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Green Number Plate in India

green number plate india

Do want to know about the Green Number Plate in India? Then, you must check out this blog. To encourage people to drive electric vehicles, the government has approved distinctive green license plates for them.

Green number plate India with numbers in white type for private automobiles and yellow font for taxis will be installed on such vehicles. Because the restricted permit regime is a key concern, an exemption from permits will be a game changer. The permission exemption has aided the rise of e-rickshaws, and there is room to expand the exemption to include e-buses, e-taxis, e-autos, and e-bikes.

Green number plate in India

Green number plate in India is available to all newly registered and existing electric car owners. A green strip down the left-hand side distinguishes them from ordinary number plates. Otherwise, the number plates are white in the front and yellow in the back. The move is part of the government’s Road to Zero strategy, which calls for the phase-out of gasoline and diesel cars by 2030.

green number plate in India means

Green number plate in India means

The car number is written in white on a green background on this green number plate in India. This license plate aids in offering preferential treatment to zero-emission vehicles, such as parking, free admission in congested areas, and a reduced toll on highways.

The Indian government has proposed a distinctive green number plate for all electric vehicles in the country. The central government has now requested state transportation agencies to make it mandatory for all electric vehicles to have green number plates, regardless of when they were purchased.

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Importance of green number plate India

The green number plate India will be the fifth type of number plate currently available to civilians. Electric vehicles (EV) owned as personal vehicles will have white lettering, while commercially run EVs will have yellow fonts. These number plates will not only be unique to identify EVs, but they will also come with a slew of benefits and concessions for EV early adopters. Toll concessions on highways, exclusive parking zones and specialized lanes in congested locations are examples of these. Furthermore, to encourage the adoption of electric mobility, commercial vehicle operators may soon be required to include a percentage of electric cars in their fleets.

When this Green Number Plate was Launched in India?

The green number plate in India was implemented in December 2020, and all newly registered and existing electric owners were eligible to participate in this new system. The conventional number plates are distinguished from these by a green stripe running down the left-hand side. The number plate is otherwise white in the front and yellow in the back.

Process to apply for Green Number Plate India

To obtain a green number plate India, you must submit an application to any registered number plate supplier in the same way that you would for any other number plate.

You must provide accurate information and identification for verification purposes in order to receive a legitimate registration mark. The most basic need for obtaining a green number plate is to own a zero-emission car.

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What are the types of vehicle number plates in India?

You now know about green number plate in India. The most prevalent type of number plate is the white number plate, which has black characters on a white backdrop.

  1. Yellow Number Plate – This plate has a black text design on a yellow backdrop and can only be used for business reasons.
  2. Black Number Plate – This is a typical number plate for luxury hotel transportation. A driver does not need a commercial driving license to operate these cars.
  3. Red Number Plate – This number plate gives the impression that the car is brand new and has a temporary vehicle registration plate that will be replaced with a permanent one later. This only has a one-month validity period. The regulations for this number plate differ from one state to the next.
  4. Blue Number Plate – A vehicle with any authority to serve foreign diplomats is given this number plate. The number plate is blue in hue with white characters. This number plate has alphabets like DC (Diplomatic Corps) and others.
  5. A Red Number Plate with the Indian Emblem – This is a particular number plate with the Indian Emblem stamped in golden colour. This number plate can only be used by the country’s highest leaders.

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Will green license plates encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles?

The scheme’s success will be largely determined by the benefits that drivers derive from its use.

However, not everyone believes that green plates alone will be enough to persuade drivers to switch to electric vehicles. To persuade more people to switch, more support is needed, such as long-term purchasing incentives and major investment in charging stations across the country, particularly outside of the vital road network, to give the drivers more confidence that they can recharge as easily as they refuel their other vehicles.


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