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Rwanda visa for Indian

Rwanda visa for Indian

30 Days Rwanda Visa

Processing time:

10 working days

Stay period:

30 Days


30 Days

Visa category:

Tourist/ Business


Single/ Multiple


₹4149 - ₹5899

Planning to visit Rwanda? Indians need a visa to visit Rwanda. There are two types of Rwanda Visa for Indians – Visitor Visa and Transit Visa. You can now apply for a Rwanda visa on arrival. Also Rwanda e visa for Indians is available. Before applying you need to know Rwanda visa requirement, fees and other basic requirements

Types of Rwanda Visa for Indians

There are two types of visas for Indian citizens to visit Rwanda from India:

  • Transit Visa: If you are just passing through Rwanda on your way to somewhere else, you need Transit Rwanda Visa
  • Visitor Visa: Are you going Rwanda for the purpose of visit? You can go with Visitor Visa. There are many different visitor visas available –
    • Holiday Purpose
    • Confrence and Meetings
    • Business Survey

Check out this to know more about  Different Types Rwanda Visitor Visa. If you are not sure which visa you need? Just contact Itzeazy before you apply.

When to apply for Rwanda visa?

It is recommended that you apply for a Rwandan visa from India 30 days before you planned your travel so that you don’t have to rush at the last moment. But, you can apply online as late as 15 days before your trip. Remember, you can also get a visa upon arrival in Rwanda.

How to get Rwanda visa from India with Itzeazy?

You can easily apply for Rawanda visa from India with Itzeazy with just few clicks.

  1. Visit the or request a call back
  2. Select your Location > Visa in Service dropdown >  Rwanda from the Country dropdown
  3. Select purpose of visit > Enter personal details > Entry and Exit details
  4. Upload the documents and photographs
  5. Itzeazy experts will validate your documents
  6. Advance Payment of fees
  7. Get your visa by courier or in person on approval

Rwanda visa fees for Indian

Here is the Rwanda Visa Fee for Indian

Type of Visa Entry Visa Fee (USD) Visa Fee (INR)
Rwanda Visa for Holiday Purpose Single Entry $50 ₹4149 (Approx.)
Multiple Entry $70 ₹5899 (Approx.)
Rwanda Visa for Conference or Meetings Single Entry $50 ₹4149 (Approx.)
Rwanda Transit Visa Upto 72 Hours $30 ₹2497 (Approx.)


For detail information on Rwanda Visa Price do checkout Mitigration.GOV.RW

Note: Visa fees may change based on exchange rates. Visit the official website for latest information. 

How to apply for a Rwanda visa for Indians?

Here is the process how you can apply for Rawanda visa for Indians

  • Go to the Irembo website at
  • In the Immigration and Emigration section click on Visa Application

click on Visa Application

  • In the Request Type Choose Visa Application >  click Apply

click on Apply

  • Fill out the details and choose visa type

Note: You can only choose to pay in USD or RWF

  •  Enter Demographic Details > Enter the Request and Travel details
    • The office to pick up your visa will beset automatically based on your address.
  • Attach the required documents:
    • A photo with a white background (JPG, 500KB)
    • A copy of your passport’s info page (PDF, 500KB)
    • An application letter (PDF, 500KB)
  • Click on next > Verify the information > Enter phone number & email >  Submit 
    • If the visa is free, it will go straight to DGIE’s system for processing.
    • In case there is visa fee, you will get a billing number to make the payment.
    • You can pay online (Visa or Mastercard) or at the Bank of Kigali.

After applying and paying via IremboGov, you’ll get updates on your application status from the DGIE office.

Rwanda eVisa for Indian citizens

You can apply for Rwanda e-Visa online from India for convenient processing.

Visa Validity:

  • Tourist Visa: 30 days, renewable once with justification
  • Business Visa: 30 days, renewable multiple times with justification

Single/Multiple Entry:

  • Visa type determines if it will be single or multiple entry


  • Visa fee is non-refundable
  • Only complete applications accepted

Rwanda visa for Indian

Extensions of Rwanda visa for Indian

Rwanda provides a 5-day grace period after expiry to depart without penalty. Overstaying more than 5 days can result in fines and difficulty getting future visas

  • Penalty fees:
    • 6-15 days late: INR1295
    • 16 days to 9 months late: Higher penalties as per regulations

That’s all about how to apply for a Rwanda visa for Indian and how to apply for a Rwanda visa online.

Documents Required for Rwanda Visa for Indians

Basic documented required for Rwanda Visa for Indians are-

  1. Passport – Valid for at least 6 months
  2. Passport Copy – Copy of the main page of your passport.
  3. Photo – Provide 1 recent passport-style photo with a white background.
  4. Application Letter – Write and sign an application letter.
  5. Financial Proof – You may need to show proof of your finances online, at the Rwandan foreign mission or at the entry point.
  6. A vaccination certificate – Required at the border, especially in case of disease outbreaks

Minimum bank balance for Rwanda visa

There’s no set minimum amount that Indians need to have in their bank account to get a Rwanda visa. But you must have enough money to pay for your time in Rwanda. The Rwandan government may ask you to show proof of your finances. This proof could include your bank statements or pre-booked hotel stays or return flight bookings. Make sure you can prove you have the funds to cover your Rwanda trip.

Rwanda visa processing time

The Rwanda Visa processing time for Indians is 7 days. But it can vary if you submit incorrect information or any other issue with your application. So, make sure you are submitting all the information correctly.

Confused about the Rwanda visa process for Indian citizens? Don’t worry, Itzeazy can help. Just contact Itzeazy before you apply we will help you throughout the entire visa process. So getting approved  Rwanda visa is guaranteed

How to check Rwanda visa status?

After submitting your visa application for an E-visa to Rwanda, your confirmation will be sent directly to your registered Email address.

I’ll wrap up the topic of Rwanda visa for Indian, apply for a Rwanda visa online here. Please like, comment, and share if you enjoyed the article.


How much is a Rwanda visa on arrival?

The Rwanda Visa on Arrival fees are: Single entry visa: USD 50 Multiple entry visa: USD 70

Can I get a Rwanda visa online?

Rwanda allows worldwide visitors to apply for entry visas either online or upon arrival. Visa upon arrival is available at Kigali International Airport and all land borders.

Can I get visa on arrival in Rwanda?

As an Indian national, you can obtain a visa on arrival in Rwanda at Kigali International Airport and all land borders, and it is free of charge.


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