Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is the legal document which is required for having an authorized government record of the marriage. Marriage Certificate helps in legally proving the marriage. It accounts of details like the name of the couple, the date they got married etc. A marriage Certificate becomes a mandatory document because it is compulsory by government law. 

Eligibility for getting a marriage Certificate –

Laws for Marriage Registration

Under the Hindu Marriage act, two Hindu believers can get married. But there is an exception of Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs too, to get married under the same law. Also, the people who have converted to Hindu religion should marry under this law.

The Indian Christian Law of Marriage involves the marriage registration of two people of Indian Nationality who follow Christianity as a religion. Christian Marriages are solemnized by the hours of six in the morning or seven in the evening. Though people living in Jammu Kashmir, Cochin, Manipur cannot get married by the Indian Christian Marriage Act.

The Muslim law of Marriage is known as the Shariat application Act 1937. Two [people of Indian Nationality who follow the Muslim religion can get married under this law. It was established during the time of East India Company and the Muslims enforced the government to not make it like the Hindu marriage act.

The Sikh Marriage Cat is known as the Anand Karaj act 1909. The Sikh Marriage was earlier registered in the Hindu Marriage act but it was until 1909 when the Sikh masses appealed for their marriage law. Further, it was sanctioned for two people who are of Indian nationality and believe in Sikh religion.

The Special Marriage Act is for the masses of India who perform the inter-religion marriage. Special Marriage Act 1954 is the law which works under the Court marriages performed in India. Although it is a special marriage law and allows inter-religion marriage still the age to get married under it is the same. (18 years completed – Bride; 21 years completed – Groom)

Documents required for Marriage Certificate

Procedure of applying for Marriage Certificate

The procedure of Court Marriage Registration

The procedure of Court Marriage for Foreigner and Indian