noticed While Filing an Online FIR in Mumbai

  • The facility of online FIR Mumbai police accepts when the case is only about of lost and found.
  • When there are cases of motor vehicle theft, accident, chain snatching, assault, rape, murder, attempt to murder, robbery, dacoity, extortion and etc. are there then you need to visit the police station physically and have to register the FIR online Mumbai verbally.
  • You can check the status of a missing person using the online FIR system provided by the Mumbai Police.

  • If Mumbai police detect fake FIR online Mumbai police will consider it as an offence and it can cause trouble for the complainer.
  • If you detect any type of unlawful activity then you can file a complaint instead of filing the FIR.
  • If you are filing any type of complaint or FIR, make sure that you click a photo or make a video of that incident. So that you can upload it with your online FIR Mumbai police may feel at ease to solve it.
  • Sometimes they may contact you and ask you to come to the police station for the signature as there is no such facility for online signature.

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Crime and Corruption Issues in Mumbai

According to NCRB data from 2020, Mumbai has the sixth-highest crime rate, with over 58,676 IPC cases registered under special and local laws.

A survey conducted by NUMBO, the world’s largest survey conductor, found that 79% of people in Mumbai believe corruption and bribery contribute most to their daily expenses.

This data suggests that if Mumbaikars face any problems and need police assistance, they may encounter corruption and bribery. Therefore, it is crucial to gain police support to resolve issues.

Solutions Provided by Mumbai Police

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” and the Mumbai Police’s online FIR system perfectly exemplifies this statement.

This system performs and completes the majority of work for Mumbai police and the Mumbaikar it does not receive the FIR it has other features like information about GRAS payment, passport status, safety tips, loudspeaker permission, tenant information and other things to.

Advantages of the online FIR Mumbai system

The online FIR Mumbai system is an excellent initiative taken by the Mumbai Police. But how does it work?

  • “Online FIR Mumbai sigh of relief” Mumbai trafficking of India, people over here are very busy to earn for their livelihood. They do not have much time to move physically to the police station to register FIR.
  • The online portal also provides access to other facilities too. So, it can be easy to do other work also without moving to the station.
  • The online FIR does not get public. Filing an online FIR helps maintain privacy, which can be beneficial for victims and their families because their problems are not made public.
  • “FIR online Mumbai on safe line” – As Mumbai has a high crime rate, there is a higher risk of harm to the complainant. However, filing an online complaint reduces the likelihood of the complainant being exposed.


Q1: How do I report cyber crime in Mumbai?

A1: To report cyber crime in Mumbai, visit the Mumbai Police website and fill out the online form.

Q2: Does cyber crime refund money?

A2: Getting a refund after being cheated online is not always guaranteed, but reporting the crime to the police and filing a complaint with the company or website can increase your chances.

Q3: How do I get my money back after being cheated online?

A3: To get your money back after being cheated online, contact the company or website, dispute the charge with your credit card company or bank, and report the crime to the police if it's serious.

Q4: What happens after complaining in cyber crime?

A4: Once you file a complaint with the police for cyber crime, they will investigate and charge the perpetrators if identified, who may be fined or imprisoned.

Q5: How can I get my lost money back?

A5: There is no guarantee for getting lost money back, but you can contact your insurance company, file a claim with the company or website, or sue if all else fails.

Q6: What is the punishment for cheating money?

A6: Punishment for cheating money varies based on severity, with fines or imprisonment being possible.

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