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Thailand Business Visa for Indian


90 days Thailand Visa

Processing time:

7 days

Stay period:

90 days


90 days

Visa category:





Rs 5,000 /-

If you have to travel Thailand for business purposes, it needs to get a valid Thailand business visa for Indian. There are different types of business visas available for Indians on the basis of validity and entry. Thus you should know about steps for visa application, Thailand business visa requirements and fees from India.

Thailand business visa

Indians can enter Thailand with Non-Immigrant B type business Visa to conduct business meetings, attend seminars, business conferences, and do business related activities .You have to apply for Thailand business visa through authorized external service providers i,e VFS Global, BLS Internationals, and DU Digital Global.

Types of Thailand business visa

Business visa type Validity Stay Period
Single 3 months 90 days
Multiple 1 year 90 days
Multiple 3 years 90 days

When to apply for Thailand business visa?

Thailand business visa takes minimum 7 days for processing. It may differ depending on the consulate. Thus is is advisable to apply at least 30 days before intended travel dates to Thailand from India.

Thailand business visa fees for Indian

Type of Thailand Business Visa Visa fee in INR
Single Entry Rs 5000/-
Multiple Entry 1 year Rs 12000/-
Multiple Entry 3 years (BU Internationals) Rs 24000/-

Along with the Thailand business visa fees, there are additional service charges, you need to pay while application as follows

Service Charges
VFS Service Charge (For Delhi, Chandigarh, Jalandhar VACs only) Rs 500/-
VFS Courier Charges (Optional) Rs 310/-
DU Digital Service Charge Rs 500/-
BLS International Service Charge Rs 500/-
  1. You have to pay in favor of “Royal Thai Embassy” of New Delhi.
  2. The visa fee and service charge is non-refundable.

How to apply for Thailand Business Visa?

Indians are not eligible to apply for Thailand Business Visa through Thai e-Visa website. You can apply for Thailand Business Visa through three service provider VFS Global, BLS Internationals, and DU Digital Global. The Thai Embassy/Consulates in India receives Thailand Business Visa application from Indian passports holders from the mentioned authorized visa agencies. The steps for Thailand business visa application are as:

Through VFS Global

  1. Download the Thailand Visa Application form.
  2. Print out the form and fill up the details.
  3. Book an appointment for VFS visa application center in India
  4. Pay the visa fee
  5. Visit to the visa application centre and submit your documents and Thailand Business visa application form
  6. VFS will inform you when Thai Embassy/consulate approves your business Visa.

Through BLS and DU Digital

  1. Visit the official websites of BLS or DU digital
  2. Fill out the  visa form online
  3. Book an appointment for visa application centre
  4. Pay the service fee and visa fee 
  5. Visit to the  visa application centre and submit documents, form
  6. Collect your visa after it is approved by the Thai Embassy.


  1. You cannot work or employ yourself in Thailand with Thailand Business Visa or its extension.
  2. You cannot apply for 3 years business visa with VFS Global and DU Digital.
  3. Diplomatic, service and official Indian passport holders are exempt from Thailand Visa.

Thailand business visa requirements

The following basic documents are required for Thailand Business Visa for Indians:

  1. An ordinary Indian passport/travel document with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages.
  2. 2 coloured photos
  3. Confirmed flight tickets 
  4. Proof of hotel accommodation under the applicant’s name.
  5. Bank Statements of last 6 months or letter of guarantee from the employer accompanied by the Company’s statements of past 6 months.
  6. Original invitation letter from a company in Thailand, typed in company’s letterhead.

Additional documents for business Visa from Thai Company. 

  1. Project’s / Assignment’s contract indicating rationale and the terms of a contract, e.g. position and duration of the contract; if the duration of stay exceeds 15 days
  2. Company Business Licence
  3. Certificate of business registration with list of shareholders; issued no more than 6 months
  4. Income Tax and Business Tax Statements or Balance sheet from the past year

Please note that all above documents from company must be in Thai language.

Additional documents for Thailand Business Visa for Indians

  1. Original letter from the Indian Company indicating an intention to travel with the name of Thai company or organization
  2. Proof of membership in an Indian trade organization/ association.
  3. Proof of regular business dealing with the said Thai company.
  4. Company Brochure 

Please note that all these documents must be in English

Photo specifications for Thailand Business Visa 

  1. The photo’s size must be 3.5 x 4.5 cm.
  2. The photographs should not be older than 3 months.
  3. Your face must cover 70% of the total photograph. 
  4. The background must be white or off-white colour.
  5. Hats or any kind of head gear are not allowed except for religious reasons. 

Minimum Bank balance for Thailand visa

Indians need to maintain a bank balance of 500,000 THB (Rs. 1.3 million) to obtain a Thailand Business Visa from India. Indians can also show their company’s statements worth Rs. 1.3 million to apply for a business visa.

How to check Thailand business visa status?

You can check the Thai business visa status at:

  1. VFS Global : ( You can check the visa status online by entering your passport number and date of birth. 
  2. BLS International: ( You can check the visa status online by entering your application number and date of birth.
  3. DU Digital: ( can check the visa status online by entering your passport number only. 

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How many Thai Consulates are there in India?

There are three Thai Consulates in India. They are located in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Is Non-Immigrant IB is a kind of Thailand Business Visa?

No, Non Immigrant IB Visa allows Indians to work or perform other activities related to investment under projects of BOI (Board of Investment of Thailand). It may look like a Business Visa, but it is actually an Employment Visa.

Can I extend my Thailand Business Visa?

Yes, Indians can extend their Thailand Business Visa for one year.

Can I apply for Thailand Business Visa online?

Indians are not eligible to apply for Thai Business Visa through Thai e-Visa website.

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