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How to Update Mobile Number in Parivahan

Parivahan mobile number update

Vehicle related services can be availed through Parivahan website. To avail services your mobile number should be registered on the Parivahan website.  So, if you are not aware the procedure for Parivahan mobile number update , Worry Not ! In this article we will discuss how to update mobile number in Parivahan.

Parivahan Sewa

It is a portal of Ministry of Road and Highways of India(MoRTH). It has brought all records into the digital mode in hundreds of offices throughout India. It has brought out transparency and security. The main objective is to provide great quality service to all the citizens of India and non-residents as well.

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Update Mobile Number in Parivahan

Here is how you can do parivahan mobile number update.

Step 1: To update mobile number in parivahan,User has to Login into parivahan website

parivahan mobile number update

Now click on  -> online services -> vehicle related services

Step 2: Once you click on vehicle related services , in the next page you will get option to choose the state where vehicle is registered . Choose the state from the drop down menu correctly.

parivahan update mobile number

Step 3: After selecting RTO where vehicle is registered , next screen is this.

Click on Services -> Additional services  -> Update mobile number

Step 4: You will get this screen.  Enter vehicle detail correctly .

update mobile number in parivahan

Values to be enter are :

  • Vehicle Registration No.
  • Chassis No (Full)
  • Engine Number(Full)
  • Registration Date
  • Registration/Fitness Valid Upto Date

These details you will get on RC of the vehicle. Enter the correct  detail

click on – >  show details.

Step 5: In the next screen , Enter name of registered owner of the vehicle as per Aadhar and mobile number registered with Aadhar.

how to update mobile number in parivahan

Check in the box -> I agree

Click on -> Verify

Step 6: On the registered Mobile Number, you will get an OTP. Enter that OTP .

You will get the message of successfully updating mobile number in the Parivahan.

Driving Licence Mobile Number Change

How to change mobile number in my application? Here is the ultimate guide for driving licence mobile number change

  1.  Visit
  2. If you are New User Kindly “Register” First or Login and Continue
    3. Click on “Other Services” and Select “Update User Mobile No”
    4. Enter your Registration No and Previous Registered Mobile Number
    5.  Click on Generate OTP and Enter OTP to Submit
    6. Enter new Mobile Number and Click on “UPDATE” button

Now in the next section we will talk about how to change mobile number in learning license.

Learner’s License Parivahan Mobile Number Update

Here is the procedure for learner’s license parivahan mobile number update

 Steps follow for Mobile number update in License:-
1. Visit
2. Select the concerned state
3. Click on “Mobile Number Update” from “Others” menu

In the previous section, we discussed the procedure for driving licence mobile number change and procedure for learner’s license Parivahan mobile number update. Now, we will discuss how to update mobile number in Parivahan



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