To register and use vehicle in UP, every vehicle has to pay Road tax in UP.  Road tax in Uttar Pradesh is imposed by the transport department of Uttar Pradesh. Every person who owns a vehicle transport or non- transport needs to pay road  tax to the concerned RTO.  In this article, we will discuss the Road Tax UP, how to make UP road tax online payment, UP transport vehicle tax etc.

It is mandatory to pay the road tax for all types of vehicles running in the UP state to pay the road tax. UP state has an annual growth of vehicles of about 11.7% in 2019. It was higher than the national average growth of vehicles.

RTO UP tax for Non Transport vehicle



Two wheelers Cost Of Vehicle One time Tax Cost not more than Rs. 40,000 –  7%

Cost not more than Rs. 40,000  – 10%


Cars / Jeep Unladen weight and cost of vehicle One Time Tax Non AC vehicle –  7 %

AC Vehicle Class up to 10 Lakh – 8 %

AC Vehicle Cost more than10 Lakh –  10 %


UP transport vehicle tax

There are different rates for the transport vehicles as per their loading capacity. The rates of the UP transport vehicle tax are given in the below table.

Sr. No .      Loading capacity of the commercial vehicle UP transport vehicle tax
1. Below 1 ton Rs. 665
2. Between 1 ton and below 2 ton  Rs. 946
3. Between 2 ton and below 4 ton  Rs. 1,430
4. Between 4 ton and below 6 ton  Rs. 1,915
5. Between 6 tons and below 8 ton Rs. 2,375
6. Between 8 tons and below 9 ton Rs. 3,320
7. Above 10 tons Rs. 3,320 along with separate UP transport vehicle tax for every subsequent ton
8. Every ton above 10 ton  Rs. 470

How to calculate the UP transport vehicle tax

The state government is responsible to calculate the road tax based on certain parameters.  Every state uses a different method or percentage for the calculation of the road tax. For calculating the vehicle tax in the UP, many factors need to be considered. Following are the factors that you need to consider when calculating the UP transport vehicle tax :

  1. Type of vehicle: There are different types of vehicles such as commercial and private.
  2. Purpose of use: The vehicle is used for personal use or for transporting goods.
  3. Engine capacity- There are different slabs of the engine capacity in CC for the calculation of the road tax.
  4. Type of the model of the vehicle.
  5. Fuel capacity of the vehicle.
  6. The ex-showroom price of the vehicle.
  7. Age of vehicle- Road tax also depends on the what is the age of the vehicle.
  8. Seating capacity of the vehicle- The capacity of the vehicle is a five-seater or event seater.

The road tax in UP is calculated on the type of vehicle. Hence the tax is calculated differently for the two-wheeler or the four-wheeler. The road tax also depends on the purpose for which is vehicle is going to use. Ex. Commercial vehicles need to pay different taxes compared to a personal vehicles.

How is road tax is collected in UP?

Road tax payment is now  easier in UP, especially for the other state vehicles. Because the state government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced an online system for paying the road tax. This system is very useful and helpful for the vehicle owner from the other state which temporary permit or on a commercial trip. By using this service they can pay the road tax from anywhere without going to the RTO office. From that also their time is saved and the process of online payment has a very easy step-by-step process.

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How to pay UP transport vehicle tax online

In the UP there is tax is imposed on all types of vehicles including commercial and personal. If any vehicle finds without paying tax then the vehicle owner is liable for a fine. You can pay the road tax UP transport vehicle tax online by using the below steps.

  1. Go to the Vahan portal the paying the road tax of the vehicle.
  2. Enter the registration number and click on proceed button for the next step.
  3. Then click on the pay your tax tab.
  4. Enter your mobile number for generating OTP. After getting OTP to submit it.
  5. Now click on the show details tab.
  6. Check all the details and the tax information.
  7. Select the tax payment mode. Then click on the payment button.
  8. Pay the tax and print the receipt of the road tax payment for further reference.

How to pay UP transport vehicle tax offline

Road tax in UP can be paid offline by going to the regional transport office. You need to fill up some road tax forms. In that, you need to provide certain details of your vehicle. After that, you need to pay the tax amount in the cash section of the RTO office. Then you will get a receipt of the tax paid as proof of payment for future reference.

The time limit for the payment of the road tax

Under the provision of the vehicle taxation act, the tax is payable in advance or before the 15th of April of each year by the owner of the vehicle. The owner has also the option of paying the tax in four installments on or before the month of 15th April, July, October, and January.

Penalty for not paying road tax  in UP

If you do not pay the road tax then you need to pay the specific penalty. The amount penalty is  4% of the unpaid tax for each month. However, this amount does not go beyond twice the actual due amount.

In case you don’t pay your road tax for life long then you need to pay a penalty of 1/10th of the lifetime tax for the reach year. The penalty is always payable with the payment o the due tax.

Frequently asked questions:

Q 1: Can I pay the road tax offline by going to the RTO office of UP?

A: Yes! You can pay your vehicle’s road tax offline by going to the state’s RTO office and filling out the relevant documentation. The RTO offices are located throughout multiple locations that are governed by various authorities. You are free to select any office and submit the required UP road tax there.

Q 2: Can I pay the road tax annually in Uttar Pradesh?

A: Yes. You can pay the road tax for the passenger or commercial vehicles on monthly, yearly, and half-yearly. But for the non-commercial or private cars, you can pay the tax once.

Q 3: Is the road tax is same in all the states of India?

A: No the road tax is not the same in all the states of India. Each state has its different rules and regulations for road tax.

Thats all about the UP transport vehicle tax.