A top tourist destination for visitors from all over the world is the country of myst, ancient cultures, and beautiful architecture. Armenia is a treasure for tourism because of its unique blend of cultures and traditions. Armenia has a lot to offer, and travelling there is now more convenient than ever. Visit this lovely nation by applying for an Armenia visa for Indians. You can find the latest up-to-date information from us. The first thing to understand is the different Armenian visas that are available. Also this blog discusses about Armenia visa on arrival for Indian, Armenia visa fees for Indian, Armenia tourist visa for Indian, Armenia e visa 

Armenia Visa For Indians

Depending on your travel objectives and the length of your stay in Armenia, you can apply for different types of Armenia visa for Indians citizens. The several categories for which you can submit an application are listed below.

Visitor Visa

Indian nationals wishing to travel, visit family, engage in business, receive medical attention, or engage in other temporary stays in the Republic of Armenia must obtain a guest visa. A visiting visa can be obtained for one year and is valid for either single or repeated entries. Short Term, which lasts no longer than 21 days, or Visitor Visa Long Term, which lasts no  longer than 120 days. Visitor visas with multiple entries that are valid for up to 60 days. a multiple-entry visa having a validity of up to a year and up to 120 days.

Transit Visa

A transit visa is provided if you are passing through the Republic of Armenia. Transit traffic via the Republic of Armenia is defined as all foreigners travelling by air or land from one state to another in order to reach a third state.

 In the case of transit traffic, you must show your tickets to another country or your entry visa for that nation, and your stay on Armenian soil cannot exceed 72 hours, excepting extreme circumstances. You won’t enter the Republic of Armenia’s borders if an Indian national is present in a transit zone. You may, however, remain in the transit visa zone for up to 48 hours.

Now, you have to look whether you are eligible for getting the Armenia visa.

What are eligibility criteria?

Before applying for an Armenian visa for Indians, check if you are eligible or not. It is very important to check because, based on eligibility, there are some aspects which may change from nation to nation.

  1. Indian nationals with valid Indian passports are eligible to apply online for Armenian visas.
  2. Anyone wishing to visit Armenia for tourism purposes can apply for a Armenia tourist visa for Indian through Visa Lounge. Those looking for work in Armenia are ineligible to apply through the Visa Lounge.
  1. We advise applicants to travel to Armenia with travel insurance. Passengers can get travel insurance from Visa Lounge as well.

Next important thing is that you must provide supporting documentation for your Armenia visa application to India, just as for any other international trip.

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Documents needed for Armenia Visa

For instance, at an Armenian embassy in India, you must present certain essential documents to obtain an Armenia visa for Indians. India is one of the nations that is not eligible for Armenia visa on arrival for Indian nationals. The necessary papers are listed below:

  1. Copies of the front and last complete pages of a valid Indian passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months, in clear colour.
  2. Color Photo – Details 65% to 70% face coverage, with both ears showing, and a white background. Dimensions: 35 mm x 45 mm.
  3. Details of the hotel confirmation.
  4. A ticket replica.
  5. The applicant’s cell phone number.
  6. Copy of travel insurance, 
  7. A three-month bank statement.
  8. If continuing ahead to a third nation, you will need to show proof of your assurance of entry, such as a valid visa, a “green card,” or a residency permit.

The decision to grant an Indian citizen a visa to Armenia is up to the consular official. You might be asked for more paperwork to prove that you have a valid reason for visiting Armenia and the necessary funds. Let’s start with the procedure for the Armenia visa.

How to Apply for Armenia Visa for Indians?

There are some simple steps to applying for an Armenia visa for Indians, you have to follow the steps to obtain the visa.

  • Start your online application.
  • Enter the Document Type and Country to Determine Eligibility:
  •  Choose your travel document type, your regular, current passport, India as the country of issue, and your email address. You can enter the Captcha after finishing the process Choose next or back.
  • Examine Your Email Box: 
  • Please be aware that the confirmation email will be active for 24 hours; to continue submitting your application, please check your inbox. Additionally, the email can be in your spam folder depending on your email service provider. Last but not least, I’ll try to submit this form once again if you didn’t receive the email.
  • Before they can submit the application, they must pay the Armenia visa fees. It is possible to pay the fees for consular services through “E-payments,” an electronic system for State obligations and payments. to do an “E-payment” transaction. They can accept following payment options ; a PayPal account or a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card are required.

What is Processing Time?

Except for Saturday, Sunday, and other Armenian Holidays, the normal processing time is three to four Armenian Working Days. If it is pending with the Security Department, it can take longer.


Q1.Who needs a visa for Armenia or a Armenia tourist visa for Indian?

Ans. If you are an Indian national and want to travel to Armenia, you must obtain an Armenia visa for Indians. At the Republic of Armenia’s border checkpoint, Indian citizens cannot obtain an Armenia visa on arrival for Indian. According to bilateral and multilateral agreements between nations, Armenia has a visa-free policy. Diplomatic passport holders from the United Arab Emirates and India are among the other nations whose citizens can travel without a visa.

Q2. What are the Armenia visa fees for Indian?

Ans. So, you’re wondering how much it will cost to obtain an Armenia e-visa for Indian citizens. The cost of your Armenia visa will vary according to how long you plan to stay there.

Visitor visa (for stays of up to 21 days) / 479.44 INR non-refundable charge.

Visitor visa (for stays up to 120 days) / 2,397.20 INR non-refundable charge.