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Road Tax in Tamilnadu

Road Tax in TamilNadu

Are you looking to pay the road tax in Tamilnadu? But you want to know the procedure for Tamil Nadu road tax online payment and the amount you should pay for your vehicle. If your answer is yes, then this is the right blog you have come across.

Road safety is a top priority in Tamil Nadu, and the government has taken numerous steps to reduce accidents. Aside from the standard issues of seatbelts and helmets, the government also issues fitness certificates, which must be worn by vehicles at all times.

To ensure transportation uniformity, the government also ensures that all vehicles on the road have the necessary registration certificates and tax payment information. The Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act of 1974 specifies the amount of road tax to be paid.

You will get more information about road tax in Tamilnadu as well as the procedure for Tamil Nadu road tax online payment in a further blog.

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How to pay Road tax in Tamilnadu?

The first and foremost question here arises is how should we pay the road tax in Tamilnadu. Commercial vehicles entering Tamil Nadu are required to pay the ‘other state vehicle tax.’

Road taxes in Tamilnadu can be paid at toll tax checkpoints along the site’s perimeter. However, the highly congested and long lines of commercial vehicles at toll plazas have recently led to the successful establishment of an online system for paying road tax in Tamil Nadu.

The simple and step-by-step procedure makes paying the Tamil Nadu road tax online payment through a secure website simple and convenient. You have two methods for paying your road taxes in Tamil Nadu i.e., Online road tax payment and Offline road tax payment. We will discuss both procedures.

Pay road tax in Tamilnadu offline:

If you are interested to pay your road tax in Tamilnadu offline then, you can pay the road tax in cash or demand draughts at any of the regional transport offices. You can visit your nearest regional transport office and pay the required amount of tax on the road in Tamil Nadu there.

That’s about how to do payment of road tax offline in Tamilnadu. If you want you can pay your road tax online as well in Tamilnadu. Wondering how to do Tamil Nadu road tax online payment? Let’s take a look

Tamil Nadu road tax online payment:

Paying your vehicle with Tamilnadu  road tax online payment using the Vahan Parivahan portal is a simple process. We provide detailed instructions on how to pay road tax and how to check the status of your payment. For every Indian, the Vahan Parivahan Portal is a very useful website. The Parivahan website allows you to make a payment without having to go to the RTO office.

If you’d like to tell you the procedure of Tamil Nadu road tax online payment to pay vehicle road tax online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Vahan Parivahan website at Vahan Parivahan,  open the official website.
  2. Then select your state and RTO before clicking the proceed button.
  3. To pay your tax, go to the main menu and select RC related service.
  4. Now enter your vehicle’s registration number to see how much your vehicle tax is due.
  5. Use an online payment method such as net banking or a debit card to pay your pending vehicle tax. You can renew your RC after making a successful payment.

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Check the amount of road tax in Tamilnadu:

If you don’t know how much your vehicle’s road tax in Tamilnadu is, use the steps below to figure it out:

  1. Go to the Parivahan Vahan portal at and select “Know MV Tax” from the menu.
  2. Now fill in the following information about your vehicle:
  • Choose your state.
  • Vehicle types (Transport or Non-Transport)
  • Choose a Vehicle Class
  • Choose a vehicle category.
  • Date of registration
  • Fill in all relevant information about your vehicle.
  1. Click the Get Tax Details button after entering the captcha code.
  2. Display your vehicle tax information on the screen and pay Tamil Nadu road tax online payment amount.

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Procedure to check your road tax payment status in Tamilnadu?

Follow the steps below to check the status of your Tamil Nadu road tax online payment transaction.

  1. To find out your transaction status, go to the Parivahan Vahan portal at
  2. Select “Transaction Status” option and then “Know Your Transaction Status” from the menu to proceed further.
  3. Select one of the options, such as Transaction id, Payment id, Bank Ref. No., Registration No. or Grn No. and fill out the required information.
  4. When you click the Search Button, your payment status will appear on your screen.

Who are exempted from the vehicle tax exemption in Tamilnadu?

Vehicle owners who own the following vehicles are exempt from paying road tax in Tamilnadu:

  1. Vehicles owned by disabled people and used solely for their transportation can claim exemption from vehicle tax.
  2. Vehicles used solely for agricultural purposes will not be subject to the Tamil Nadu vehicle tax.
  3. Ambulances
  4. A vehicle with the passenger of the Ministry of Defence Central and State armed forces in uniform
  5. Vehicles belonging to the National Highways Authority of India
  6. Vehicle of the fire-fighting department
  7. A vehicle used as a funeral van.

In further section, we will take a look at the time period for Tamil Nadu road tax online payment

Time period for the Tamil Nadu road tax online payment 

The Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Tax (TNMVT) Act imposes a road tax in Tamil Nadu. The registered owner or any other person in possession or control of the motor vehicle must pay the tax in the manner prescribed by the TNMVT Act. Either quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, on a licence that he will obtain for that quarter, half-year, or year.

The tax due under this Act must be paid within the prescribed time frame. It can’t be less than seven days or more than 45 days after the quarter or half-year begins. Note that different periods of time may be required for different types of vehicles.

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Here I will conclude the topic of road tax in Tamilnadu and Tamil Nadu road tax online payment.  I hope all the queries have been answered with this blog. If not, then you can mention those in the comment box. I would like to answer all those.

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    For 2022-23 Q3 ie Oct2022-Dec2022, 45 days ends only on 15-11-2022, but it shows penalty, where is 45days grace period?! Please check

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