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Check Oman Visa Status Online

Oman visa Status

30 days Oman Visa

Processing time:

5 to 6 days

Stay period:

30 days


30 days

Visa category:





INR 4400/-

If Indians have to check the Oman visa status after their application submission, you can track it online. It takes time to process and get an Oman visa after its application. You should check your visa status to track it and avoid any unnecessary delays. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the methods of the Oman visa check and the visa processing time for Indians.

Oman visa status

Indians are exempt from the Oman entry visa for 14 days, provided that they have hotel bookings, a valid passport, and a confirmed flight ticket to India. So, you have to apply for an Oman e-Visa if you want to travel or stay in Oman for more than 14 days.

Indians can apply for an e-visa from the Oman e-visa website managed by the Royal Oman Police. You have to follow the same process for all types of Oman visas available.

After completing the visa application process, you have to wait for the approval of the Oman e-Visa. It invites anxiety and worry about the processing time for Oman e-Visa. In the meantime, you can check your Oman Visa status to get assurance that your e-Visa processing is going smoothly.

Oman visa processing time

The Oman e-Visa advises us to apply for e-Visa applications at least 4 working days before your intended date of travel to Oman. The Oman e-Visa is processed within the shortest possible time after you have paid the fee and submitted the e-Visa application successfully.

Oman visa check online

There are different methods to check Oman visa status online. It requires you to enter a few credentials, such as your application number and passport number, to check the current status of your Evisa. Using these platforms, you can also check the visa status of all types of Oman visas.

Oman visa check by passport number at ROP website

You can check your Oman Visa application status at Royal Oman Police website. Follow the steps below to know your Oman Visa status:

  1. Go to Royal Oman Police Website  (
  2. Select your Web Application Number.
  3. Enter your Indian passport number.
  4. Choose your country as “India”.
  5. Type the Captcha code and Click on “Submit”.
  6. Your Oman visa status will be displayed on the screen.

Oman eVisa check 

You can check your Oman e-Visa application status at  e-Visa website. Follow the steps below to know your Oman e-Visa status:

  1. Go to Track Your Application – Evisa (
  2. Enter your Visa application number.
  3. Enter your Indian passport number in the Travel Document Number box.
  4. Select your Document’s nationality as “Indian”.
  5. Enter the Captcha Code and click on “Search”.
  6. Your Oman e-Visa status will be displayed on the screen.

Oman visa status check using Royal Oman Police app

  1. Download “Royal Oman Police App” in the Google Play Store. It’s an app by DGIT-ROP.
  2. Click on General Services.
  3. Click on Visa Application Status.
  4. Enter your Indian passport number.
  5. Choose your Country as “India.”
  6. You can also choose to enter your Web Application Number or Manual application number.
  7. Click on Enquire button.
  8. Your Oman eVisa status will be displayed on the screen.

Oman visa rejection reasons

Your Oman Visa may get rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. If the Consular Officer learns that you have had criminal charges against you in the past.
  2. Use of Incorrect or false information for filling up e-Visa form.
  3. You should not submit fake or incomplete documents to the website.
  4. No travel Insurance.
  5. Insufficient financial capacity for your Oman trip.

How to avoid Oman Visa Rejection?

An Indian applicant may avoid Oman Visa rejections by keeping the simple tricks in mind:

  1. Please upload and submit all supporting documents.
  2. You must provide latest and updated knowledge while filling up the Oman e-Visa form.
  3. Buy a travel insurance.
  4. Keep sufficient bank balance as a proof of your financial stability for the Oman trip.

How to rectify Oman e-Visa application?

AN Indian can rectify or add details to his existing Oman e-Visa application. You just have to login into your account loginportal – Evisa ( and go to the Visa Application Inquiry tab. Choose whether you want to modify or add data. You can add the data and click on Submit. 

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Can I check my Oman Visa status through Embassy website?

No, Indians can only check the Oman e-Visa status using the Oman e-Visa website.

Can I apply for Oman Visa through the Oman Embassy in India?

The process of obtaining all types of Oman e-Visas is handled by Oman e-Visa website.

What languages is the e-Visa available in?

The Oman e-Visa is available only in English and Arabic.

What is Web Application Number?

The Visa reference number you receive after you have successfully submitted your Oman e-Visa application via ROP website.

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