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Hungary Visa Appointment

Hungary Visa Appointment

90 days Hungary Visa

Processing time:

15 days

Stay period:

90 days


180 days

Visa category:





Rs 8100/-

If you have to apply for a Hungary visa from India, there is a need to visit to visa application centre. It is necessary to book Hungary visa appointment for Indians for the visa centres.  It allows you to submit your visa application form in person. You cannot walk in to the visa application centre without appointment.Thus, you should know the process of booking Hungary visa appointment and Hungary visa processing time from India.  

Hungary visa appointment

Indians need to choose the visa type and fill the application form before booking the Hungary visa appointment .There are mainly two types of Hungary visas available for Indians. These are Schengen visas and National visas. 

Schengen visas are short term visas which are valid only for 90 days. The appointment for Hungary Schengen visa is booked at the official website of VFS.

On the other hand, national visas are long term visas which allow over 90 days stay. To schedule an appointment for a national visa, you need to send a mail to the Embassy of Hungary. 

On the appointment date, you need to visit the visa application centre (VAC). Applicant must attend the Hungary visa appointment in person. Only applicants accompanying a child under 18 years of age are permitted to enter the VAC. 

At the centre, it needs to submit application form and documents and give the biometrics. Without this step, you cannot process your Hungary visa application form.

How to book Hungary visa appointment?

The steps to book Hungary visa appointment are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Vfs global
  • Under “Book an appointment”, click on “Book now”. 
  • Sign in and then login to your VFS Global account. 
  • Click on “Start New Booking”.
  • Enter the appointment details and click on “continue” button. 
  • Choose the slot timing which is most convenient to you. 
  • Lastly, Pay the VFS service fees and attend the appointment meeting.  

For a Long Term Hungary visa, applicants must schedule an appointment through email.  You need to write a request letter to the Embassy of Hungary at [email protected].  On the appointment day, attach the visa application form and documents together. Submit it in the VFS Office in the morning according to the email provided by the Embassy of Hungary. 

Documents to submit at Hungary visa appointment 

Submitting the documents is a very crucial step on the Hungary visa appointment day. If you fail to provide the correct documents, your visa application will not be processed. It will lead to the rejection of the visa. For avoiding this, go through the list of documents mentioned below:

  • Print out of the email confirming the details of Hungary visa appointment
  • Valid passport with at least 2 pages that are blank on both sides
  • Print out of the complete visa application form
  • Proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations, rental of holiday home, etc.
  • Proof of financial means, such as bank statements duly stamped and signed by the bank.
  • Personal cover letter of the applicant
  • Flight tickets 

Additional documents

There are some specific documents required according to the type of Hungary visa. The list of specific documents depending on the travel purpose is as follows:

  1. Business trip:
  • Invitation from the inviting company or organisation 
  • Cover letter from the applicant’s employer 

Both the letters must confirm:

  • The identity of the applicant
  • The purpose of journey (conference, meetings, training, or business related events)
  • The period of and place of stay 
  1. Purpose of tourism:
  • Certificate of the travel agency confirming the booking of an organised trip, or
  • Any other document indicating the travel plans
  1. Purpose of visiting family/ friends:
  • Invitation from family member/ friend, including their address and contact details
  • Proof of intended period of stay
  • Evidence of legal residence of family/ friends visited: copy of passport or resident permit as applicable
  1. Purpose of medical treatment:
  • Certificate from a medical doctor/ institute mentioning the need for specific medical treatment
  • Official documents from the receiving medical institution confirming the treatment can be performed and the patient be accepted accordingly. 
  • Proof of pre- payment of the treatment
  1. Purpose of airport transit:
  • Visa or other entry permit for the third country of destination
  • Documents in relation to the onward journey to the final destination after the airport transit

Things to do at the visa application centre

After booking the Hungary visa appointment, you must attend it at the nearest visa application centre. Following things are done at the VAC:

  • First, you need to arrive 15 minutes before your Hungary visa appointment time .
  • Submit your fingerprints and photograph. This process is known as Biometric information collection. A digital photo would be taken, and a digital finger scanner will collect images of all your 10 fingers.
  • The digital photograph will be taken with full face, and without sunglasses, or head covering unless it is worn for religious reasons.
  • Ensure your fingertips are free from any form of decoration such as mehndi, or cuts as it will affect your ability to provide finger scans.
  • Submit the visa application and documents
  • Pay the visa fees if you haven’t paid it earlier. At last, you can track your visa application form and wait for its approval. 

Hungary visa processing time in India 

The processing time of Hungary visa starts after attending the appointment. It usually takes around 15-17 working days.However, in some cases, the Hungary visa processing time in India may be longer. You should apply for a Hungary visa as soon as possible to avoid on the spot delays. 

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I have missed my Hungary visa appointment. What can I do now?

If you miss your Hungary visa appointment on the scheduled date, you need to book a new appointment after 24 hours. 

How do I book an appointment for a Hungary visa for Indians?

Indians need to book online for Hungary visa appointment at visa application center.

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