First of all, you should know the meaning of both ECR and ECNR. so, the ECR means Emigration Check Required and the ECNR means Emigration Check Not Required. Firstly you should check your passport to confirm that it has an ECR stamp on it or not if there is an ECR stamp then every time you should go with an Emigration check. If you don’t want to go every time checking for that you need to change your passport status. I sharing with you the process of changing ECR to ECNR in Indian passport online.

Process Of Changing ECR To ECNR In Indian Passport Online:

Removing the ECR stamp is very important for one who wants to travel abroad. If this stamp was not removed then the passport holder can face trouble. Following is the process of changing ECR to ECNR in Indian passport online:

  1. Log in to the website and go to the miscellaneous sections and download the application.
  2. Make a request for the deletion request of Emigration Check Required.
  3. You need some documents that are following:
  • Two photocopies of collage
  • 12th passing certificate
  • 10th passing certificate
  • Address proof ex. Ration card, voter ID, electricity bill, lease agreement, phone bill, employer ID, etc.
  • Pan card
  1. The fees that to pay is Rs.300
  2. Submit your current passport along with photocopies of the last and first 4 pages.
  3. Go to the passport office and submit the form with the required documents.

Eligibility For ECNR Passport:

Following is the eligibility criteria for the ECNR passport:

               1. Person who has qualified above 10th grade and has all the valid documents.

  1. Persons above 50 years of age.
  2. Persons  holding a Diploma in Polytechnic from any of the recognized institutes

               4. persons holding a Diploma in Nursing under the Indian Nursing Council Act-1947

                5. Persons spent more than three years overseas.

              6. Minors (below 18 years of age).

              7. Income taxpayer.

             8. spouse or child of an income taxpayer


This is the process form that you can change your passport status.