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China Business Visa for Indian Citizens 2024

visa business china

30 days China Visa

Processing time:

4 to 10 days

Stay period:

30 days


upto 3 months

Visa category:

Business (M type)




INR 2900/-

China, the financial powerhouse of Asia, welcomes Indian entrepreneurs with its significant market and profitable opportunities. But before you pack your bag and are ready to move, check out the China business visa for Indian. Don’t confuse entrepreneurs! This is a complete, informative guide on the business visa to China with requirements, China business via fees, and processing time.

Types of China Business Visa for Indian

Indian investors, traders, or entrepreneurs who want to visit China for business activities can apply for two types of business visas on the basis of the type of activity. It is broadly classified as ‘M’ type and ‘F’ type. Thus, the eligibility and features of these China business types are given below:

‘M’ type visa for business:

Indians can obtain this ‘M’ type of Chinese business visa for commercial business activities such as trade, investment, etc. There are subcategories of ‘M’ types of visas on the basis of entries in China.

Single-Entry M Visa:

  1. Ideal for non-permanent business trips: ideal for attending exchange fairs, negotiating contracts, or conducting initial commercial businesses.
  2. Validity: up to three months.
  3. Duration of Stay: Up to 30 days per entry.
  4. Multiple entries within the visa validity period are no longer allowed.

Double-Entry M Visa:

  • Geared in the direction of commercial business journeys requiring two visits within a small time, think follow-up meetings, task inspections, or finalizing collaborations.
  • Validity: Up to three months
  • Duration of Stay: Up to 30 days per entry.
  • Two entries are accepted within the visa validity period.

Multiple-Entry M Visa:

  • Designed for general commercial business visitors who require normal visits to China for ongoing projects, business operations, or keeping partnerships.
  • Validity: 6 months or 1 year.
  • Duration of Stay: Up to 30 days per entry.
  • Multiple entries are allowed within the visa validity period.

‘F’ type visa for business:

Indians can avail of this ‘F’ type business visa to China for non-commercial activities like exports and exchanges.

China Business visa fees for Indian

The fees for the China business visa for Indian vary according to the type of entry. The China business visa fees for Indian is given in the table below:

Type of  China Business Visa Visa Fee (INR)
Single-Entry M Visa 2,900/-
Double-Entry M Visa 4,400/-
Multiple-Entry M Visa (6 months) 5,850/-
Multiple-Entry M Visa (1 year) 7,800/-

China business visa requirements

  1. Passport:
    1. Your passport must have validity for at least 6 months after your supposed date of departure from China.
    2. Ensure it has at least two blank pages for visa stamps.
  2. Visa Application Form:
    1. Complete the online visa form structure precisely and in detail. Print the affirmation page and sign it.
  3. Photographs:
    1. Two current color photograph of size 33x48mm in digital s well as hard copy with a white background is required. They ought to be bare-headed, full-face, and taken within the previous six months.
  4. Business Invitation Letter:
    1. An authentic invitation letter from your Chinese business accomplice is crucial. It must include:
    2. Your title and passport information.
    3. Dates and areas of your conferences or activities.
    4. Guarantee of economic help for the duration of your stay.
    5. Company contact slip and the signature of a licensed representative.
  5. Proof of financial means:
    1. Show your economic balance and capacity to help your trip with documents like:
    2. bank statements of the previous 6 months.
    3. proof of profits or employment.
    4. business registration certificates (if applicable).
  6. Proof of travel arrangements:
    1. Provide copies of your flight bookings or confirmations of your tour plans.

Additional Documents for China Business visa for Indian:

Depending on your unique commercial business activities, you may have to submit extra documents, such as:

  1. Business contracts or agreements.
  2. Trade truthful registration affirmation (if applicable).
  3. Company brochures or advertising materials.

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How to apply for the China business visa from India?

  1. Choose Your M Visa Type: As you observe before, M visa is available to various activities and duration of stay. Choose the one that best aligns with your commercial business outing (single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry).
  2. Gather your documents
  3. Complete the online visa application form: Visit to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center website and fill out the online form precisely with all requested details. Print the affirmation web page and sign it.
  4. Schedule an appointment.: Once you’ve completed the online form, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest Chinese Visa Application Center or Embassy/Consulate in Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata as per jurisdiction.
  5. Attend your appointment.
    1. Arrive at your appointment on time and with your completed application form, photocopies of documents, and passport.
  6. Track your application: Check the Chinese Visa Application Service Center website for updates on your application status.
  7. Visa Collection: Once your visa is approved, you can collect it at the same Visa Application Center where you submitted your application. Pay all the visa fees on the day of collection at the application center, depending on the kind of visa and processing location.

China Business visa processing time

China business visa processing time varies as per type of M visa type you are applying for. However, using the express service, you can get China business visa in 2 working days.

Sr No China Business visa type China Business visa processing time
1 Single-Entry M Visa 4-5 working days
2 Double-Entry M Visa 5-7 working days
3 Multiple-Entry M Visa 7–10 working days 

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Can I study in China on a business visa?

No, you cannot study in China on a business visa. You will want a student visa if you favour study in China .

Do I need a separate visa for Hong Kong or Macau if I wish to travel there from China?

Yes, Hong Kong and Macau have their own personal immigration controls and require separate visas for entry from China.

What to do if my China business visa application get rejected?

If your China business visa application is denied, you can appeal for the refusal. You can reapply for a visa if you grant a clarification for the reasons for the refusal.

Can I extend my China Business Visa while staying in the country?

Visa extension is possible in few cases via licensed Chinese immigration authorities. Consult the applicable authorities for specific strategies and requirements.

Is there an age restriction for applying for a china visa?

No, there is no mentioned age limit to apply for Chinese visas.

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