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Fiji Visa for Indian

Fiji visa

4 months Fiji Visa

Processing time:

2 to 3 hours

Stay period:

4 months


4 months

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Want to travel to Fiji but do not know how to get a Fiji visa for Indian? You have come to the right place, as you can get all the details about the Fiji visa. First, India is on the list of visa free countries for Fiji. Therefore, a Fiji visa on arrival for Indian is available to visit the country. This means that an Indian does not need to apply beforehand. Thus the blog will take you through online process, Fiji visa requirements for Indian citizens and Fiji visa fees for Indian.

Fiji Visa for Indian

Indians needs to get visitor permit as Fiji visa for Indian to enter the country. This visitor permit will act as a Fiji tourist visa for Indian passport holders. The visitor’s permit issued in the name of an Indian traveler during immigration can last up to 4 months. If you want an extension beyond 4 months, upon requesting it may be extended for more than 2 months. Thus, making it a total of 6 months. At the time of immigration in Fiji, only a few mandatory documents are required  to get yourself a visitor permit. 

How to get Fiji visa on arrival for Indian ? 

Here are the steps one needs to follow when arriving at the immigration counter in Fiji. When you enter the country, to get your visitor permit, you need to follow this procedure: 

  1. Documentation check: once you have landed in Fiji, you will be directed towards the immigration clearance desk at the airport. Here, you need to submit the required documents to the officer to get a visitor permit. 
  2. Expected questions: once you have handed out your documents, you will be facing a set of basic and expected questions. Such as the purpose of your visit, duration of your stay, places you will be staying in Fiji. Do not need to panic, just answer truthfully. 
  3. Issue of permit: if everything goes smoothly and in order, the immigration officer shall issue your visitors permit as your official entry to Fiji. This shall also carry your date of entry and other important information. 
  4. Customs declaration: after the immigration part is over, you need to head out for the customs area. here you need to be prepared to declare an item that comes under the prohibited list. This might include giving up on a certain type of good or even a large amount of money. 
  5. Baggage collection: once you have cleared customs, you can go to your designated baggage belt and collect your belongings. 
  6. Exit: now with your visitor’s permit, you are free to leave the airport and explore Fiji. 

Fiji visa requirements for Indian citizens

Be ready with the set of documents you need to get your hands on the visa whine arrive at Fiji. Here, is the list of requirements: 

  1. A valid Indian passport that does not expire up to 6 months from the date of arrival at Fiji. Make sure the passport is well maintained and must not be torn, spilt, or damaged in any kind. 
  2. The return ticket made for departure from Fiji that would justify the date of departure
  3. Financial statements such as income statement of income tax statement as evidence of your economic survival in Fiji

Here is another addition to the list as a part of the basic requirements. Carry these as well to facilitate a smooth process for Fiji visa for Indians:

  • Proof of accommodation 
  • Carry a printout of your reservations for the place you have planned to stay 
  • A detailed itinerary of the activities you have planned to do in Fiji
  • Proof of travel insurance

Hence, make sure you carry the original as well as a photocopy of all the documents just in the case the situation demands. 

Fiji visa fees for Indian 

Indian passengers do not have to pay any Fiji visa fee. Therefore, the visitor visa is free of cost for Indians. However, you need to present your financial statement during the immigration process. This shall ensure that you have enough funds to survive financially during your stay in Fiji. 

Fiji visa processing time for Indian 

Upon arrival in Fiji, you will be directed towards the immigration officer. Now, the immigration process might take 2 to 3 hours depending upon the queue at the counter. 

What are the Travel rules followed in Fiji? 

  1. Make sure your passport remains valid throughout your trip to Fiji, with an expiry date at least 6 months ahead of your departure date from Fiji. This is one of the decisive requirements of the country. 
  2. If you want to extend your visit to Fiji beyond your visitor permit, you need to get in touch with the immigration officer for further processing. Do not overstay your visitor permit as this shall be considered a violation of visa rules. 
  3. A visitor permit is different than a work permit. Therefore, you should not conduct any type of business during your trip to Fiji. The visitor permit only allows you to do tourist activities and any employment is prohibited. 
  4. Make sure you provide the immigration officer with true and accurate information. Do not conduct any misleading activities as it might lead to restrictions on future travel. 

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Can Indians get a visa on arrival for Fiji?

Yes, the Fiji visa on arrival for Indian is open.

Can I apply online for a Fiji visa?

Yes, one can apply online for a visa. However, Indians are part of Fiji's list of countries that are visa exempt.

Is the Fiji visa-free of charge for Indians?

es, the Fiji visa comes free of cost for Indian tourists. However, make sure you have your financial documents ready during the immigration process.

Can I extend my stay in Fiji?

Yes, you can request to extend your stay by applying and submitting the application to immigration authorities.

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