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How to Check AO code for No Income Individuals?

how to check area code for no income

The purpose of the AO Code is to specify the tax jurisdiction that the applicant will be subject to. Assessing Officer is referred to by the acronym AO. Taxation is strongly related to the significance of an AO Code and identifying the jurisdiction since these codes inform the relevant authorities of the tax rules that apply to an individual. In this article, we will discuss the AO code for no income individuals.

AO code for No Income individuals

PAN Card does not have a special AO code for no income individuals allocated to them. The applicant will, however, have the option of selecting a wage below a specific level.

One section of the application for a new PAN card requires the applicant to enter an AO code. On the Pan application form, it is a requirement right at the top. Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, and AO Number are the four components that make up an AO Code.

If the taxpayer is a citizen of this nation, they may be subject to one set of tax laws; but, if they are a corporation, the tax laws and slabs may differ. Since those serving in the Army or the Air Force will have a separate AO Code, such discrepancies may also occur between civilians.

Therefore, choosing the correct AO Code is crucial to guaranteeing that people and businesses are taxed by the correct regulations.

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How to Locate Your Online AO Code?

Government-approved PAN websites make it simple to find AO code for no income individuals. Observe the instructions below:

  1.  Determine your eligibility as a salaried, non-salaried, or non-individual applicant in the first step.
  2. Based on the requirements you meet, choose the home or business address.
  3. AO Code listings are accessible on both the UTIITSL and Protean eGov Technologies Limited websites.
  4. On the internet, you can search for your city by alphabet. Read the jurisdiction’s description after selecting the city.
  5. Find one that suits your workplace, industry, field of work, and salary. You need to know Area Code, AO Type, Range Type, and AO Number for obtaining the AO Code. If you are Satish Hegde and you claim an exception under section 22 of the IT Act, for instance, as shown in the screenshot above, your AO Code will be DLC WX 502 4.

Additionally, you can get AO Codes from list .

How to check Online AO Code?

If you already have your PAN card, you can check the ao code for no income individuals  by following the instructions listed below:

Below are the steps to check the ao code if you already have your PAN card:

  1.  Go to income tax website and log in.
  2.  As indicated below, choose “Profile Settings” and then “My profile.”
  3. Click “PAN Card,” and all the information, including the Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, and Jurisdiction, will be displayed.

It would be wise to double verify the code for any unintentional errors to prevent sending the wrong data to the PAN-issuing authority.

Variety of AO Codes

As you know that there is no specific ao code for no income individuals but there are a few types of AO codes on Pan card. There are four basic categories of AO codes, and their purpose is to identify the person or business and link them to the proper tax legislation. Here is a quick overview of them:

  1. International Taxation: This is for individuals and businesses requesting a PAN card who are not Indian citizens or corporations.
  2. Non-International Taxation (Outside of Mumbai): These AO codes are designed for individuals and businesses who are based in or registered in Mumbai.
  3. Non-International Taxation (Mumbai): This section contains a list of AO codes that apply to people and businesses with Indian addresses outside of Mumbai.
  4. Defense Workers: This ao code for no income individuals or for anyone else for people of the Indian Army or Air Force. There are only two different sorts of codes, one intended for the Army and the other for the Air Force.


What is AO code for students for PAN?

No , there is no AO code for students

Can AO code be changed/updated ?

If your residence address changes, you will also need to alter your AO code. To have your AO code changed, you must file an application.

How can I check PAN card area code?

By accessing the Protean eGov Technologies Limited webpage or contacting the tax division, You can obtain your area code. To determine your area code, you must provide the information from your PAN.

Can I modify AO online in PAN card?

Unless your residential address changes, you cannot change your AO code.

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