In this article, we’ll define a death certificate and describe the statute that contains the provisions for registering deaths. Additionally, we’ll provide the paperwork needed for death registration as well as obtain a death certificate. We’ll go over who can register a death under various conditions, what will happen if there is a delay, and how to record a death if there is a delay. The process is very tedious, it is convenient to hire agents like us. We are the best agent for death registration. 

How to do a Death Registration?

Depending on the location of the death, several individuals may report and record it. According to the scene, the following person is in charge.

  • If it happens in a home, the family’s head of household should report it.
  • The medical supervisor in charge should report it if it happens in a hospital.
  • If it takes place in a jail, the jail warden needs to let everyone know.
 If you find a body in a particular location and there is on one to identify to the body. You must inform village chief or the head of the neighborhood police station.
Before requesting a Death Certificate, the death must be registered. Within 21 days following the death, it must be reported to the relevant municipal authorities by completing the Registrar’s mandated paperwork. After the necessary verification, the certificate is issued.
If the death is not registered within 21 days of happening. You must take permission from the Registrar/Area Magistrate together with the fee in case of late registration.

The necessary application form is typically accessible from the local body officials in the region or from the Registrar who oversees the Register of Deaths.

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Online Death Registration

While some states in India have made the procedure for death registration simpler by enabling it to be done online, i.e. through electronic upload of paperwork, many other states still demand physical submission of documentation.

The ability to issue online death certificates to the relatives of the deceased without them having to physically visit the hospital has been granted to hospitals in New Delhi and Chandigarh. 

On the official website of the Indian Civil Registration System, you can obtain a death certificate. The steps for recording a death online are as follows:

 1: Fill out the required information to register yourself for reporting an event through the website in order to report a domestic event (within the standard reporting period, which is 21 days).

 2: Users must, to the best of their knowledge and belief, complete the birth/death reporting form (including the legal and statistical portions) following successful login.

 3: Take a printout of the application and hand-deliver it to the relevant Registrar at the provided address.

 4: As soon as the concerned registrar receives the application, they will notify the users through email of the application’s progress.

However, if a death occurs more than 21 days after the date of the death, it is not possible to get a death certificate online. In this situation, a registration form, along with the required papers and a late fee, must be physically received from the Registrar’s office.

Documents needed to register a death?

The following papers must be submitted for death registration:

  • The cause of death’s diagnosis on the medical record.
  • An NHS Card (also known as the medical card).
  • Certificate of Birth for the Deceased.
  • Death-related driver’s licence (if any).
  • Certificate of civil union or marriage (if applicable).
  • The deceased’s passport.
  • Evidence of address (e.g. utility bills).

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Q1. What standard reporting window  for filing any death reports?

Ans. The standard reporting window for death events is 21 days (from the date of occurrence).

Q2.  What are the fee for death registration?

Ans. If a death occurs and is reported for registration to the appropriate authority within the typical 21-day window, there is no fee.

Q3. Can the public download the death certificate?

Ans. Yes, the public can download Death certificates for no charge from the CRS website for events registered in the portal starting in 2018 and onward.