Without the parent’s consent letter for a driving license, a minor won’t be able to get a valid driving license. It is in a form of consent and permission on the part of the parent towards their minor child.  So, if you want to apply for a learning license or driving license you should know how to fill the consent form. In this article, we will guide you in filling up Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence correctly.

Driving License

Driving is an art that can be learned over time. It is a convenient and efficient mode of reaching to one place from another. It is a matter of concern when anyone doesn’t know how to drive. 

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a person to be able to drive in the country must have a valid driving license. Without a license, a person cannot run a vehicle in the country. 

A driving license is a document that validates the right of an individual in terms of riding a vehicle. It can be issued to the citizens of India by the transport authority. It will be issued in favor of the citizens who are of the age of majority.

In case a person is below the age of majority, it will be issued by the Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence. Without the parent’s consent letter for a driving license, a minor won’t be able to get a valid driving license. 

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Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence

The parents consent Letter for Driving Licence form is also known as a parental permission letter. It is a piece of the document declaring a temporary responsibility of the minor.

Parents’ Consent Letter for a Driving Licence is an authorization that can be submitted via both online and offline methods. It can be submitted at any time; it has no due dates to submit it.

The subject matter of the letter is a minor of the age from 16 to 18 years. It can be issued to anyone irrespective of gender, either male, female, third gender, etc. 

Steps by step filling of the Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence

The process of filling Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence is very simple and easy to follow. You can download the form from your local RTO office or in any government department having the availability of such forms.

After availing the form, its particulars need to be completed along with the signature of the parent. It requires a couple of steps to be taken for filling the Parent’s consent letter for a driving license:

  • STEP 1: Acknowledge that you are the legal guardian of the minor. Write the full name of your child in the provided space. The name must be identical to the other documents supporting the acknowledgment. 
  • STEP 2: Fill the details of the minor’s date of birth in the second provided space. It must be same as the document proving the same.
  • STEP 3: Tick the yes box on the form as a form of acknowledgment. The parent acknowledges that the person filling out the form has the right to apply for the cancellation of the license. The registrar has to comply with such a request made by the legal guardian of the minor. 
  • STEP 4: Then in the next blank space, provide your signature. 

Therefore, the document will be applicable to be submitted before the appropriate authority. The appropriate authority for such matters is the RTO Office of the concerned area or the other assigned government office. 

Documents required for the Parents Consent Letter for a Driving Licence

The following documents are required while submitting Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence:

  • Aadhaar Card – it is one of the indispensable documents for the person acknowledging the facts of the document. 
  • Birth Certificate / Mark sheet of 10th or 12th Boards. It must declare the Date of birth of the minor. 
  • For the proof of residence – the ration card, Electricity bill is sufficient. The document must disclose the address of the person. 
  • Form 1 (Form 1 applies to the learner’s license only, whereas Form 4 applies to the Permanent License for the candidate).
  • Obviously, the Parent Consent Letter. 

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What to do after filling out Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence

The procedure of the driving test after ascertaining the Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence:

The process comprises of two tests; one is written and the second is practical test. When a person applies for a learner license, then the written test will be conducted and in case where a person wants a permanent driving license, the practical test is conducted. In the written test, 60% is the passing percentage. It consists of multiple choice questions. The practical tests on the other hand are a bit complex in nature. It consists of four distinct tests –

  1. Parallel parking skills
  2. Drive forward on an 8 shape track
  3. Drive forward on the road with an upward gradient
  4. Drive back with an S shaped road. 

The issue of the practical exam seems cumbersome. But the Union Government has made it easier for the candidates to give the practical exam. The centres will be eligible to issue the certificates on behalf of the RTO.

The centers can teach the students to drive and make them eligible for the test. It saves the time of the government department as the centers will now issue a certificate for the person issuing a permanent driving license.

Further, the test for the two wheeler is quite different as compared to the above-mentioned process. Firstly, it has only one exam and it is without keeping the foot on the ground. 

The objective of Parent’s Consent Letter for a Driving Licence

The objective behind this act is that children below the age of 18 are dependent on their parents. The ratification of the parents is necessary for their wards driving license.

The Parent’s consent letter for driving license of their wards is a mandatory provision and has been governed under the Section 32 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

It is a simple form, a kind if affidavit declaring the fact that a parent is approving the application of their child for the license. It further acknowledges that the permission gas been granted by the parent.

It is to be noted that mere providing a Parents Consent Letter for Driving Licence doesn’t render the child the right of having a license. The license will be furnished only in the case where the minor will pass the Driver’s driving test successfully.

Therefore, these were the prerequisites to take into consideration while submitting Parents consent letter for driving licence.

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