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Learning license fees in India 2024

learning license fees in India

Driving Licence

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Applying for learning license ? Wondering how much is the learning license fees ? The first step to getting a driver’s license in India is to get a learner’s license. In this article, we will discuss learning license fees in India 2022. Along with how to apply for learner driving license. So, keep reading the article.

Learning License

To individuals who apply, the Zonal Transport Department issues licenses—both temporary and permanent. Both online and offline applications for the licence are accepted. For each category of vehicle, the learning license fees in India is Rs. 30.

To get a permit, you need to be familiar with the senses and rules of the road. In India, a learner’s certificate will be issued to a candidate after passing a written or online exam to test their knowledge of road traffic regulations.

Once you have a learning license, you can practice driving on public roads. Only, if accompanied by someone with a permanent driver’s license. Before you can get a driver’s license, you need to get a learning license for a vehicle of the relevant class. To apply for learner’s driving license there are some learning license fees.  Individuals who want to get a driver’s license in India must meet certain conditions. One of the most important conditions is the existence of a learner’s certificate form.

The learning license application consists of :

  • Applicant Details: Applicants must provide the following information when applying for a permit:
  • Personal information such as name, address, date of birth, place of birth
  • School qualifications.
  • Types of Indian citizenship (by birth, naturalization) and documents
  • blood type
  • Your previous driver’s license, including details (if any).
  • Driving school certificate (if required).
  • Exemption from medical examination (if applicable).
  • A statement that the information provided in the previous section is accurate and signed by the applicant’s parent / legal guardian

License fees

License fees in India 2024 depend on the license applied. The learning license fees is about Rs200.  It costs 200 rupees to renew the learning license.

The international driving license fees is 1000 rupees. The cost of a driver’s license test is 300 rupees. Issuing a renewed driving license costs Rs 200.

There are various criteria for determining the amount to pay. To find out, visit the RTO website to see the prices of the various licenses.

Learning License Fees

The learning license fees is  200 rupees per vehicle class. Applicants are required to pay when submitting the Learning License DL documents and application form. The learning license pricing structure includes:

  • Form 3 Fees – Rs.30.
  • Form 6 Fees – Rs.40.
  • Traffic security charges – Rs.50.

apply for learner driving license

Permanent Driving License Fees:

  • Driving test fee – Rs.100.
  • Form 7 (or smart card) charges – Rs.200.
  • Driver’s License Subsidy – Rs.40.
  • Access to motorcycle licensed road safety with or without equipment – ​​Rs.100.
  • Rs.150 for a traffic safety stop for a light vehicle license (without transportation).
  • Rs.200 for a traffic safety stop for a light vehicle (transportation) license.
  • For medium and heavy vehicle driver’s licences, traffic safety access costs Rs.500.

 International Driving Permit Fees:

  • Issuance of an International Driving Permit – Rs.500.

 Driving licence fees

New learning license fees- Rs. 200

Renewal of provisional license – Rs. 200

International Driver’s License Application  – Rs. 1,000

Applying for a new driver’s license Rs. 200

Driver’s license test – Rs. 300

Driver’s license renewal – Rs. 200

Issuance and renewal of driving school license – Rs. 10,000

Issuance of renewed driver’s license  – Rs. 200

Appeal fees vs. RTO -Rs. 500

We will issue a driving school with a double driver’s license – Rs 5,000

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 How to apply for Learner Driving License

Here is how to apply for learner driving license online,

  • Go to
  • Select Driver’s License Related Services from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Payment tab
  • Select the problem state.
  • Enter the required details
  • Click “Click here” to calculate the price.
  • Select a payment gateway.
  • Complete the payment.

How do I apply for learner driving license offline? 

Now that we’ve covered the learning license fees in India through 2022, let’s look at how to apply for learner driving license. If you are unfamiliar with the online student license application process, or if the state Department of Transport does not provide the ability to apply for a student license online, you can easily apply for a student license directly to the RTO Secretariat.

Read the steps below to understand how to apply for learner driving license.

Step 1: Passport You will need to receive either Student License Application 2  with a photo or Student License Application 3  with a photo. These forms can be downloaded online or obtained directly  from the RTO office.

Step 2: Complete the application form and attach a photo if necessary. Include proof of age and proof of address. Please access the RTO in your area and submit the application form. Also, select a slot to schedule a learning license test.

Step 3: Witness the Learning License Testing Facility at the selected date and time. Upon passing the exam, the learner license will be sent to the registered address or provided directly on the site, depending on the RTO.

Step 4: If you take driving lessons under the guidance of a driving school, they will help you get a learner’s driver’s license.


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