Driving licence renewal online Gujarat is a very easy process in Gujarat. It is a must for every person in India to carry a valid driving licence as per the Act of Motor Vehicles of India 1988 to drive his/her own vehicle on the roads of Gujarat.You can not drive without a valid  or expired driving licence. Therefore, you need to renew your driving licence on time. Otherwise, you may get a heavy penalty. 

Are you unsure how to apply for driving licence renewal online Gujarat using sarathi or Parivahan? Then don’t worry. In this article, we will go through how you can apply for driving licence renewal online Gujarat without any trouble. 

Driving Licence Renewal Online Gujarat 

Online renewal of your DL is obviously the best option because it takes very little time and effort. Plus you can renew your licence from anywhere with the help of the internet. But make sure to keep it up to date. If it is not, you have to apply for its renewal process as soon as possible. The renewal application will be possible one month before your driving licence’s expiry date, with no extra charges. If it is done within this time, the renewal will be activated from the actual expiry date.

If the application is done after a month of the expiry date, an extra sum of 30 INR will be charged. And if it is late by five years or more after the expiry date, you will have to apply for a new licence.

Steps for Driving Licence Renewal Online Gujarat Parivahan

Follow these steps below if you want to do driving licence renewal online Gujarat parivahan:

  1. Open the government’s Parivahan website. 
  2. Then hover to the menu stating “Online Services”.
  3. From there click the services related to Driving Licence.
  4. Then choose your state as Gujarat on the next page.
  5. Then find your nearest RTO from where you will renew your DL.
  6. Then click the option stating “Apply Online”.
  7. Then find the services on Driving Licence, read the instructions carefully for submitting your application and continue.
  8. Then fill the requested information like your Date of birth, Driving Licence Number, Driving Licence Holder Category, etc, and proceed.
  9. Then confirm everything mentioned on the next web page and keep on continuing.
  10. Then select your preferred services on the next page and keep on proceeding.
  11. Then find the option for renewal, fill in everything and confirm before you proceed.
  12. Then carefully read every detail on the next page before printing your acknowledgement.
  13. Finally, take that acknowledgement slip to your selected RTO on your booked date and submit. After the verification is over, the officials will send you the new driving licence.

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Book An Online Appointment For Driving Licence Renewal In Gujarat 

Follow these steps below if you want to book an online RTO appointment in Gujarat for Driving Licence renewal:

  1. Open the government’s Parivahan website.
  2. Then choose your state as Gujarat.
  3. Then find the “Appointments” option and then click on the option stating “Slot Booking”.
  4. Then find the option stating “LL/DL Service Slot Booking” from the list.
  5. Then type the verification code visible on the screen and submit.
  6. Finally, choose your preferable date and time slot for an appointment to visit the RTO.

Documents for Driving Licence Renewal in Gujarat

You must possess these following documents to do driving licence renewal online Gujarat parivahan:

  1. Original expired driving licence.
  2. Valid address proof 
  3. Aadhaar ID
  4. Physical fitness Form No.1 declaration (for Non-Transport Vehicles)
  5. Application Form No. 2.
  6. Medical Form 1A Certificate (only for Transport Vehicles).
  7. 2-3 passport-size copies of photographs 
  8. Regulated fees with the user charges.

Driving Licence renewal fees Gujarat

All the fees related to driving licence are shown in the table below.

Purpose Amount (INR)
Fee for renewing Driving licence  200
Application for rectifying recorded information in the DL  200
Repeat test fee 50
Adding other vehicle classes in the licence 500
Renewal of endorsement or authorisation to carry hazardous stuff in the vehicle 100

Note: If you want to get a smart driving licence card, then you have to pay an additional 200 INR fees.

Check Status Of Driving Licence Renewal in Gujarat

Follow these steps below if you want to check the status of your Driving Licence renewal in Gujarat: 

  1. Open the government’s Parivahan website
  2. Then move to the “Online Services” section.
  3. Then click services related to a driving licence under that section.
  4. A new page will open where you have to pick “Gujarat” and then go to the Application Status.
  5. Then enter your details related to your driving licence application and the captcha code and then submit.
  6. The next page will open with your application status of DL renewal.


Q1. Why do I need to apply for Driving Licence renewal in Gujarat?

Ans. You must apply for the driving licence renewal process in Gujarat because you can use it as your valid identification proof, it will save you from facing penalties, paying hefty fines, and extra service charges later.

Q2. What are the charges for a driving licence renewal in Gujarat?

Ans. The fees for driving licence renewal in Gujarat is 200 INR.

Q3. Within how much time should I apply for a driving licence renewal in Gujarat?

Ans. The grace period to apply for a driving licence renewal in Gujarat is 30 days after its expiry date.