DL Renewal Odisha | Driving licence Renewal online Odisha

 As stipulated by the Motors Act, a driving licence is a mandatory document. It is, however, only with a valid driving license that you are able to drive a vehicle.

What happens if your driving license’s validity expires? You do not have to worry about that as it is only a matter of renewing your license or extending its validity.

Therefore, We at Itzeazy have all the instructions you need for DL Renewal Odisha for all the residents of the Odisha state 


  • Original driver’s licence that is about to expire or has already expired.
  • Age and address proof
  • Form for renewing a driver’s licence in Odisha, also known as Form 9.
  • Form No. 1 or a self-declaration of physical fitness, Form 1A, the medical certificate form.
  • Passport size photo
  • Receipt for payment of renewal costs.

Apply online through the State Portal of Odisha

  • You can use the state portal to apply online for a driver licence renewal. 
  • From the website page, click the tab for LD/DL services. 
  • Choose “New Driving Licenses” from the drop-down option. 
  • You have to select “Renewal of DL” from a menu on the left side of the webpage. After selecting, a new page with instructions will display; read them, then click on proceed. 
  • You will be taken to the Sarathi portal. Click on apply DL renewal

You can follow the steps listed below after arriving on a Parivahan Sarthi portal!

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Driving licence Renewal online Odisha

  • For Driving licence Renewal online Odisha Visit Parivahan
  • Then select Online Services. Go to Driving License Related Services by clicking.
  • Choose a State (Odisha) To apply for a DL renewal, click. Select “Continue”
  • Type your driver’s licence number and birthdate and Simply click “Get DL Details.” Details about the DL will be shown.
  • Pick RTO or ARTO. Select “Proceed”
  • Give your mobile number on the application page. Select “Confirm”
  • Uploading a document uploading Form 1A for applicants over 40
  • After making a successful payment, go to the payment page to make a payment.

DL Renewal Odisha Offline

Get the Form

RTOs are available to renew driving licences offline for applicants without internet access. For the renewal of a driving licence, you should get Form 9 in Odisha. You also download it from the Parivahan Sewa website or directly at Itzeazy!

Download the Form 9 

You can directly download the file from Itzeazy! First Go to the homepage and select Tools from the upper right corner. Select Form from the drop-down menu. You will see that we have all the necessary forms on hand. To download the necessary form, click on Driving License.

I have provided a direct link here so you can download the form quickly and easily.

Filling out the form and attaching it with the documents

Fill out this form with all required information such as your name and driving license number. Self-attest the form and submit it with all required documents.

Requires Medical Certificate – Form 1A

Additionally, if your age exceeds 40 years, you must submit Form 1A signed and signed by a registered physician. 

Pay the fee

To complete the process, you must also pay the renewal fees. 


After all documents and forms are verified, you’ll receive your driving license.

DL Renewal Odisha Fee

Renewal of a driver’s licence during the grace period (within 30 days of the license’s expiration date, inclusive)

Driving License Renewal Fee


The annual late fee is Rs. 1000, and the year is a financial year rather than a calendar year.

Steps to check the renewal status of your driving licence in Odisha

The process of renewing a certificate usually begins immediately after verification has been completed. The exact processing time for the certificate is five days. These steps will allow you to check your Odisha driving license renewal status.

  • Go to the official Website by Parivahan Seva. Click on “Driving License Related Services”.
  • Select “Apply Online” tab, and then choose “Application Status”.
  • Enter your application number, birth date and captcha. Click on “Submit”. Your application status will be displayed on the next page.

When applying for a renewal of your driving license in Odisha, you should remember the following steps. The process of renewing your driving licence in Odisha will be easy and quick if you follow these steps and provide the necessary documents.