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Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens

Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens

Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens- You must also be asking if a tourist visa is necessary for you to do this. The solution is not exactly straightforward. In most cases, any Indian travelling to the Philippines needs to apply for an Indian tourist visa. 

It’s interesting to note that there are a few situations where Indian nationals are permitted a brief stay in the nation without a visa. Anyone thinking about visiting the Philippines for a holiday or taking a cruise on the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean should be aware of the specifics of the Philippines visa application process for Indian nationals. 

Do Indians Need a Visa to Enter the Philippines as Tourists? 

According to Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens. Yes, tourists from India entering the Philippines must first obtain a tourist visa. These visas are good for one entry into the Philippines for 14 days. This stay may be prolonged for an additional seven days. If you wish to stay in the nation for more than 21 days, you must state it while applying for a visa and request an extension as a result. 

A few visa categories are offered for durations up to 3 months or 6 months, however, to obtain one for tourism, travellers must supply information on their flights and accommodations. 

You must apply for your visa in accordance if you plan to travel the nation for more than 14 days. Even for touristic travel, Indian nationals must apply for a visa to the Philippines at the Philippine embassy in New Delhi or another location. 

You need the following items with you in addition to the Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens if you’re visiting as a tourist: 

  • Passport must be valid for six months after the duration of the stay in the Philippines, the return trip or the following destination. 
  • Are Indians able to obtain an e-visa or visa on arrival in the Philippines according to Phillippines visa requirements for Indian citizens? 
  • Visa on arrival is not yet an option for citizens of India in the Philippines. You must therefore apply for a visa before entering the nation. 

It is advised to apply for a visa as soon as you can because Indian nationals cannot obtain a Philippines visa upon arrival. An application is typically processed in 2 to 10 days. However, depending on the embassy, this can go on for a longer amount of time. 

Guidelines for NRI Indians travelling to the Philippines 

NRIs may enter the Philippines for a 14-day according to Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens to stay without a visa if they have proof of residency or a work permit from one of the following nations:

 the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Schengen, or Singapore. 

Under certain conditions and at the customs department’s discretion, this stay may be extended for an additional 7 days. 

When might Indians have their visas denied? 

Even if you have all the Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens, It’s important to understand that Indian nationals may face admission restrictions if you have a troubled background with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. It is also crucial to be aware that this tourism visa can only be used for a maximum of 21 days before it expires and cannot then be changed to another kind of visa. 

How much do Indian citizens pay for a visa to the Philippines? 

Depending on the term for which it is being applied, there are several different types of Philippines visas available to holders of Indian passports. Although it is doubtful that a tourist would use any of the long-term possibilities, the choices and associated costs are listed in the table below:

Single entry for 3 months: ₹2,840

Multiple entries for 6 Months: ₹2,680

Multiple entries for 1 year: ₹8,520

Long duration stay: ₹28,400

The Philippines visa fees forbearers of Indian passports, as well as their structure, are frequently subject to modification by updates to Philippine embassy procedures. Therefore, travellers should consult the embassy website for pertinent fee-related information before applying. 

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Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens

 The following is a list of the many documents for Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens

  •  An Indian passport that is at least six months old. 
  • Your previous passports and visas. 
  •  An application for a visa that must be properly completed. 
  •  Two colour passport-sized photos. 
  •  A letter outlining the applicant’s visit’s objectives. 
  •  Information about a credit card or bank account with at least USD $500.
  •  The latest six months’ worth of bank statements. 
  •  Your most recent three months’ worth of pay stubs. 
  • Self-employed people must submit their partnership agreement or company registration paperwork. 
  •  Information about your hotel and flying reservations. 
  •  The last three years’ worth of income tax returns. 
  •  Include letters from your employment or the school where you are enrolled. 
  •  A letter of sponsorship from the Philippines or an affidavit of consent. 
  • Additional documentation addressing leave and other necessities from school or college is also required for minors with Indian passports to obtain a Philippines visa. 

How can I apply for a visa to the Philippines from India? 

Now you have all the Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens, you can easily apply for a Philippines tourist visa for Indian nationals after arranging the necessary paperwork and costs, or you can work with a broker or travel agency. You must go to the Philippine embassy in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, or Chennai to submit your application in person. 

  1. Download the application form, then complete it. 
  2. Sort through all of your papers and don’t forget to include recent photos. 
  3. Hand in all paperwork to the embassy. 

Although normally the acceptance is announced by email, you might need to visit and verify that your application process is complete. 


A Philippines electronic travel authorisation, or Philippines eTA, is now being implemented by the local government for Indian people.

Only holders of Taiwanese passports have access to the eTA at the moment, but Indian people will soon be allowed to use the system as well.

Philippines eTA

Indian citizens can easily obtain a travel permit via the handy online system known as the Philippines eTA. You won’t need to travel to a Philippine embassy or consulate because you may submit their applications quickly and easily from the convenience of their homes or places of business.


If children are travelling to the Philippines without their parents, are there any additional requirements?

Yes, there are additional Philippines visa requirements for Indian citizens. Under-15-year-olds must be accompanied by at least one parent at all times. If not, they must have a Waiver of Exclusion Ground to be admitted to the Philippines. 

Where can I go to extend my visa while already within the Philippines? 

You can apply for a stay extension at the Immigrations Department or at an embassy to extend your visa for the Philippines. 

Is it feasible to apply for a visa to the Philippines online? 

Due to the need for documents and their verification, there is no alternative for obtaining an e-visa, so applying for a visa cannot be done online.

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