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Marriage registration

Marriage Certificate Process

Marriage Registration Procedure

Marriage certificate

Application mode:


Processing time:

7 days

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In this article, we will discuss the procedure for marriage registration in different states, what documents you will require in the marriage certificate procedure and how much you have to pay for the marriage registration procedure

Marriage certificate is an official statement which shows that two people are now legally married. When the registrar issues the certificate, your marriage is legalized. There is a marriage certificate process that you have to follow to get the certificate.

All Hindu, Buddhists, Jains and sikhs can register their marriage as per Hindu Marriage Act,1955. While other marriage in between religions can be done under the Special Marriage Act,1954. You can register by following the marriage registration procedure under the said act for marrying an foreigner too.

Is Marriage Registration Mandatory in India?

It is not compulsory but needed at times for all legal matters and proceedings. But however, registration is mandatory for NRI men who get married in India. So you must follow the marriage certificate procedure which is mentioned below and get the marriage certificate.

Note: To register for a marriage certificate, the groom must be 21 years of age. And the bride must be over 18 years of age.

Marriage Registration Procedure Fees

Act fee
Hindu Marriage Act 100
Special Marriage Act 150

Marriage registration procedure fees under Hindu Marriage Act are RS 100. The marriage certificate process fee under the Special Marriage Act is RS. 150

Note; you need to pay the fees to the cashier of the district.

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What are the documents needed for Marriage Certificate Procedure?

Following documents must be provided by both the bride and the groom during marriage certificate procedure.

Marriage Proof Wedding Invitation (or)
Temple Marriage Receipts (or)
Any proof of marriage solemnization
Identity & Address Proof Employee ID Card (or)
Ration Card (or)
Driving License (or)
Passport or Visa
Age Proof Birth Certificate (or)
School or College Certificate (or)
Passport or Visa


Apart from this passport size photograph for the bride is needed.

And 4 passport size photograph for the bridegroom should be also submitted.

These were the documents required for marriage certificate procedure and the Marriage registration procedure fees. Let’s see where you can get marriage registration forms

Where to find the Marriage Registration Forms?

All other types of marriage registration forms are below:

All important details regarding marriages

States in India Link
Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Chhattisgarh Marriage Certificate Process
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Karnataka Marriage Certificate Procedure
Madhya Pradesh
Punjab Marriage Registration Procedure Forms
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Photo resize
Residencal Locality


Gujrat marriage certificate registration form
Gujrat marriage certificate form


Karnataka marriage registration procedure form


Karnataka marriage certificate process form


Assam marriage registration procedure form


Assam marriage Certificate process form


Delhi marriage registration procedure form


Delhi Marriage Certificate Process Form


Rajasthan marriage registration


Rajasthan marriage Certificate


Tamilnadu marriage registration procedure form


Tamilnadu marriage Certificate procedure form


Bihar marriage registration


Bihar marriage Certificate

Marriage Registration Procedure in India

  1. Make an Appointment for marriage registration procedure
  2. Kindly Search for the website of your municipality and select your district.
  3. You can choose your district or that of your spouse for marriage certificate procedure.
  4. Click the option of “Registration of Marriage”
  5. Carefully fill in the marriage certificate form. This includes details such as religion, address, occupation, parents’ details, witness’s details, etc.
  6. Select a preferred date of appointment for further marriage certificate process
  7. Now click on “Submit your application”
  8. After submission, you shall receive an acknowledgment slip along with a number.
  9. Make sure to take prints of this slip as well as the completed application form.
  10. Then later save them for your appointment
  11. Have the following documents for marriage certificate procedure
  • Application form (duly filled and signed)
  • Address proof (driving licence/passport/voter ID/Aadhaar card)
  • Proof of date of birth (school certificate/passport/birth certificate)
  • Passport-sized photographs (4)
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Photograph of marriage (1)
  • Marriage affidavit (in a prescribed format*)
  • Address proof and PAN card for witnesses (any two people who have attended the marriage)
  • Divorce decree (in case of a divorcee) and spouse’s death certificate (in case of a widow/widower)

III. Obtain the Marriage Certificate

  • On the appointed day, both the spouses shall visit the office of marriage registrar.
  • After producing required documents and paying the fees.
  • You shall receive the marriage certificate.


What are the top matrimonial sites?

Here is the list of top matrimonial sites for marriage certificate procedure

  • Bharat matrimony
  • – Jeevansathi
  • – Shaadi
  • – Vivaah
  • – Lifepartner
  • – Rosebrides
  • – Secondmarriage
  • – Lovevivah


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