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Vehicle Ownership Details in Kerala

Vehicle ownership details in Kerala

Are you looking for how to check vehicle ownership details in Kerala? Here you can get all details about vehicle registration details Kerala. It is an important information about owner’s name and vehicle details, type of vehicle and its registration date. Thus in this article, we will explain how to get MVD Kerala vehicle owner details and more information about it.

Vehicle Ownership Details in Kerala

Vehicle ownership details in Kerala are the important information about who owns a vehicle and other vehicle related details.The checking of vehicle registrations details is mainly done for following reasons:

  1. Verifying  vehicle ownership details
  2. Checking of insurance coverage
  3. Identify any scams related to vehicle transfer
  4. In case of any miss-happening using vehicle
  5. For background checks for resale of vehicle

The information includes the owner’s name, but it is hidden considering privacy. For any cause, like a stolen vehicle or an accident  within a legal frame, you can request the owner’s name. It shows details such as the validity of the insurance,fitness certificate, PUCC, date of registration, vehicle type, and current RC status of the vehicle.

For commercial vehicles such as transport of  passengers, luggage, police or road transport authority can use this facility in checking respective permits. The ownership details also show if the vehicle has a pollution free certificate or if it is to be safe on the road.

All this information is stored in a database maintained by the government, the police, and common people who can check it when needed without compromising privacy. It’s important to keep these details right and up-to-date. This way, everyone can be sure that the vehicles on the road are safe and legal.

How to get MVD Kerala vehicle owner details?

The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) of Kerala provides online platform through which Kerala resident can check vehicle ownership details in Kerala. The steps for knowing MVD Kerala vehicle owner detail are as follows:

  1. Visit the MVD Kerala website.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Informational Services,” and then select “Vehicle Details.”
  3. You will be redirected to the Vahan citizen service website.
  4. Make an account using your phone number and email. If available, log in with your phone number.
  5. Enter the registration number, full chassis number, and engine number. Complete the captcha.
  6. Double-check the details and click “verify details.”
  7. The following page will display information about the vehicle and its owner.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly access MVD Kerala vehicle owner details.

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How to get the Vehicle registration details Kerala?

You can visit government website Vahan for more information about registration of any vehicle in Kerala.

  1. Open the official Vahan website using your web browser.
  2. If you’re not registered yet, create an account on the Vahan website.
  3. Use this link for Vahan registration.
  4. Fill in the required details and click on “registration.”
  5. After registering successfully, go back to the Vahan homepage and click “Login.”
  6. Enter your login details (phone number and password) and click “Sign In.”
  7. Type the vehicle’s registration number on the next page.
  8. Fill in the code you see on the screen.
  9. Click “Search Vehicle.”
  10. A new page will appear with all the details about the vehicle you searched for, including registration, owner, fitness certificate, and more.
  11. You can download or print this information if needed.

With these simple steps, you can easily find and save essential vehicle ownership details in Kerala for your convenience.


Why are vehicle ownership details important?

Ownership details ensure accountability and safety on the roads. They help authorities, like the government and police, verify the legality of vehicles and their owners, promoting road safety and adherence to regulations.

Are there any fees associated with accessing vehicle ownership details or registration information in Kerala?

No, accessing vehicle ownership details and registration information through the mentioned online platforms is typically free of charge. These services are provided by the government to ensure transparency and road safety.

Are vehicle ownership details confidential?

Vehicle ownership details are not considered confidential information. They are publicly available for verification purposes and to ensure transparency on the roads. However, it is important to use this information responsibly and not misuse it for any illegal activities.

Can I access vehicle ownership details offline?

While the most convenient way to access vehicle ownership details is through online platforms such as the MVD Kerala website or the Vahan citizen service website, you may also be able to access this information offline by visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in your area. However, online platforms provide a quicker and more accessible way to retrieve the information.

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