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Hong Kong Pre Arrival Registration and Visa for Indians

Hong Kong Pre arrival Registration and Hong Kong visa for Indians

14 days Hong Kong Visa

Processing time:

4 weeks

Stay period:

14 days


180 days

Visa category:

Visit (Tourist)




INR 19000/-

Are you planning to visit Hong Kong for tourism or business purpose ? Looking for information on Hong Kong visa for Indians or HK visa for Indians? In this article we are going to discuss process for Hong Kong tourist visa, Hong Kong visa requirements for Indian citizens and steps for Hong Kong pre arrival registration for Indians.

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As an Indian citizen, you are not required to get a visa to visit Hong Kong for your first 14 days. India is one of the countries whose citizens get this special allowance to stay in Hong Kong without a visa for up to 14 days. Instead of applying for a tourist visa, you just need to complete Hong Kong Pre arrival Registration as an Indian. This Pre-arrival Registration allows you to stay in Hong Kong for 14 days visa-free.

But, if you want to stay in Hong Kong longer than 14 days, then a visa becomes required for you as an Indian. So at that point, you would need to apply for and get a tourist visa or other applicable Hong Kong visa for Indians. This blog describes both the Hong Kong pre-arrival registration process and visa process – to cover the requirements for any length of stay you as an Indian may want to have in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Pre arrival Registration for Indians

Indians must apply online for Hong Kong Pre arrival Registration for Indians if they have at least 6 month valid Indian passport and also they intend to visit or stay Hong Kong not exceeding 14 days. The process for pre arrival registration is given below:

How to apply for the Hong Kong pre arrival registration for Indians?

The steps to apply for the pre arrival registration are quite simple and can all be completed online.

  1. Log on to the official Hong Kog government website– 
  2. You will need 2 things to complete the registration process. Adobe Reader 7 or above (which you can download for free) and access to a printer.
  3. The online application has a total of 9 parts. The information asked for is quite basic, such as your information, passport details, travel history, details of your visit, occupation, and so on.
  4. After providing the necessary data, the application will be automatically processed by the computer system.
  5. Whether your application for the pre arrival registration has been approved or not will be told to you immediately.
  6. After successful registration , you must print system generated ‘Notification slip of Hong Kong pre arrival registration for Indians’ that will be useful for future reference.


if Pre arrival registration for Hong Kong gets rejected, you can directly apply for entry visa through immigration department.

Extending Your Hong Kong Visa for Indians

If you want to extend your stay from 14 days i.e., allowed to you under Hong Kong pre arrival registration, you have to apply for visitor visa extension. The requirements are you is having:

  • Valid hotel booking for the duration of your proposed extension
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Valid reason to extend your stay

The extension of Hong Kong visa for Indians can be granted to you for up to 7 additional days.

Bringing Family on Your Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Registration

Each family member traveling with you needs to individually apply for pre-arrival registration if they have an eligible passport. There is no group or family application option. The same eligibility criteria and conditions apply for all. Your children under 11 years can be registered under your application as the parent.

Hong Kong visa for Indians: Different Types

If you want to stay in Hong Kong for more than the stipulated period of 2 weeks, here are some types of Hong Kong Visa for Indians: 

  1. Visitors visa is for those individuals who wish to stay in Hong Kong for longer than 14 days. You can get a 7 day extension on the validity duration of the visit visa.
  2. Student visas for Hong Kong are divided in two. For Indian students enrolled in Hong Kong’s educational institutions for full time post secondary education can avail of a via which is valid for 6 years from the date of arrival into Hong Kong. Students enrolled in other courses can avail of another type of visa which as a validity of 12 months and can then be extended for 4 more weeks.
  3. Employment visas are for Indians who are employed at companies working out of Hong Kong. The visa allows for them to stay in Hong Kong for 2 years.
  4. A training visa, with a validity of 1 year, or 12 months, is for those looking to go to Hong Kong to participate in training courses. This visa cannot be extended. 
  5. A foreign domestic helper can opt for the Foreign Domestic Helper visa, allowing them to stay in Hong Kong for 2 years.

How to apply for Hong Kong visa from India?

Now that you have choose type of visa, follow these steps to apply for Hong Kong visa from India.

  • Visit the Hong Kong Immigration Department website to apply for Hong Kong visa for Indians
  • Go to the online visa application section .
  • Choose your visa type and complete the online form
  • Select the relevant visa category and carefully fill out the application form yourself.

Be sure to have all necessary documents readily available digitally (e.g., your passport bio page, financial statements, invitation letter for employment visa).

  • Depending on type of visa submit required documents. Common documents that you will need:

a) Your valid Indian passport with at least 6 months validity.

b) Recent passport-sized photographs of yourself. 

c) Completed visa application form with signed declaration.

d) Proof of financial means (e.g., bank statements, employment letter, investment documentation).

e) Proof of accommodation in Hong Kong (e.g., rental agreement, hotel booking confirmation).

f) Additional documents specific to the Hong Kong visa type for Indians (e.g., employment contract, acceptance letter for student visa, sponsor documentation for dependent visa).

  • Scan and upload all the documents in the specified format on the website. Now Pay the visa fee.
  • Once you have completed all steps, review your application to avoid any errors and submit it.
  • You will receive an application reference number to track the progress of Hong Kong visa application from India online.

Hong Kong visa Processing time

The Hong Kong visa for Indians is usually processed in 4 to 6 weeks (excluding non working days like weekends, but remember processing time may differ depending on the type of visa applied for. 

Hong Kong visa fees for Indian

  1. The Hong Kong pre arrival registration for Indians is free of charge.
  2. Rs . 62965 is the fee for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Travel Pass. For the ordinary and transit visa the fee is mentioned below:
Type of Visa Fee
1 Ordinary visa Rs. 19055
2 Transit visa Rs. 19941


Can I apply for the Hong Kong PAR (pre-arrival registration) individually if travelling with family/group?

Yes. You and your family members are required to apply for Hong Kong pre-arrival registration individually.

What documents are required for Hong Kong pre arrival registration for Indians?

When submitting an application for Hong Kong pre arrival registration, you are not needed to present or upload any documents.

How many times can I visit the HKSAR while my PAR is still in effect?

On the basis of a valid Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals and the particular and valid Indian passport linked to the successful PAR, you may visit the HKSAR on multiple occasions for stays of up to 14 days upon each arrival, provided that you meet the standard immigration requirements.

What is the validity of Hong Kong pre arrival registration ?

Hong Kong pre arrival registration is valid for 6 months. Under this passport linked PAR , you can do multiple visits to the HKSAR visa-free but provided to stay only for 14 days.

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