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Qatar attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Are you planning to migrate or settle down in Qatar? This beautiful haven with oceanic beauty and greenery is with one of the highest GDPs in the world. It offers a promising life and facilities with world-class advancement to all its residents. So, if you are planning to relocate to Qatar, then, you must know about its pre-requisite i.e. Qatar Attestation.  In this article, we will talk about the Qatar embassy attestation in detail

Now, you may wonder what Qatar Attestation is all about?

Qatar Attestation

Qatar certificate attestation is a mandatory legal procedure one has to go through if planning to visit Qatar for living there or for business. The attestation process ensures the authenticity of your identity via documents with the assurance of no ill purpose of your visit to the Government of Qatar.

Why Qatar Attestation?

Qatar Government allows only those foreigners on their land who have their respective personal, commercial, and educational documents certified with the Qatar Embassy Attestation or consulate stamp. Thus, every visitor of Qatar or one who wishes to relocate to Qatar for study or do business must undergo this fundamental procedure to ensure the legitimacy of their Qatar certificate attestation.

Types of documents in Qatar Embassy Attestation

For Qatar Embassy Attestation, there are mainly three types of documents. They are–

  • Personal documents

Example: Death certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Transfer certificate, Divorce certificate, Experience certificate, Salary certificate, Medical certificate, Bonafide certificate, etc.

  • Educational documents

Examples: SSLC certificate, migration purposes, employment purposes in foreign countries.

Others are–

  1. Early childhood educational certificate 
  2. Teacher Education Certificates
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Undergraduate Level
  • Commercial documents

Example: commercial pilot certificate, commercial vessel certificate, personal commercial certificate, etc.

Qatar attestation procedure

The procedure for Qatar attestation is different on the basis of the type of document. But if asked to summarize the procedure as a whole, it will be like this–

  • State attestation from respective states.
  • MEA attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy attestation from the country’s embassy.
  • Embassy Attestation or MOFA attestation

Here are procedure charts for each type of Qatar certificate attestation document

Qatar certificate attestation For personal documents

The Qatar attestation process for personal documents goes like this

For educational documents

Now the Qatar document attestation for educational documents depends on the origin of the documents. Like–

For Maharashtra issued documents the process goes like this


For documents issued out of Maharashtra, the process goes like this

The Embassy requirement where HRD compulsory


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Required time to complete Qatar certificate attestation 

First of all, Qatar embassy attestation is a complicated procedure and may take some time. It is highly recommended to take some help from professionals. The time Qatar certificate attestation will take varies a little according to the area.

Though in general, it takes about 20-30 working days and sometimes more. So be patient and you will get your documents attested successfully. If you face any problem or need professional help, feel free to contact us.

ITZEAZY provides 100% authenticated and easy-to-track service. If you like, we would be happy to provide our services.

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