Have you heard about Aadhaar update history? UIDAI offers various services related to Aadhaar such as linking mobile number with Aadhaar; downloading masked Aadhaar and so on. Aadhaar card update history is another vital service offered by UIDAI website where Aadhaar holders can check the records of the updates and corrections made to one’s Aadhaar card. This blog will discuss more on the subject of Aadhaar update history download, its application procedure and conditions before availing it. 

Aadhaar update history

Aadhaar update history is officially known as Aadhaar authentication history. Indians can now check any corrections they made to their KYC details like updating phone number, address, Email ID, photo. Aadhar card update history was introduced in 2018 with an official tweet saying that Aadhaar holders who have their mobile numbers registered with their Aadhaar can check their Aadhaar update history online at UIDAI website.

Whenever you make changes to your phone number, address and so in your Aadhaar, UIDAI generates and sends a unique URN (Update Request Number) to your registered email ID for every successful Aadhaar authentication. You have to use URNs to track all the transactions related to Aadhaar. URNs are all stored in UIDAI’s database. Indians can also do update their biometrics as well as demographic details offline in an Aadhaar enrolment agency and can check the update’s history of the same online. You can only check 50 records at once in the page.

If you want to check more updates, just select the date range in the calendar. Aadhaar update history shows updates for the past 6 months. It will generate an AUA transaction ID  along with URN to be stored in UIDAI database for future reference. You can use the URN and Transaction ID to enquire about all the details regarding KYC details. If you haven’t performed the KYC updates mentioned in the Aadhaar update history, contact your nearest AUA (Authentication User Agency) for further details with the help of URNs. 

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Details mentioned in Aadhaar update history

You can see following details on the screen for a Aadhaar update history:-

Type Description
Title “Aadhaar update history for UID: (Aadhaar number) as on (current date) (current time)”
Record  The serial number of the all the URNs. The latest one is displayed at the top. 
URN The update request number generated at the time of submitting the request is mentioned first. This URN is used to check the status of the update request in future. 
Date of update The date on which update request has been submitted  for revising your KYC details in Aadhaar.
Type of update Biometric/Demographic /New request. Biometric update is updating photo, signature, iris and face. Demographic update is updating mobile number, address, Email ID, gender and so on. 
Photo of the user The photograph of the Aadhaar holder is displayed on screen.
Address Full address mentioned in Aadhaar of the Aadhaar holder. 
Name and Aadhaar details Your Aadhaar card details are mentioned on top of the the address section


Check points before seeing Aadhaar update history

The following criterion should check before seeing Aadhaar update history:-

  • You should have  Aadhaar card  linked with your mobile number to avail of the benefits of this facility.
  • If you have installed mAadhaar app in your smartphone, you can also enter TOTP for authentication instead of sending OTP to your registered mobile number. 
  • Details of all KYC updates done till now will display on the screen
  • You cannot download the results in any way.
  • You can take a screenshot of the update history results for future references.

Procedure for Aadhaar update history

The step-by-step procedure for seeing Aadhaar update history download is:-

  1. Visit Home – Unique Identification Authority of India | Government of India (uidai.gov.in)
  2. Type your Aadhaar number and the Captcha code.
  3. Click on “Send OTP” or “Send TOTP”. You can send TOTP if you have mAadhaar app in your mobile number.
  4. Type the OTP received on your mobile number. Type the TOTP sent in your mAadhaar aap.
  5. Click on “Submit”.
  6. You will see Aadhar update history on screen. 


Q1. What are some of the errors codes for authentication failure?

There are more than 70 error codes for Aadhaar authentication failure. It explains the reasons for failure of Aadhaar authentication. Some of the error codes are:-

  • 100 – Personal information and demographic data did not match during authentication.
  • 200 – Personal address and demographic data did not match during authentication.
  • 300 – Biometric data did not match during authentication.
  • 310 – For authentication ,duplicate fingerprints uses.
Q2. What information does one get from Aadhaar update history?

Indians can get the following information in Aadhaar update history:- 

  1. Auth Modality
    2. Date and Time of Aadhaar Authentication.
    3. Response code.
    4. AUA Name
    5. AUA Transaction ID and Code
    6. Authentication Response whether Success or Failure.
    7. Error code
Q3. What is Auth Modality?

Auth Modality in Aadhaar update history shows the mode of authentication used to perform that specific Aadhaar authentication transaction.