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Driving License

Driving Licence Fee in UP

driving licence fee in UP

The driving licence fee in UP is procured on various counts, either on learner’s license, permanent license, or the renewal of the driving license. Therefore, the permanent dl fees in UP depend on the type of document a user wants to procure. In this article, a complete procedure is provided for the Driving license procurement along with the Driving license fees in UP. 

Driving License in UP – Uttar Pradesh

A driving license is an eligibility criterion for a person to be eligible to drive a vehicle. It is an indispensable document that every major person must-have for driving a vehicle in India.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is necessary for a driver to drive a vehicle on the roads with proper documents i.e. a valid driving license. The driving license for the state of Uttar Pradesh is issued by the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Driving a vehicle in the state of Uttar Pradesh hassle free is made possible with the issuance of a valid driving license to the holder. The driving license can be made available to the user for a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler.

For a two-wheeler, the user must have attained the age of 16 years or above and for a four-wheeler, the user must have attained the minimum age requirement of 18 years. The procedure to apply for a driving license is easy to follow and can be followed either in online or offline mode. 

Basic eligibility criterion to apply for a driving license in U.P. 

Before discussing permanent dl fees in UP, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for a driving license in Uttar Pradesh. The driving license in U.P. will be issued only after meeting the following requirements:

  • The user must have attained the age of 18 years. 
  • The user must have a learner’s license that is at least 30 days old but not more than 180 days.
  • The user must be well versed with all the traffic rules and regulations. 

Documents required for the issuance of driving license in UP. 

Before applying for driving license and paying the permanent dl fees in UP you should need to submit the document. Submitting the proper documents at the time of application saves the time of both of the parties – The applicant and the authorities.

Therefore, the documents need to be submitted in accordance with the requirements and must be valid before making the payment for the driving license fee in UP. The documents required for the issuance of a Driving License in UP are mentioned below:

  • For the Age Proof – Any one of the documents needs to be furnished at the time of application of the form.
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Educational certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Attested copy of the passport.
  • For the Address proof –
  • Ration card
  • Voter ID
  • Electricity Bill
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Owned house papers
  • Valid Passport
  • LIC policy bond.
  • For current proof of address –
  • Rental agreement and LPG Bill
  • Rental agreement and electricity bill.
  • Other necessary documents –
  • Application form 4
  • Application form 5
  • Application form 2
  • Three passport size photo
  • Application fees
  • Medical certificate (for the age above 40, it is mandatory). 
  • Original learner’s license.

Driving license types in UP. 

The driving license for the state of UP is of three types and you need to pay different amount for driving license fee in up –

  1. Gearless two-wheeler: For this category, it consists of scooters, gearless motorcycles, etc. 
  2. Light motor Vehicles: This category consists of private bikes, cars, etc.
  3. Heavy motor Vehicles: This category belongs to commercial vehicles, transport vehicles, etc. for instance, trucks, trailers, etc. 

Procedure to apply for a Driving license in UP

There are two modes by which an applicant can apply for a driving license in UP and these are online and offline mode of application. 

Online DL Apply in Uttar Pradesh

The online procedure is mentioned below:

  • Visit the portal of the transport department of U.P., i.e.,
  • The application form needs to be submitted online via
  • The Sarathi portal will display on the screen of an applicant. 
  • Look for the option of Application for New DL. 
  • Choose the option of a new driving license from it. Fill in all the particulars, then attach the required documents and submit the application form.
  • Save the application number for future references and schedule a driving test slot.
  • Submit the driving license fee in UP
  • Visit the place for the driving test on the specified day.
  • After passing the driving test, then the driving license will be issued to an applicant. 

Offline Procedure for DL Apply in Uttar Pradesh

The offline procedure for driving license procurement in UP is below mentioned:

  • Get the application form from the RTO Office.
  • Fill up the required particulars in the form.
  • Submit the filled form at the RTO office with the required documents.
  • Look for the specified date and time for the driving test.
  • Submit the application fees.
  • After passing the test, the license will be sent to the mentioned address of an applicant. 

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Permanent dl fees in UP

The details entailing the driving license fee in UP are available in the below table. It is advised to check the required amount for permanent dl fees in UP before making the payment–

Requirements            Fees (INR).
Driving Test Rs. 300
Grant of Driving test Rs. 40
Driving license test Rs. 100
Permanent DL fees in UP  Rs. 200
Issuance of International Driving License Rs. 1000
Vehicle pass to License Rs. 500
Driving License fee in UP for Renewal  Rs. 200

With the help of the above table, we may get an idea of the driving license fees in U.P. Further, to understand better the driving license fee in UP has been divided into three headings namely, the test fee, the DL issue fee, and the Smart Card fee (The fees for the Smart Card fee is Rs. 200 only). The fee structure of forms for a learner’s license and permanent driving license includes:

Fee structure Fees (INR). 
Form 3 Rs. 30
Form 6 Rs. 40
Form 7 Rs. 200
Road safety cess fee Rs. 50
Road safety cess fee for 2-wheeler Rs. 100
Road safety cess fee for light motor vehicles – Nontransport & transport Rs. 150 & 200 respectively
Road safety cess for medium and heavy motor vehicles Rs. 500. 


The driving license fee in UP. for the issue, renewal, and form fees are subject to changes imposed by the authorities. So, it is advised to keep a check on the portal before payment of the permanent dl fees in UP

Status checking of the driving license in UP

The status of the driving license can be checked in either online or offline mode. The offline mode can be ascertained after visiting the proper place of the RTO. The online mode pertains to visiting the portal online, then filling up the particulars like name, reference number, receipt number, date of application, etc. 


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