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3 days

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Tatkal passport is the fastest mode of passport application process. Are you wondering what is the tatkal passport timeline ? It is actually the how much time tatkal passport takes to receive. Tatkal passport processing time is 1-3 days after appointment at passport Seva Kendra. Thus you should know about the tatkal passport issue time and exact tatkal passport time taken for Indians after application.

Tatkal passport timeline 

The Tatkal scheme allows you to skip the time-consuming normal passport application process. In addition, it provides an easier way to get your passport and a faster processing time, so you can get your passport in a few days.

If you want to get your passport in a minimum days due to an emergency, you can apply for a tatkal passport through the official passport seva website. After filling out the form and choosing the Tatkal mode of application, you have to pay tatkal  fees and book an appointment for PSK.

Visit PSK for document verification, and your passport will be dispatched in 1-3 working days after your PSK visit. The police verification will be done post-issuance of the passport. Thus, Tatkal passport timeline reduces the normal processing days in police verification and other processes.

Tatkal Passport in 4 simple & easy steps

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Tatkal passport processing time

You might be wondering how many days a Tatkal passport takes or what the Tatkal passport timeline is. If your application is successful with the final approved status, you can expect your Tatkal passport to be shipped within 3 working days after submissions at PSK. Tatkal passport processing time reduces not only due to early appointments but also due to faster processing like passport printing, dispatching, etc. Also you need not have to wait for police report as police verification takes place post issuance of passport.

Under normal passport application, after document verification at PSK, it takes 30 working days for normal passport issue. It takes more time due to pre issuance police verification, passport printing and dispatch.

Who is eligible for the Tatkal Passport?

Any Indian citizen can apply for a passport under the tatkal mode of application. Everyone, senior citizen, adult, and minor, is eligible for a Tatkal passport. But there are still a few cases or conditions under which you can avail of the Tatkal passport facility. Also, the local passport office decides whether to issue a Tatkal passport.

Conditions for which the tatkal scheme is not applicable

  1. Applicants born abroad to Indian (Indian) parents 
  2. People deported to India from another country 
  3. Residents of India who have been granted citizenship through registration or naturalization 
  4. Minors whose Parents are divorced or separated, etc
  5. Indians from Nagaland but living outside Nagaland 
  6. Minor residents of Nagaland 
  7. J&K residents including minor
  8. Applicants with past adverse police reports

New passport not eligible conditions

  1. Citizens of India by Registration/Naturalization (granted citizenship by MHA)
  2. Adopted children
  3. Single parent child
  4. Surrogacy child

Renewal of passport not eligible conditions

  1. For short validity period 
  2. Major change in name
  3. Lost or stolen 
  4. People who have changed their appearance or gender. Changes to s signatures
  5. Correction in change of birth or date of birth
  6. Change in father/mother/spouse name

How to apply for a Tatkal Passport?

 Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Register on the official  Passport Seva website
  2. After creating an account on the portal, log in using your user ID and password.  
  3. Select one of the following two options – New / Reissue. 
  4. Select Tatkal as the scheme type.  
  5. Download the application and fill in the relevant information such as Examples: name, type of employment, family information, etc. 
  6. Submit the form online and make a payment online to complete the application process.
  7. Print your receipt and book with your nearest passport, Seva Kendra (PSK).

We’ve already talked about how many days tatkal passport takes, how many days to get passport in tatkal, how much time tatkal passport takes as well as tatkal passport processing time. How you can apply for tatkal passport? Now, let’s look at what documents you’ll need to apply for a tatkal passport.

Documents required for Tatkal Passport 

To apply for a Tatkal passport, along with proof of address, proof of birth, and non-ECR proof, you have to provide any three documents from the given specified document list by passport seva.

You need to submit any three documents out of 12 documents: 

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  3. Service Photo Identity Card issued by State/Central Government
  4. PAN card 
  5. SC/ST/OBC certificate
  6. Arms License
  7. Students Id card of education institute
  8. Last passport issued (in case of renewal)
  9. Ration card
  10. Driving license 
  11. Birth certificate 
  12. Pension documents 
  13. Bank /Kisan/Post office passbook 
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Does police verification require for tatkal passport application?

Under Tatkal passport application,you need to do police verification after passport issuance that is called as post police verification basis.

Can minor apply for Tatkal passport ?

Yes, minor can apply for tatkal passport. But there are exceptional conditions like Minor with single parent or whose parents are divorced or separated can not apply for Tatkal passport.



    I’m trying to book an appointment. However, unable to as the nearest PSK says “Not Available” and it is only giving me an option for RPO Chennai. Is it due to Covid that this has changed or i can wait for a weekday to proceed with booking the appointment slot?

    • Vaishali

      At the First process you see the Chennai.. you can select your nearest one & lastly at the time of fees payment & all you get a option to select your local psk office

  2. I can wait for a my appointment slot

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