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People residing in Lucknow or its nearby area wanted to apply for vehicle registration or driving licence-related service, can get it from Lucknow RTO. There are many RTOs in Uttar Pradesh but one of them is Lucknow RTO. It functions under the Transport and Road Safety Department of the Uttar Pradesh government.

Before applying for an RTO-related service the people of Lucknow must know everything about Lucknow RTO such as working time and contact details, Services it provides, documents required for different services, RTO forms, fees, and more. 

RTO Lucknow office

RTO Lucknow is responsible for providing services like issuing permits and traffic regulations for road safety. This includes the traffic flow in peak hours, giving traffic rules information to vehicle drivers, etc.

The RTO needs to maintain a record of the vehicle’s ownership, registration, and vehicle inspection reports. Along with this, they are also responsible for inspecting the vehicle insurance and clearing the pollution test of the vehicles.

Monitoring and executing the rules as per the Motor Vehicle Act so that RTO can provide services without delay and complete work correctly on the given timeline.

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Work Timing & Contact no of RTO Lucknow office

The official website of RTO Lucknow is Lucknow RTO. In order to get more information regarding how to apply for permits, registrations, certificates, clear your doubts, or write your grievances regarding the services offered by the RTO, you can refer to this website.

Otherwise, you can contact the RTO officials by using the RTO Lucknow contact number and the details mentioned below:

Detail Information
RTO Code UP-32
Email ID [email protected]
Address Tehri Kothi, M.G. Road, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow-226001
Office Timings 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday to Friday)
Transport Helpline 1800 1800 151
Fax Number 0522-2629235

RTO Office Lucknow Services 

The RTO Office Lucknow ensures systematic running of transport-related facilities in the entire city by implementing suitable transportation provisions under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Enlisted below are all the services provided by the RTO Lucknow:

  1. Issuance and renewal of driving licence, international driving licence, learner’s licence, conductor licence, and others. It includes:
    1. Motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 50cc (MCWoG): This license is for people who are 16 years old or older, have their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent, and can submit all the required documents.
    2. Motorcycles with gear (MCWG): This license is for people who are 18 years old or older, can submit all the valid documents, and want to ride motorcycles of any engine capacity with gears.
    3. Two-wheelers without gear (MCWOG): This license is for people who want to ride mopeds or two-wheelers without gears.
    4. LMVs: This license is for drivers of light motor vehicles like autos, cars, or vans, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes.
    5. Heavy commercial vehicle: Applicant must be 18 years of age or above and 8th standard qualified with valid driving training certificate from a registered school under state government to get this licence.
    6. Driving Licence for trailers, road rollers, bulldozers, cranes, and similar types of vehicles.
    7. Transport Vehicle (TRV): Applicants must be 18 years of age or above and 8th standard qualified with a valid driving training certificate to get this licence.
  2. Registration of all kinds of vehicles (for both commercial and personal use). RTO Lucknow offers two types of vehicle registration services:
    1. Temporary Vehicle Registration: this is issued by the vehicle dealer at the sale of any new vehicle to an individual with a minimum validity of 7 days and maximum one month. 
    2. Permanent Vehicle Registration: the purchased vehicle must get registered within the above-mentioned time period by the RTO.
  3. Issuance, revision, and renewal of documents like fitness certificates (FC), No Objection Certificates (NOC), Trade Certificates, etc. and offering duplicate copies for the same.
  4. Collecting revenues for the government like service fees and road taxes.
  5. Conducting periodic vehicular inspections and tests for driving licence applicants.
  6. Environment-friendly upgradation of the vehicle through PUC testing and CNG conversion.
  7. Enforcing new road safety guidelines.

You can now avail all these above-mentioned services through Parivahan, Sarathi and Vahan web portals launched by the Government of India, without even visiting the RTO in person.

Commonly used RTO forms in HR98 RTO Lucknow

RTO Form Description Download link
Form 20 This form is to issue the registration certificate for new vehicle Download-Form 20
Form 26 This form is used to issue a duplicate registration certificate Download-Form 26
Form 27 This form is used to re-number your vehicle if you are not satisfied with the current one Download-Form 27
Form 28 This form is used to issue the no objection certificate (NOC) Download-form 28
Form 29 It is a notice to RTO that you have sold your vehicle to a third party Download-form 29
Form 30 This form is used to inform RTO that you have sold your vehicle to a third party Download- Form 30
Form 31 Is an application where ownership of a vehicle is transferred to a person who succeeds Download- Form 31
Form 33 An application used to inform new updates in the registration records Download- Form 33
Form 34 This form informs RTO that the vehicle you have purchased with help of a bank loan Download- Form 34
Form 35 This form informs RTO that the loan has been cleared by the owner of the vehicle. Download- Form 35

RTO Office Lucknow Fees

The following tables lists the RTO fees in Lucknow for various services according to the parivahan website:

  1. Driving Licence
Service Charges (INR)
Issuance of Learner’s Licence 150
Learner’s Licence test fee/repeat test fee 50
Test/repeat test of competence to drive 300
Issuance of Driving Licence 200
Adding another type of vehicle in DL 500
Issuance of International Driving Permit 1000
Renewal of DL 200
Renewal of DL (after grace period) 300
Issuance of smart card 200
Rectification in Driving Licence  200
Vehicle Type Charges (INR)
Two-wheelers  50
Non-commercial Three-wheeler/Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) 600
Commercial Three-wheeler/Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) 1000
Imported two-wheelers  2500
Medium goods/passenger vehicles  1000
Heavy goods/passenger vehicles  1500
Imported motor-vehicle 5000
Other vehicles not mentioned here 3000
Issuance of duplicate Registration Certificate 50% of the above-mentioned fee
Ownership transfer 50% of the above-mentioned fee
Revision/Rectification of RC 50% of the above-mentioned fee
Endorsement of hire purchase/lease agreement (Two-wheelers) 500
Endorsement of hire purchase/lease agreement (Three or Four-wheelers) 1500
Endorsement of hire purchase/lease agreement (Medium/ Heavy vehicles) 3000
           3.Special Permit
Vehicle Charges (INR)
Goods Carrying Vehicles 200
Omni-buses 200
Application charge for Motor Cabs 600
Stage Carriage 7500
Goods Carriage 7500
Contract Carriage (except motor/maxi cab) 9000
Motor Cab (All India Permit) 5000
Private service vehicle 4500

Services Provided by Itzeazy

Itzeazy can help you with various RTO services in Lucknow

  • New Motor vehicle registration
  • Vehicle Fitness
  • Address change in RC
  • Duplicate RC
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Clearance certificate
  • RC extract
  • Road taxes payment
  • Traffic Challan clearance
  • NOC  for other states
  • Driving Licence (renewal, new)
  • HP termination


Q1. What is the name of RTO in Lucknow?

A1. Lucknow RTO

Q2. What is the registration number of RTO Lucknow?

A2. UP32 and UP36

Q3. What is the phone number of RTO office in Lucknow?

A3. 0522-2436445, 2433555

Q4. How many RTO are there in Uttar Pradesh?

A4. There are 19 RTOs in Uttar Pradesh

Q5. What is the other name of RTO?

A5. Regional Transport Office

Q6. Which is official RTO app?

A6. There is no official RTO app

Q7. What is RTO vehicle information app?

A7. There are many RTO vehicle information apps available, such as mParivahan and Parivahan Seva

Q8. Is RTO full form?

A8. Yes, RTO stands for Regional Transport Office

Q9. What is the name of up 08 RTO?

A9. UP08 RTO is the Lucknow RTO

Q10. How can I get driving Licence in Lucknow?

A10. You can apply for a driving license in Lucknow online or offline. To apply online, visit the Parivahan Seva website. To apply offline, visit the Lucknow RTO office.

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