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Zambia Visa for Indian

Zambia Visa for Indian

90 days Zambia Visa

Processing time:

5 to 7 days

Stay period:

90 days


90 days

Visa category:





Rs 2100/-

If you want to travel Zambia for tourism or business, it needs to get Zambia visa for Indian. There are different types of Zambia visas available for Indians on the basis of purpose and number of entry. Indians can apply for Zambia e visa through their official website. Thus you should know about steps for Zambia visa online, Zambia visa requirements and fees for Indians.

Types of Zambia visa for Indian

There are different types of Zambia visa for Indians as per purpose of visit.

Visa type Validity Stay duration
Tourist visa 90 days 90 days
Business visa 90 days 30 days
  1. For tourist as well as business visa, you can apply for single, double and multiple entry visa.
  2. There is no need of transit visa for airport layover

When to apply for Zambia visa from India?

Zambia e visa takes 5 to 7 days for approval after online application. Thus you should apply well before 20 days of intended travel dates to Zambia.

How to apply for Zambia visa with Itzeazy?

  1. Book your order on Itzeazy portal
  2. Share your visa requirements
  3. Provide personal details and entry and exit details
  4. Upload the documents and photographs
  5. Advance Payment of visa fees
  6. Collection and validation of documents by Itzeazy experts
  7. Get your Zambia e visa on approval.

Zambia visa fees

Zambia visa fees remain the same for tourist as well as business visas. But it varies as per the number of entries allowed.

Tourist/business Visa  Fees (USD)
Single entry 25$
Double entry 40$
Multiply entry 75$

How to get Zambia visa online?

You can get Zambia e visa for all types of visas. Steps for application of Zambia visa are:

  1. Register on official website of Zambia e visa
  2. Log in to your user account then click on the “Apply for Visa
  3. Completing the Zambia visa application form
  4. Pay the Zambia visa fees online using debit/credit card
  5. Review payment confirmation messages and print or download payment receipts  for your records. 
  6. Submit the visa application
  7. Wait and keep on checking approval/rejection letter on your account
  8. Download Zambia e visa after approval

Once your Zambia e-Visa has been approved, it is necessary to print it for entry and exit.

Zambia visa requirements for Indian

The mandatory documents for Zambia visa for Indian

  1. Passport valid for at least six month
  2. Passport size photo.
  3. Copy of return ticket.
  4. Accommodation proof (hotel reservation).

Additional documents as per purposes

Tourist visa: Cover letter of applicant

Business visa:  

  1. Invitation from host company
  2. Certificate copy of incorporation of host company.
  3. Cover letter on company letterhead

Zambia visa status check

You can check Zambia visa status online through you user account on Zambia e visa portal. Once submitted, your application will be automatically moved to your “Submitted” folder. Once the application is processed, it will appear in the rejected or approved folder, depending on your decision. Thus you can view the current statu of your visa application.

After approval, you can directly download your Zambia visa for Indian on same portal.

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Do Indians get Zambia visa on arrival?

No, Indians are not eligible for Zambia visa on arrival.

How do I find an approved Zambia e-visa?

After logging in, go to My Workspace at the top of the page and select the Approved Cases folder. Select a specific case, click View Case, and proceed to Submit Documents. Click Open Form. An approval/rejection letter will be displayed for you to print, save, or download.

What to do if I lost my passport in Zambia?

You must contact:- nearest Indian embassy & consulate for assistance.

Do I need to bring a print/ digital copy of my Zambia visa approval letter for entry?

Not required, but recommended. The barcode on your approval letter will be used to access your application during entry, so printing the barcode will speed up the final approval process.


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