Tatkal Procedure of Marriage Certificate

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Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate is the official record of the marriage between two people. Marriage Certificate helps in legally proving the marriage in court and various other significant institutions. The marriage certificate encounters the name of the couple, the date of marriage etc. a marriage certificate becomes a significant document in a couple’s life.

Eligibility for getting a marriage Certificate

Laws of registering Marriage in India

Advantages of registering Marriage

The role of tatkal Marriage registration

We all know how Tatkal things work. It is similar to Marriage Certificate as well. In case of any emergency or urgent requirement of marriage Certificate, the government of India has the option for applying for tatkal Marriage registration.

This helps in getting the marriage certificate faster than the normal procedure. Although the clients have to pay more fee for this urgent registration. It is a great option for people who are in a hurry to get their marriage certificate and cannot wait for the whole procedure to happen.

Documents Required for Tatkal Marriage Registration

How Much time does it take to get a Marriage Certificate through Tatkal Procedure?

Tatkal Procedure is as quick as it can be. But it normally takes around 1-3 days to obtain the tatkal marriage certificate. In other words, it means three working days. Under the Tatkal Scheme Marriage Certificate is uploaded within 24 hours of approval.

What are the Fees for registering Marriage through Tatkal Procedure?

Government fee for tatkal marriage registration starts from Rs 2500 and further goes on depending upon the law in which marriage is getting registered.

The procedure of getting a tatkal marriage certificate