How to know my pan number? Knowing your PAN Number online is a sleek process. If you can’t find your PAN Card or it has gone lost, it becomes crucial to know PAN Number online to proceed with the remediation. Herein we will discuss how to find lost pan card number.

PAN Card

Your PAN/ Permanent Account Number Card is your gateway to financial services and other crucial services like banking. If you lose yours, you need to know your PAN details to either cancel it or apply for a duplicate one.

So, if you do not know your PAN Number, and if you are wondering how to know my pan number, you have come to the right place. As here we shall discuss how can you know PAN Number online or how to find lost pan card number?

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How to find lost pan card number

Know PAN Number Online via Registration

  • First, log on to and get registered yourself.
  • Then, choose Applicable as your user type and proceed to fill in your basic details.
  • Third, fill out the registration form and then submit it.
  • Now, you have to enter your mobile number and email for OTP verification to complete the registration process to know PAN Number online.
  • Then, log in to your registered account and select My Profile. Herein, you can assess the following PAN details:
  • PAN Number
  • Assessee Name
  • Date of Birth & Gender
  • PAN Card status
  • Assessee’s Address
  • However, if you don’t want to go through the registration process and, cut short the process, here’s how you can know PAN Number online with your name and date of birth. How to know my pan number with name and dob?

How to Know my PAN Number via Email

If you know who issued your PAN Card, you can send an email to either of the NSDL or UTIITSL.

Know PAN Number via Call

  • If you are wary of online methods, you can know your PAN number by calling a toll-free number 1800-180-1961. It is a 24×7 toll-free helpline number.
  • All you need to have Aadhaar details that the provider will ask to verify your details to ensure you are the original assessee of the PAN Card details you want to inquire about.

In the previous sections, we learned the procedure to know PAN Number online. Now we will discuss how to apply for duplicate pan card.

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How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

  • First, visit TIN-NSDL and select Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data / Reprint of PAN Card as your application type.
  • Then, enter all the required details, and, then a token number will be generated.
  • Now, fill in the personal details and select the mode of PAN Application submission. Herein, you can opt for either of the online or offline modes for document submission.

Physical Mode

You have to fill in the PAN application online, get the acknowledgment print and then visit any of the nearby NDSL centers with the necessary documents.

Via Aadhaar Card

You’ve learned the procedure for how to find lost pan card number? or how to know my pan number? You can apply for it; here’s how to apply for a pan with an Aadhaar card. You can apply for a duplicate PAN the fastest by syncing your Aadhaar details. You can select Submit Digitally through e-KYC/ E-Sign(Paperless). Using this option the details in your Aadhaar card will be used for the issuance of the duplicate PAN Card.

Via E-Sign

If you use this option, you are mandated to upload your photograph, signature, and the required documents.

  • Then select whether you want to receive a physical PAN Card or not and then proceed.
  • Now, enter the personal details and upload the documents. Lastly, fill out the self-declaration.
  • Perform payment and, now you can download your e-PAN after entering the password that is your date of birth.

Duplicate PAN Offline

  • Download the PAN Application form from the NSDL website from here.
  • Now, fill in your details carefully and attach two passport size photos such that you cross-sign your photos.
  • Take along identify proof, address proof along with the print of acknowledgment and payment receipt to your nearby NSDL facilitation center. You can even send it via post to the center instead of a physical visit.
  • You will then receive your duplicate PAN within two weeks via post.

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Update Pan Card Details/Change Pan Card Details

When can I apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

Now, you have learnt how to know my pan number? or How to find lost pan card number? You can apply for a duplicate PAN Card in case your original PAN Card has got lost, misplaced, or damaged.

Today, it is quite feasible to know PAN Number Online. All you need are the necessary details ready and you are all set. Moreover, if your PAN has got misplaced/lost, applying for a duplicate PAN Card is a breeze in 2022.

So, that’s all about how to know my pan number? or how to find lost pan card number? We are at the end of the blog. We hope our guide will help you know PAN Number online.