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RC Transfer Hyderabad

Want to apply for RC transfer in Hyderabad ? Itzeazy is there to help you in ownership transfer of vehicle in Hyderabad. Itzeazy provides doorstep service for bike ownership transfer in Hyderabad and car ownership transfer in Hyderabad.

Ownership transfer of vehicle in Hyderabad is done by  RTA Hyderabad. Once a vehicle is bought from its previous owner, its ownership has to be transferred in the name of the current owner within 30 days from the date of actual sale.

Why is transfer of vehicle ownership important ?

Its important to do transfer of ownership otherwise :

  • In case of some mis-happening Seller ( registered owner) will be held responsible.
  • Insurance claim can not be made.
In case of death of the registered owner, vehicle ownership should be transferred in the name of legal heir within 30 days. 

Ownership transfer of vehicle

Ownership transfer of Vehicle Hyderabad

Vehicle ownership transfer in Hyderabad is mandatory  when you are buying or selling used vehicle. As per motor vehicle act you need to inform the respective RTO about the sale or purchase of the vehicle.

You should apply for vehicle ownership transfer at the RTO within 30 days of vehicle sell/ purchase.

Itzeazy assists in the complete process of RC transfer in Hyderabad.

Itzeazy provides Consultancy for Ownership Transfer of vehicle(car/bike) in Hyderabad, provides end to end assistance and  documentation support to the clients. Service is door-step & overall process is hassle free.

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Transfer of vehicle ownership in Hyderabad - Overview

Transfer of ownership of a vehicle in Hyderabad is to be applied in the concerned RTO where the vehicle is registered or the RTO under whose jurisdiction buyer lives.

Normally ownership transfer process takes approx. 2-3 weeks time. However actual time may vary some time.

Vehicle need not be present in Hyderabad .

Once visit of Buyer to RTO is mandatory for photograph purpose.

If there is loan on vehicle and HP termination is required before ownership transfer of vehicle , in that case visit of seller is also required at RTO.

In Hyderabad & Rangareddy district there are 7 RTOs. Itzeazy provides door step service in all the  6 RTOs. The RTOs are : 

Rangareddy - TS07

Rangareddy - TS08
Petbasheerabad, Quthbullapur (m)
Rangareddy Dist.

Hyderabad (Central) - TS09
Khairatabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500004

Hyderabad (North) - TS10
Secunderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500003

Hyderabad (East) - TS11
Malakpet, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500036

Hyderabad (South) - TS12
Kisanbagh, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500064
Hyderabad (West) - TS13
Tolichowki, Hyderabad,
Telangana - 500008



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Procedure for ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Hyderabad

  • Order online
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Schedule pickup
  • Document pick-up & Process starts
  • Work completed
  • Make 50% balance payment & share address for dispatch
  • Documents delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents required for ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Hyderabad

1. Transfer of Ownership within Hyderabad


  • Application on form CMV 29 & CMV 30
  • Original RC
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution certificate
  • Address proof of buyer ( voterid/passport/adhar card etc.)

2. Transfer of Ownership from other district RTO in Telangana to RTO Hyderabad


  • Application on form 29 & 30
  • Clearance  Certificate
  • Original RC
  • Valid insurance copy
  • Valid pollution certificate
  • Address proof of buyer ( voterid/passport/adhar card etc.)

3. Transfer of Ownership in case of death of registered owner


  • Registration certificate in original
  • Form 30 & 31 in duplicate with endorsement of the financier if the vehicle is held on hire purchase agreement along with NOC from financier.
  • Original copy of death certificate of the registered owner.
  • Succession/Survival member Certificate issued by SDM.
  • Affidavit by the applicant to this effect and from the other legal heirs relinquishing their right in favor of the applicant.
  • valid insurance certificate.
  • Copy of address proof of Applicant.
  • Copy of valid PUC.
  • Verification of vehicle on form 20

4. Transfer of Ownership from other state to RTO Hyderabad


  • Application on form 29 & 30
  • Original RC
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution certificate
  • NOC from parent RTO
  • Address proof of buyer ( voterid/passport/adhar card etc.)

5. Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Purchased in Public Auction


  • Application on form 32
  • Form 20
  • Certificate of registration in original
  • Sale certificate form 21 issued by the Auctioning Deptt. in favour of the owner of the vehicle
  • Copy of the insurance in favour of purchase
  • Copy of pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of address proof buyer ( voterid/passport/adhar card etc.)
  • Road tax as applicable
  • Registration/Re-registration fee


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Vehicle Transfer Forms in Hyderabad


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Ownership Transfer of Vehicle(car / bike) in Hyderabad - FAQ

1. What is the cost of RC transfer in Hyderabad?


Following is the RC transfer fees in Hyderabad :

Invalid Carriage                                     - Rs. 25 
Motor cycle                                            - Rs. 150  
Three wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles:
Non transport;                                       - Rs. 300 
Transport                                               - Rs. 500 
Medium goods vehicle                          -  Rs. 500 
Medium passenger motor vehicle         -  Rs. 500 
Heavy goods vehicle                             -  Rs. 750 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle            -  Rs. 750 
Imported motor vehicle                          -  Rs. 2500
Imported motor cycle                             -  Rs. 1250 
Any other vehicle not mentioned above -  Rs. 1500

Additional fee of Two Hundred Rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type issued

2. How many days to get RC in Hyderabad?


It takes approx. 1 month time to get RC in Hyderabad. 

3. What documents required for RC transfer in Hyderabad?


Following are the documents required for RC transfer in Hyderabad

  • Original RC
  • Two nos. of  Form 29
  • Two nos. of  Form 30
  • Copy of insurance policy that is valid
  • Address proof copy of the buyer
  • Copy of valid pollution control certificate
  • Copy of G.I.R./Pan number. and Form No. 60/Form no. 60/Form no. (in the case of cars only)
  • NOC from the bank if the vehicle is on loan or subject to hypothecation
  • Clearance certificate from parent RTO if it is car and buyer's address is in different RTO jurisdiction
  • Traffic challan clearance certificate if there is traffic fine is there  
  • Company NOC if seller is a company

4. Can I ride bike without ownership transfer in Hyderabad ?


You should transfer ownership of bike in your name within one month from the date of sell as per motor vehicle act.