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It doesn’t matter what state you live in, you still need to get a learner licence Rajasthan, pass the test, and get a valid license to drive on public roads. You will be only allowed to drive a vehicle in a public space if you have an active driving licence that has been issued by the licencing authority.

So what are you waiting for? If you qualify for a learner’s licence, submit your application as soon as possible! Uncertain about the eligibility requirements? No worries, I’ll talk about the eligibility, procedure for learning licence apply Rajasthan, and paperwork needed to obtain an online learning license Rajasthan.

Eligibility for learner licence Rajasthan

When you reach the age of 16, you can apply for a driving license/ learner licence Rajasthan. If you are under the age of 18 and own a motorcycle with an engine capacity under 50 cc, you can drive it without gear but you must have parental consent.

Online learning license Rajasthan

There is two website which you can visit to apply for an online learning license Rajasthan

  1. Online Portal of Transport and Road Safety Department– Rajasthan
  2. Online Portal of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

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Learning Licence Apply Rajasthan

  • If you are visiting Transport and Road Safety Department, select the option ‘Online Application for Learning License’. 
  • On the  Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, select the option ‘online services’. On the screen, select the ‘Sarathi” option.
  • Choose the option “New Learner License”.
  • On the screen, you will see steps to submit an online application. The next step is:
  1. Complete the application form for the online learning license Rajasthan.
  2. Uploading documents.
  3. Upload your most recent photo and sign.
  4. Choose the date and time of the Learning License Test.
  5. Fee payment
  • Select the “Continue” option.
  • Select the “I don’t have any license” option, then click “Submit”.
  • Complete the learner licence Rajasthan application form and click “Submit” to submit it.
  • To confirm submission of your application via the portal, select the option “YES”.
  • Once you have selected YES, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number you entered.
  • You will receive the Acknowledgment Slip. Print it, keep it safe and bring it with you to the office.

NOTE: Do not forget to save the application number on the screen for future reference for online learning license Rajasthan

  • Click “Next” to upload the scanned copies.
  1. Age Certificate
  2. Evidence of residency 
  3. Form 1/1-A (as  per requirement)

After you have uploaded the document, click “Confirm”.


  1. Scan the documents in grayscale .
  2. The file size should not exceed 1 MB
  3. The scan file should be saved in JPG/JPEG/PDF format
  • Click on “Next” and then click on After uploading your scanned signature and photo, confirm


  1. The scan file should be saved in JPG/JPEG format.
  2. The scan file size should not exceed 10-20KB
  • Select Next

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Online Slot Booking for learning license Rajasthan

  • Choose the option “Learning License Test slot Booking” and choose the date and hour that you prefer from the available dates.
  • Choose “Book Slot” or “Confirm to Slot Book”. Once the process for an online learning license Rajasthan is complete, you will receive an SMS to the mobile number you have entered.


  1. Print the date and time slip to get learner licence Rajasthan.
  2. Contact the transport office concerned 15 minutes prior to the chosen date with original copies of documents.
  • Choose the option “Next”.
  • Choose the option “Fee Payment”. The applicant can pay the fees via Internet Banking.

Notification: Applicants who do not have an online account can pay fees in cash at the transport office.

After applying online, the process to obtain a learning license

  • If you have completed the learner licence Rajasthan process, please be available 15 minutes prior to the time at the chosen date at the concerned transport office with original copies of uploaded documents.
  • You do not have to send the paper copy of the application to the office.
  • If you submit an online learning license Rajasthan application online but you are unable to complete a stage, then you must be present at the counter designated to complete that stage.
  • The original documents of yours will be returned to you immediately after verification by the Transport Inspector/Sub-Inspector in the office.
  • Your signature and photo will be taken in the office.
  • The Password for the Learning License Test will be issued by the Transport Inspector/Sub-Inspector which will be received through SMS on the mobile number mentioned in the application form.
  • The Learning License Test will be conducted by the Transport Inspector/Sub-Inspector under his supervision by entering the confidential PIN and password received by the applicant on the touch screen kiosk in the office.
  • The RTO will issue a Learning License once you passed the Learning License Test.


You must take the following steps if the application process if the online learning license Rajasthan is halted for any reason :-


Here is a list of documents that must be scanned and uploaded with the learner licence Rajasthan application:

  • Choose the option “New Learners License”

You will see a variety of steps to submit an online learning license Rajasthan application. Select the “Home” option. The screen will display various options for each stage of the application process. Select the appropriate option to complete the remainder of the action.

Documents for learning license Rajasthan

Here are the list of documents that you will require for learning license in Rajasthan


No. Document Type General Instructions
1 Documentation proving date of birth Any combination of the following:

1. Birth Certificate

2. School mark sheet/certificate/school leaving certificate (TC), indicating the date of your birth.

3. Passport (1st page and last page)

4. Life Insurance Policy

5. Any office of the Central/State Government or any local body that mentions Date of Birth will issue a Pay-Slip.

2 Documentation proving residence Any one of the following

  • Aadhar card (both sides)
  • Voter ID card (both side)
  • Voter’s List
  • Life insurance policy
  • Any office of the Central / State Government, local body or central authority may issue a pay slip
  • Passport
  • Basic address proof
  • Additional proof for ration card
3 Format 1/1 A Self-declaration is required for the licensing of non-transport vehicle/commercial vehicle by applicants below 40 years old and applicants above 40 years. For making license of commercial/transport vehicle, a medical certificate is also required in form 1A

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