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Tourist visa for Europe from India

Tourist visa for Europe from India

 If you’re an Indian planning a European trip, you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa for Europe from India. This visa grants you the travel freely across among 26 countries within the Schengen Zone. For individuals planning a tourist trip to Europe, applying for a short-term Schengen visa under the “tourist” category might be a necessary step. In this article we will discuss which visa you have to apply for, how and where to apply in India.

Tourist visa for Europe from India

A Schengen visa is needed to visit European countries. A Schengen visa is granted by a Schengen State to travel the Europe countries for the following purposes:

  • Short Stay Visa: This type allows transit through or an intended stay in the Schengen States for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
  • Airport Transit Visa: For transit through the international transit zones at Schengen airports.
  • Flexible Travel: Once approved, the visa typically lets you visit any of the Schengen States once, while it remains valid.
  • Extended Stays: However, if your intention is to work, establish a business, trade, practice a profession, or stay in the Schengen region for more than 90 days, a Schengen visa might not be required.

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Do Indians require a tourist visa to visit Europe?

In order to enter any European country, Indian passport holders must apply for a Schengen visa. This means that travelers from India who want to apply for a tourist visa for Austria, France, or Germany will often simply need to apply for a Schengen Visa. Those who qualify should fall under one of the following categories in order to apply for a Schengen visa in India:

  • Indian Passport Holders: Individuals with Indian passports.
  • Third-Country Nationals: Those from countries outside the Schengen zone who require a visa to enter Europe and are currently residing in India with a permanent or temporary residence permit.

If the applicant has lived legally in the UK for more than three months and possesses a current UK residence permit, they may apply for a Schengen visa in the UK.

We recommend that you also review the list of countries who are required to have a Schengen Visa to see whether you need one.

Documents required for a Tourist visa for Europe from India

To obtain a Tourist visa for Europe from India,, you might require the following documents:

  • An invitation from your host along with one or more supporting documents for your accommodation.
  • A fully completed and signed Visa Application form for all traveling applicants.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs taken within the past 3 months. Each photo should measure 35×45 mm with a matte background, displaying 70-80% of your face.
  • A passport with validity not exceeding 10 years and a minimum validity of 3 months.
  • Flight tickets for each country, both for arrival and departure.
  • A comprehensive travel itinerary.
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements for hotels or Airbnb locations where you intend to stay.
  • Valid Travel or Health Insurance providing medical coverage of up to €30,000.
  • Evidence of financial means such as bank statements for the past 3 months. If you have a sponsor, include a letter of financial sponsorship.
  • Documentation of your current status, whether you’re an employee, student, or self-employed:
  • a. For employees, provide an employment contract, permission for leave, and Income Tax Return.
  • b. If self-employed, include a copy of your business license, the company’s bank statements for the last 6 months, and Income Tax Return.
  • c. For students, present proof of enrollment and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your university or college.
  • Minors require a letter signed by their guardians to fulfill these requirements.

Where Should I Submit the Tourist Schengen Visa Application?

To secure a tourist visa for Europe from India, you are required to apply at the embassy, consulate, or visa centre of your main destination within the Schengen Area.

Here’s how to proceed depending on your travel plans:

  1. Single Country Visit: If you are visiting only one Schengen country, submit your visa application to the embassy, consulate, or visa centre of that specific country.
  2. Multiple Country Visit – Equal Days: If your journey includes more than one Schengen country and you plan to spend an equal number of days in each, apply for a visa at both of those countries’ respective embassies, consulates, or visa centres.

If you don’t want to visit the country’s embassy/consulate/visa centre, you can also apply online for the schengen visa.

Pay attention to the regulations on visa submission in your country by the authorities of your main venue. In larger nations, the submission of visas is governed by authorities. Make sure to send your application to the respective embassy, consulate, or visa centre in the country of your destination.

How to Apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa from India?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for the visa application process:

  1. Visit the website of the Schengen Embassy to access the visa application form. Download and print the form.
  2. Carefully fill in the required details on the form and sign it.
  3. Gather all the necessary documents needed for the visa application. Submit these documents along with the completed visa application form at the designated visa center.
  4. a. If your visit is restricted to a single country, apply for the visa at the Embassy or Consulate of that specific country.
  5. b. For trips to multiple countries, submit your visa application at the center of the country where you intend to stay for a longer duration. If the duration is the same for two countries, apply at the center of the country you’ll visit first.
  6. Schedule an appointment for the visa processing.
  7. Attend the scheduled interview as per your appointment. Following the interview, you will be informed about the status of your visa application.
  8. Upon approval, collect your passport with the visa stamped inside.
  9. Pay the required tourist visa fee.
  10. After submitting your visa application and documents, wait for a response on the status of your visa application. This may take some time, so it’s important to be patient during this period.

Processing time for visa

After successful submission of tourist visa for Europe from India application. The Embassy Consulate will then respond in 10 working days, on average (or less often), depending on how quickly all the documents and the tourist’s request can be processed.

Tourist visa cost for Europe from India

For Indian visitors, the visa cost for Europe from India are as follows:

  • The fee for a Tourist Schengen visa for an Indian national is 80 EUR or Rs.7,210.25.
  • Children under the age of six years are exempt from the Schengen visa fee.
  • Children aged between six and 12 years have a reduced visa fee of 40 EUR or Rs.3,605.13.

When Do I Need To Apply For My Europe Tourist Visa?

It is recommended to submit an application for a Schengen tourist visa at least two weeks before the intended trip. Depending on the circumstances, the legal process could take up to two months .if the particular case involves anything out of the norm or if an unexpected political situation is unfolding.

Europe Tourist Visa Validity for Indian Citizens

Normally, a tourist visa is only valid for stays of up to 90 days. It is advised to fill up the “multiple entry” gap on the application form if you anticipate travelling frequently outside of a single Schengen nation. In this manner, you will have full access to the Schengen Area for the duration of your issued visa.


When Should I Apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa?

Apply for your tourist Schengen visa at least 15 days before your intended trip to Europe. On the other hand, three months before your trip or the earliest you can apply for a tourist visa to Europe.

Can I apply for a visa if my passport expires in two months?

Typically No. In accordance with regulations, your passport must still be valid three months after you leave the Schengen region. However, the Consulate may make an exception to this provision in valid emergency situations.

Can I extend my tourist visa for Europe from India?

You must prove when requesting a visa extension that you are unable to depart the Schengen area before your visa expires or the authorized term of stay has ended due to relocation, humanitarian concerns, or significant personal issues. Generally speaking, your can extend your visa if it hasn't already expired and you haven't spent more than 90 days in the last 180 days on Schengen territory.

My visa was denied. What should I do?

If your visa application is denied, you can appeal the decision using the form provided by the Consulate. This form will explain the reasons for the refusal and the appeal process. You have the option to reapply after a refusal, but remember to address the previous reasons for denial. Please note that the visa fee is non-refundable even if your application is denied.






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