Traveling outside of the country requires that you have a passport. It is also an official document that serves as our address and proof of identity, allowing us to use many government and private services. Despite the lengthy process for getting a passport, the Ministry of External Affairs has set up a program called “Tatkal.” It allows tickets to be quickly issued.  if your passport is about to expire  and now applicants who need to go abroad immediately may apply for tatkal passport renewal tickets and obtain them in a few days.

A passport is a necessary document provided by a nation’s government to travel to any other country without difficulty. This formal document guarantees an individual’s immigration to a foreign nation smoothly.

Tatkal Passport Renewal

The application process for the Tatkal Passport renewal as follows:

  • The procedures for applying for a Tatkal passport here.
  • Create an account on Passport Seva’s official website.
  • There will be two alternatives available to you: Fresh and Re-Issue. Select the appropriate option as Re-issue
  • In the scheme type drop-down menu, choose ‘Tatkal.’
  • Fill out the form online.
  • Finish the payment process.
  • Print the receipt for your online payment.
  • Make an appointment at a Passport Service Kendra near you.

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Eligibility to apply for a Tatkal Passport renewal

People who apply for a Tatkal passport renewal have to show that they need it quickly and that other things are in their favor. A Tatkal passport, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone.

Applicants who fall under one of the following groups may not be eligible for a Tatkal passport:

  • Outside India, an Indian citizen is born to Indian parents.
  • A person who has obtained Indian citizenship via naturalization or registration
  • Someone who has from another nation to India. Someone who has to India at the cost of the government.
  • A significant name change has occurred.
  • Nagaland residents
  • Citizens of Naga ancestry who live outside Nagaland
  • Jammu and Kashmir residents
  • Residents of Nagaland who are minors
  • A small kid with a single mother or father.
  • Someone looking for a quick passport renewal
  • Due to a lost or stolen passport, an application for new access.
  • Modifications in sex or appearance

Passport Application Types

May file a passport application in one of two ways. However, the application form will be the applicant’s need and need for a passport.

  1. Application for a Regular Passport
  2. Application for Tatkal Passport

In most cases, people apply for a regular passport when they need a standard application process and aren’t hurry to get their ticket. On the other hand, Tatkal Passport Applications deals with passport applications that need to right away. Extra money by people who choose the Tatkal option to speed up the process of their applications Tatkal is a way for people who want new passports or want to renew their current or expired tickets.

Should point out that getting a passport through the tatkal program is the same. Those who need this service right away, on the other hand, can only use you have an apparent reason for needing it.


Before a final decision, the passport’s urgency and any compelling circumstances relating to the applicant. Individuals who fall into any of the following categories are not eligible to apply or renew a passport under this program.

  • Citizenship has to Indian people based on their naturalization or registration.
  • Jammu and Kashmir residents
  • Nagaland residents
  • Children with single parents who are minors.
  • Indian and foreign parents adopt children.
  • Residents of Nagaland who are minors
  • Renewal of a passport with a short validity period
  • Passports have been tampered with to the point of becoming unrecognizable.
  • Gender or appearance changes that are significant.
  • Personal credentials, such as signatures, are altered.

Documents required for tatkal passport renewal

You’ll need the following papers to apply for the documents required for the tatkal passport renewal.

  • Annexure F specifies the requirements for a verification certificate.
  • A ballot box
  • Photo ID Card for Service Personnel
  • Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Castes Certificate
  • Freedom Fighters’ Identification Cards
  • License to Carry Arms
  • Card of rations
  • Documents Related to Real Estate
  • Documents Concerning Pensions
  • Photo ID Card for Railways
  • Passbook for the Bank
  • A student’s identity card from a reputable institution is required.
  • Driver’s Permit
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Bill for Gas Connection

Duration of the Tatkal passport renewal Process

Unlike conventional passport applications, tatkal passport applications are quickly verified and processed. Passports within 1-3 days of the application date and the date on which the applicant submitted the required paperwork to the Passport Seva Kendra. Each tatkal application guarantees an early appointment and a rapid application processing queue.

If police verification is required, they will send the applicant’s tatkal passport on the third day. You could send the ticket without waiting for the police inspection.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Passport and a Tatkal Passport?

The most significant difference between the two is their processing times, as seen below:

  • The regular processing period for an ordinary passport is 30 to 45 days from the date of application.
  • Without police verification, the usual processing period for a Tatkal passport is one working day. If police verification is required, a tatkal passport should be delivered within a third working day, omitting the day of application.

Tatkal passport renewal time

The most important feature of this plan is the passage of the tatkal passport processing time. The access within 1-3 days of the applicant submitting the application with requisite papers at the Passport Seva Kendra under the Tatkal program.

An applicant is given an early appointment under this method, and the application is processed rapidly via a distinct print line. However, the length of tatkal passport renewal time it takes to process a Tatkal passport by the applicant’s police verification status. If the applicant’s police status is not necessary, the passport may be within one working day of receiving the application.

Tatkal passport renewal fees

The following are the available payment options for the passport processing cost.

Online Methodology

The following means of payment are available to applicants:

  • Card de débit
  • Using Your Credit Card

The State Bank of India and also any Associate Banks provide Internet Banking.

Must make payments online to schedule an appointment at any Passport Seva Kendra. Seva Kendra must pay the balance of the tatkal charge in cash at the tatkal passport renewal fees.

Every debit or credit card transaction carries a 1.5% surcharge plus tax, and it does not apply to SBI and Associate Bank transactions. Online payments are valid for one year from the initial appointment date. If the application, the funds are forfeited, and the applicant must reapply. Citizen Service Centers accept debit and credit cards (CSCs).

Processes that offline
  • Offline versions of the following payment options are available.
  • Payments in Cash

Cash payments at all Passport Seva Kendras. Unlike online payments, you can pay tatkal applications in full in one go. Those paying cash at any Kendra should be aware of touts and agents, and they should know that only cash at Passport Seva Kendras and mini Kendras. Every Kendra has an ATM for each bank, so you can quickly withdraw some money to make payments.

Draft on Demand

If a Demand Draft is a payment method, must complete it at a District Passport Cell or a Speed Post Centre. On the other hand, may make a Speed Post Centre payment in cash or Demand Draft. If you want to pay by Demand Draft, make sure it is drawn in the name of PAO-MEA.


A passport also serves as a tatkal passport renewal document that provides evidence of identity and residence, allowing its bearer to access various government and private services. The Passport and Visa Department of the Ministry of External Affairs has entrusted the Consular with the responsibility of administering passport services and issuing passports to Indian residents. This page discusses Tatkal Passports and the information that goes with them.