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Bulgaria Visa for Indians

Bulgaria visa

90 days Bulgaria Visa

Processing time:

15 days

Stay period:

90 days


180 days

Visa category:





Rs 5400/-

If you want to travel Bulgaria from India for any of the purpose, it needs to get a valid Bulgaria visa for Indians. Bulgaria offers different types of visa options for Indians on the basis of purpose of visit and stay duration. Before applying you should know about steps for Bulgaria visa from India including its Bulgaria visa fees and requirements for Indian.

Types of Bulgaria visa for Indian

You can apply for Bulgaria visa through VFS Global if you wish to take a short trip. Bulgaria visa is nothing but the Schengen visa for short term visit. For long term visit, you need to apply for separate national visa.

Bulgaria offers three types of visas for Indians on the basis of the stay duration, and each type has subcategories to allow Bulgaria visa types as per the purpose of travel.

Bulgaria Visa Entry Type Visa Validity Stay Period
Airport Transit Visa Single/Multiple 90 days Transit hours
Short Stay Visa (Schengen Visa) Single  180 days 90 days
Long Stay Visa Multiple  >180 days 180 days
1 year 360 days

The Short Stay or Schengen “C” Visa is issued for several travel purposes:

  1. Private Visit
  2. Business Visit
  3. Tourist Visit
  4. Medical Treatment Visit
  5. Sports/Cultural/Event and Scientific Visa

When to apply for Bulgaria visa from India?

It takes 15 days of processing time after the submission of the documents to get a Bulgarian Schengen visa. Thus, you should apply well before at least 2 months of your intended travel dates.

How to apply for Bulgaria visa with Itzeazy?

  1. Book your order on Itzeazy portal
  2. Share your visa requirements
  3. Provide personal details and entry and exit details
  4. Upload the documents and photographs
  5. Advance Payment of visa fees
  6. Collection and validation of documents by Itzeazy experts
  7. Get your Bulgaria visa on approval.

Bulgaria visa fees

Bulgaria Visa type Visa Price In Euro
Airport Transit Visa 60 €
Schengen Visa 60 €
Long Stay Visa- 6 months 100 €
Long Stay Visa- 1 year 200 €

Fee waiver for Bulgaria visa

The following Indians are exempted from paying Visa fee for all kinds of Bulgaria Visa:

  1. Students, post graduates and accompanying teachers on an educational trip.
  2. Children between 6–12 years of age have to pay 35 €
  3. Children under 6 years of age.
  4. NGO representatives under 25 years who are participating in any seminars, conferences or events.
  5. Family members of Bulgaria and EU citizens.

Application procedure for Bulgaria Visa for Indians

Indians have to apply for a Schengen Visa from VFS Global and Long Stay Visa from the Embassy of Bulgaria in New Delhi directly. The steps to apply for a Short Stay Bulgaria Visa are:

  1. Identify the type of Short Stay Bulgaria Visa you require.
  2. Download the Visa application form from VFS Global website. Print it and fill it up. Sign it also.
  3. Book an appointment with your nearest VFS VAC. | vfsglobal – vfsglobal
  4. Schedule an appointment for yourself or your family.
  5. Pay the visa fee.
  6. Take a print out of the appointment confirmation letter.
  7. Bring the confirmation letter, visa application form, documents, photos and payment receipt on the day of your appointment.
  8. Submit everything and give your biometrics too.
  9. You will receive a SMS or mail when your Bulgaria Visa is ready.

An Indian can apply for a Long-Stay Visa from Embassy/Consulate of Bulgaria in India. You need to fill up and sign the Long-Stay Application form. Gather all the documents and 2 photos. Schedule an appointment with the Embassy of Bulgaria via call or mail. On the day of appointment, bring all the documents, application form and photos. Give your interview and biometrics. Pay the fee in cash. The Embassy will contact you when your Bulgaria Long-Stay Visa is ready.

Bulgaria visa requirements for Indian

The basic documents required for Bulgaria Visas are:-

  1. A regular Indian ordinary passport. It must be valid for 3 months from the intended date of departure from Bulgaria and contains 2 blank pages. The passport must be issued within 10 years.
  2. Travel insurance of minimum 30 Thousand Euros
  3. Proof of residence in India.
  4. Passport sized colour photo
  5. Confirmed flight bookings
  6. Photocopies of current and old passports.
  7. ITR files for the last 3 years
  8. Proof of sufficient funds
  9. Cover letter with travel purpose and travel itinerary.

The additional documents required for Bulgarian Schengen Visa as per travel purpose are:

  1. Private visit: An invitation declaration for a private visit of a foreigner to the Republic of Bulgaria
  2. Business visit: An invitation declaration for a business visit of a foreigner to the Republic of Bulgaria
  3. Cultural exchange: An invitation letter from the Ministry of Culture or from the mayor of the respective municipality
  4. Sport: An invitation letter from the Ministry of Youth and Sport or from a respective sports club.
  5. Medical treatment: A certificate from the medical facility issued under the respective procedures with a specified treatment plan and a discharge summary from a local hospital.
  6. Organized /individual/ tourism: A tourist voucher of the sending travel agent; a general list of the tourists from a single group.

The additional documents required for Long Stay Visa are:

  1. A filled up and signed Long Stay Visa application form
  2. Original documents and two copies thereof substantiating the Long Stay
  3. In order to obtain permission for Long-Stay Bulgaria Visa, the person should have a home, obligatory health insurance, sufficient subsistence means, without resorting to the social assistance system, amounting to at least the minimum monthly wage or the minimum pension according to Bulgarian law for the period of his/her stay.

Bulgaria visa photo requirements 

The photo requirements for Bulgaria Visa are:

  1. A full colour photograph on light-colored background
  2. 3.5 cm х 4.5 cm
  3. The full face, which takes up 70-80% of the photo;
  4. The picture should be clearly and you should face the camera.
  5. The photos will be rejected if photos with dark glasses; non-professional photos or cut out of amateur photos.

Minimum bank balance  for Bulgaria visa for Indians

You need to show proof of your financial resources to apply for a Bulgaria Visa. It needs to show bank balance statements for the last 3 months.

Your bank documents must prove that you have a bank balance of at least 50 Euros per day for subsistence during your Bulgaria trip. You can show proof of the same amount in Indian currency or any other convertible currency too.

Bulgaria visa status check

Indians can track their Schengen Bulgaria Visa application progress at Track application Just enter your Reference number and DOB. Enter the security code and click on “Submit” to get your Bulgaria Visa status.

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Where are the Bulgarian Consulates in India located?

There are two Bulgaria Consulates in India, which are located in Kolkata and Hyderabad respectively.

Can Indians apply for Schengen visa to travel Bulgaria?

Yes, for short stay visit Indians can apply for Schengen visa to travel Bulgaria

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