You can apply for passport renewal either before the expiry of the passport or after the expiry of the passport. Itzeazy facilitates  in the Indian passport renewal process. If you are applying for passport renewal, its important to know – how to renew the passport in India? How to renew passport online and what are the passport renewal documents.

Visit to Passport Seva Kendra is required once during the passport renewal process. Passport renewal is possible before one year of the passport’s expiry date. An adult’s passport is valid for ten years. Validity of minor passport is 5 years. Passport renewal should be done before the passport’s validity period expiry date.

If your personal information changes, such as your residence, name, or the name of your spouse, you can apply for a new passport at any time. In this article, we will discuss how to renew the passport in IndiaIndian passport renewal process, passport renewal documents, passport renewal application requirements and how to renew passport online.

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How to renew the passport in India?

How to renew the passport in India? Here is the stepwise procedure to renew passport online.

  1. Filling out an online passport application is the first step in passport renewal process
  2. Then submit the completed application form
  3. Payment of applicable fees for passport renewal application
  4. Scheduling of appointment for the visit to the passport office
  5. Visit passport Seva Kendra for photograph and document verification to move further with passport renewal process
  6. Police verification/ address verification
  7. Passport issue
  8. Dispatch of passport by post

That’s all about how to renew the passport in India? In the further section, we will find out passport renewal documents for the Indian passport renewal process.

Passport renewal documents

To renew passport online, you must first go through the Indian passport renewal process.  You will need specific documents for your passport renewal application in order to renew your passport. Following are the passport renewal documents requirement :

  •  Old passport
  • Last year’s current address proof (Voter id/ Aadhar/ Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/ Photo passbook of bank/gas connection / Certificate from Employer on PSU letterhead (for government employees)/ HR letter from a reputable company

Earlier we discussed how to renew the passport in India? The documets required for passport renewal. Now, we will discuss the passport renewal fees

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Passport renewal fees

In the previous section, we learned to renew passport online, we must first go through the Indian passport renewal process. We will need passport renewal documents for passport renewal application in order to renew a passport.  Now you might be wondering about the passport renewal fees. Here are the Passport renewal charges under different category :

Adult passport renewal application with 30 pages – Rs. 1500

30 page normal passport (minor) – Rs. 1000

Adult passport renewal application with 60 pages – Rs. 2000

30 page Tatkal passport (adult) – Rs. 3500

30 page Tatkal passport renewal application (Minor) – Rs. 3000

If the applicant is either a senior citizen or a minor under the age of eight years, the application fees for passport renewal are reduced by 10%.

Application type for the renewal of passport

There are two types of process for passport renewal application in Passport Seva Kendra:

  1. Normal passport –  Obtaining a passport takes approximately 25-30 days under normal circumstances.
  2. Tatkal passport – Obtaining a passport takes 2-4 days. In addition to the documents required for a regular passport, a tatkal passport requires a verification letter from a Gazetted officer.

You know the passport renewal document that is required to renew passport online. Let’s find out about the Indian passport renewal process as well.

How to renew passport online

Now you can renew passport online. However, the Indian passport renewal process is not online completely. Once the visit of the applicant to the passport office is mandatory. The steps involved for how to renew the passport in India is :

1. Online registration –

To apply for a passport renewal application the first step is registration on the passport India official website.  The URL of the website is . Applicant needs to create user id to apply for renewal of the passport online.  Keep your email- id and other details ready for the creation of the user id.

2. Filling of the form –

Filling out the form is the next step in the Indian passport renewal process. Filling out the form should be done with caution. When filling out the forms, be sure to enter the correct information and select the appropriate options.

An incorrect entry may result in the passport application being rejected.

passport application form

3. Fees payment –

For passport fees payment, an applicant has two options. Either it can be paid at the State Bank of India using the Chalan option or can be paid online using online methods of payment. If it is paid at the State Bank of India branch, detail of Chalan needs to be entered in the online passport application process.

passport renewal application

4. Appointment scheduling –

After fees payment to renew passport online, the next step is to get an appointment for the visit to passport Seva Kendra for the purpose of a photograph which is taken at passport Seva Kendra only and for document verification. While taking an appointment applicants to get the option of choosing Passport Seva Kendra. The nearest and most convenient location passport Seva Kendra can be chosen. For the detailed list of passport Seva Kendra please refer to the link

indian passport renewal process

5. Visit to passport seva Kendra –  

On the day and time of the scheduled appointment, the applicant must go to the passport Seva Kendra office. There are no exceptions or exemptions to this Indian passport renewal process, which requires a physical visit to a passport Seva Kendra. Arrive at the passport Seva Kendra office at least 15 minutes early.

Originals of all passport renewal documents, as well as one photocopy of each, should be carried. While original documents are verified and returned, the passport office retains one set of photocopies of each document.

Remember to bring a printout of your passport appointment receipt. If you don’t have this, you won’t be able to enter the Passport Seva Kendra.

No one else is permitted to enter the passport Seva Kendra except the applicant. When a minor is involved, one of the parents must accompany the child. Following successful document verification, an applicant’s photograph is taken at a passport seva Kendra and will appear on the passport issued.

The applicant will receive one acknowledgement slip after the process is completed successfully. The next step will be police address verification.

6. Police verification –  

Once passport renewal documents are verified at passport seva kendra , address verification is done by local police thana. Police verification is done at all the addresses where the applicant has lived for the last year. During police verification police generally wants to meet the applicant and two references are given.

7. Passport issue – 

Upon successful police verification , passport is being issued and is dispatched by post .

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That’s all about how to renew the passport in India

Renew Passport Online with Itzeazy

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