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RTO NOC for bike online

online noc for bike

Vehicle NOC

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30 days

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NOC for bike is required if you are shifting your bike from one RTO area to another. Bike NOC is issued by the RTO where bike is registered originally.  When applying for bike NOC, its important to know how to apply NOC for two wheeler online, documents required for NOC of bike, cost of bike NOC etc.

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NOC for Bike

Bike NOC full form is No Objection Certificate.  NOC for Bike is the certificate that is issued by the RTO to show that the RTO doesn’t have any objection in moving bike from one RTO to another RTO. It also certifies that there is no pending Challan or outstanding road tax dues.

Reason for applying for bike NOC could be either registered owner is shifting to other city or selling, buying, etc.  NOC for Bike is required when you go for change of address in RC in other RTO or when you apply for RC transfer in other RTO. In case of re-registration in other state also NOC for bike is required from the parent RTO.

In the next section, we will discuss how to get an NOC certificate for bike and NOC for bike cost.

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Online NOC for bike

The procedure for bike NOC online is not online completely. In order to have a NOC certificate for bike, you must also visit the RTO. The following are the steps to get NOC for bike transfer to other state online are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of Parivahan.
  2. Choose an RTO and a state. Then, to use the service, log in.
  3. A new page will appear, click on “NOC Application” on it.
  4. . Click “Chassis Number/ Validate Registration Number”. It will create the application form for you.
  5. Select the details that have been filled in.
  6. You’ll be prompted to enter a new RTO state code.
  7. Fill out the form and save it.
  8. Now you must pay for the application and print the fee receipt. To finish the procedure, go to the RTO office and get a NOC.
In the previous section, we discussed  the bike NOC full form, procedure for NOC for bike transfer to other state online or bike NOC online. Now, let’s see how to get a NOC certificate for bike.
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How to apply for NOC certificate for bike

To apply for NOC certificate for bike, you have to follow the following steps :

If you are the owner of the bike, then you have to visit the RTO office in person and submit the NOC application. Or if you are buying a bike from anyone else, then you have to tell him/her that they have to go and visit the RTO in person to submit the NOC application, only then the application will be processed . Steps are :

  1. Visit the parent  RTO where bike is registered. You have to submit the application for the NOC certificate for bike in person.
  2. Submit the application form along with the dully filled CMV from 28 .
  3. Deposit the requisite RTO fees for bike NOC.
  4.  The RTO will inspect the vehicle with the help of the traffic police to ensure that it has not been involved in any criminal cases.
  5. Finally, once the RTO process is completed, your NOC certificate for bike will be issued

In the previous section, we discussed the bike NOC full form, the procedure for NOC for bike transfer to other state online or bike NOC online along with the important steps to follow for the NOC certificate for bike.

Documents required for NOC of bike

Following are the documents required for NOC for bike :

  1. 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no
  2. Original RC
  3. Copy of valid insurance
  4. Copy of pollution under control certificate (PUC)
  5. Address proof of the  city for which NOC is required

In case there is loan on the car, then first HP termination has to be done . Additional documents required for HP termination is :

  1. 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner
  2. A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues


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What is NOC in bike ?

Full form of NOC is no objection certificate. Its a certificate issued by RTO. When you are transferring your bike from one RTO area to another RTO area within the same state or one state to another state for longer duration , RTO NOC for bike is required . So, that it can be registered in the new RTO. Its clearance from the parent RTO that there is no outstanding challan or road tax is dues.

How can I get NOC for bike in Delhi ?

Following are the steps to apply for NOC for bike in Delhi :

  • Visit the Parivahan portal.
  • Select ‘Vehicle Related Services’ under ‘Online Services’.
  • Select your current state where the vehicle is registered.
  • Register on the Parivahan portal of Delhi Government.
  • Navigate through the services and select ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’.
  • Enter the vehicle no. and chassis number of your vehicle (last 5 digits only).
  • Do Aadhar based authentication of registered owner of the vehicle
  • Enter the required details and upload the necessary documents.
  • Use the preferred digital payment method to pay the applicable fees.
  • Save your NOC application and the acknowledgement slip.
  • Take a printout of the application, acknowledgement receipt.
  • Send the application Form 28 , supporting documents and acknowledgement receipt through speed post to the RTO.
  • Once you submit your application, the RTO officials will look into the status of dues or taxes associated with your vehicle.
  • Also, the officials will verify the ownership of the vehicle and ensure that the vehicle has not been involved in any anti-social or illegal activities. After completing the process, the RTO will provide you with the NOC approval.


So, now that we’ve covered all of the essential steps in the process of getting a NOC (no objection certificate), as well as all of the required documents. All of these steps should be kept in mind whenever you need a NOC for your vehicle. Furthermore, you must obtain a NOC for your bike before proceeding with any other process involving your bike. Otherwise, all actions taken in the course of the procedure for your vehicle will be illegal.

That’s all about the

  • NOC full form,
  • the procedure for online NOC for bike or NOC for bike transfer to other state online. (bike NOC online).
  • NOC certificate for bike
  • Required documents.



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