RTO Maharashtra is the one that is responsible for registration of vehicle which works under transport department government of Maharashtra. It gives permits and issues NOC (No Objective Certificate). During the transfer of registration of vehicle from one RTO state to another states RTO, NOC is required. It refers to the use of a vehicle purchased in one state but registered in another. Therefore Maharashtra transport department is a authority through which RTO’s in Maharashtra provide services of driving licence, RC transfer, vehicle registration, Maharashtra RTO passing  etc. So the article gives information about MH RTO list or Maharashtra RTO list  , along with Maharashtra RTO website.

RTO Maharashtra : 

The various districts all across the Maharashtra state have RTO offices. These RTO Maharashtra offices provide online services related to driving permit, registration of vehicle etc. For the convenience of people, the camps are held in towns or urban areas under respective district RTO office .

Maharashtra RTO website: You can avail services from RTO website as Follow

MH RTO list or Maharashtra RTO list:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Name RTO Code RTO Name RTO code
RTO Mumbai


MH-01 RTO Shrirampur, RTO Maharashtra MH-17 RTO Gadchiroli, RTO Maharashtra MH-33
RTO Mumbai


MH-02 RTO Dhule MH-18 RTO Chandrapur MH-34
RTO Mumbai


MH-03 RTO Jalgaon MH-19 RTO Gondia MH-35
RTO Thane MH-04 RTO Aurangabad MH-20 RTO Bhandara(RTO Maharashtra) MH-36
RTO Kalyan MH-05 RTO Jalna MH-21 RTO Washim MH-37
RTO Pen-Raigad MH-06 RTO Parbhani MH-22 RTO Hingoli (RTO Maharashtra) MH-38
RTO Sindhudurg(RTO Maharashtra) MH-07 RTO Beed MH-23 RTO Nandurbar MH-39
RTO Ratnagiri(RTO Maharashtra) MH-08 RTO Latur MH-24 RTO Nagpur


RTO Kolhapur MH-09 RTO Osmanabad MH-25 RTO Malegoan MH-41
RTO Sangli MH-10 RTO Nanded MH-26 RTO Baramati MH-42
RTO Satara MH-11 RTO Amravati MH-27 RTO Vash-Navi MH-43
RTO Pune MH-12 RTO Buldhana MH-28 RTO Mumbai MH-44
RTO Solapur MH-13 RTO Yavatmal MH-29 RTO Ambajogai(RTO Maharashtra) MH-45
RTO Pimpiri MH-14 RTO Akola MH-30 RTO Akluj MH-46
RTO Nashik MH-15 RTO Nagpur


MH-31 RTOPanvel MH-47
RTO Ahmedanagar

(RTO Maharashtra)

MH-16 RTO Wardha MH-32 RTOBorivali MH-48
RTO Nagpur

(RTO Maharashtra)

MH-49 RTO Karad MH-50

Address and contact details of RTO offices:

List of RTO Office Full Address Phone No. Email ID
RTO office Mumbai


(RTO Maharashtra)

Regional Transport Office, Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai- 400034 022-23551504, 23534600 rto.01-mh@gov.in




RTO Office Mumbai


Regional Transport Office, 111-D, Ambivali village, New Manish Nagar, Versova Road, Mumbai-400053 022-26323315, 26362252, 26366957 rto.02-mh@gov.in




RTO Office Mumbai


(RTO Maharashtra)

Regional Transport Office, B-2, 3rd floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala, Mumbai (East), Mumbai-400037 022-24036221 to.03-mh@gov.in




RTO Office Mumbai


(Only NT Vehicle Services)

25, Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worll, Mumbai- 400025 022-24935857 rto.03-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Thane-01 Regional Transport Office, Opposite Central Jail, Thane-400601 022-20812324, 20813838, 25340474, 25365660 rto.04-mh@gov.in



RTO Office Thane-02 (RTO Maharashtra) Eastern Express Highway, Near LIC Bldg, Murphy Company, Thane (west)-400601 022-25823400, 20812314, 20813838


RTO Office Kalyan Nagar, Chikanghar, Neer Birla School, Kalyan(W), Thane-421301. 0251-2230505, 2230888 dyrto.05-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Pen (Raigad) Dy.Regional Transport Office, Vikas smurti, Pen Khopoli Road, Utkarsha Nagar, Tal. Pen, Dist. Raigad- 402107. 02143-252234, 255868 dyrto.06mh@gov.in


RTO Office Sindhudurg (RTO Maharashtra) Day.Regional Transport Office, Mumbai-Goa Highway, Singhudurg Nagari, Oras, Tal. Kudal, Dist. sindhudurg- 416812. 02362-229050 dyrto.06-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Ratnagiri Dy.Regional Transport Office, Survey No. 56-A, Ganesh Nagar, Kurwarbav, Taluka & Dist. Ratnagiri-415639. 02352-229444 dyrto.08-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Kolhapur

(RTO Maharashtra)

Regional Transport Office, 204-E, Tarabal Park, Kolhapur. 0231-2663131 rto.09-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Sangli

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Industrial Estate, Madhav Nagar Road, Sangli-416416 1233-2310555 dyrto.10-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Satara

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, 512/2, Sadar Bazar, Burke Bungalow, Camp, Satara-415002 02162-230330 dyrto.11-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Pune-01 Regional Transport Office, 39, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam, Bridge, Pune-411006 020-26058282, 26058080/90 rto.12-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Pune-02

(Vehicle conversion/Alteration)

S. No. 120/A-2, Alandi Road, Yerawada, Pune-411006 020-26058555, 26057411 dyrto.12.mh@gov.in


RTO Office Solapur Dy. Regional Transport Office, Vijaypur Road, S.T. Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Solapur-413004. 0217-2303099, 2303199 dyrto.13.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Pimpiri-chichwad Dy. Regional Transport Office, Plot No.1, Sector no.6, Sant Nagar Traffic Park, Moshi Pradhikaran, Moshi, Pune-412105. 020-27492828 dyrto.14.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nashik

(RTO Maharashtra)

Regional Transport Office, Peth Road, Panchwati, Nashik-422004. 0253-2229005, 2229003 dyrto.15.mh@gov.in




RTO Office Ahemednagar Dy. Regional Transport Office, Bunglow No.8, Nagar Wambori Rd., Ahmednagar-414001. 0241-2431530 dyrto.16.mh@gov.in


RTO Office Shrirampur

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Newasa Road, Haregaon Phata, At Post Shirasgaon, Shrirampur, Ditrict Ahmednagar-413709. 02422-222175 dyrto.17.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Dhule Regional Transport Office, Dudh Bhavan, Mohadi Upanagar, N.H. No.3, Mumbai Agra Road, Dhule-424311. 02562-281552 rto.18.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Jalgaon

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Plot No.7, Adarsh Nagar, Near S.P. Chowk, Jalgaon-425001. 0257-2261819 dyrto.19.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Aurangabad Regional Transport Office, Near Railway Station, Aurangabad-431001. 0240-1331135 rto.20-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Jalna Dy. Regional Transport Office, Gat No. 246, Nagewadi, Taluka & Dist.Jalna. 02482-220929 dyrto.21.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Parbhani Man at Road, Pedgaon, Parbhani-433715. 02452-248148 dyrto.22.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Beed

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Jalna Road, Mahje Ghosapuri, Namal Gaon Phata, Beed-431122. 02442-256111 dyrto.23.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Latur Regional Transport Office, Parivahan Bhavan, Babhalgaon Road, Latur-413512. 02382-242434 rto.24-mh@gov.in


RTO Office Osmanabad Dy. Regional Transport Office, Plot No.18, MIDC Area, Osmanabad-413501. 02472-229455 dyrto.25.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nanded

(RTO Maharashtra)

Regional Transport Office, P-149, MIDC, CIDCO, Nanaded-431603. 02462-259900 rto.26-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Amravati Regional Transport Office, Near Collection Camp, Amravati-444602. 0721-2662606, 0721-2662032 rto.27-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Buldhana Dy. Regional Transport Office, Opp. Malkapur Road, Buldhana Taluka, Dist. Buldhana-443001. 07262-242244 dyrto.28.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Yavatmal

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Near Kalamb Chowk, Nagpur Road, Dist. Yavatmal-445001. 07232-255111, 241700 dyrto.29.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Akola Dy. Regional Transport Office, Municipal School No. 21, Railway Station Chowk, Akola-444001. 0724-2410288 dyrto.30.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nagpur (urban) Regional Transport Office, Opp. Giripeth Post Office, Nagpur-440001. 0712-2561698, 2560781 rto.31-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Wardha

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Administrative Bldg, 1st floor, Collector Office Compound, Sevagram Road, Wardha-442001 07152-243543, 252400 dyrto.32.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Gadchiroli Dy. Regional Transport Office, MIDC Road, Near Gondwana University, Complex, Gadchiroli-442605. 07132-222195 dyrto.33.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Chandrapur

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Behind LIC Bldg, Jal Nagar ward, Chnadrapur-442401. 07172-255372 dyrto.34.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Gondia Dy. Regional Transport Office, Fulchur Naka, Fulchurtola, Gondia Tahsil, Dist. Gondia-441601. 07182-237321 dyrto.35.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Bhandara

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, New Administration Bldg, Opposite Collector Office, NH-6, Bhandra-441904 07184-258165 dyrto.36.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Washim Dy. Regional Transport Office, A/P-D.Ed. College Building, Risod, Road, Lakhala, Washim-444505. 07252-235344 dyrto.37.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Hingoli Dy. Regional Transport Office, Jamwadi, Aundha Hingoli Road, Dewala Pati, Tal. Hingoli, Hingoili-431513 02455-248048 dyrto.38.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nandurbar

(RTO Maharashtra)

Dy. Regional Transport Office, Govt. Dudh Dairy Compound, Sakri Road, Nandurbar. 02564-210129 dyrto.39.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nagpur


Regional Transport Office, Indora, Red Godown No.9, Teka Naka, Kamptee Road, Nagpur (R)-440014. 0712-2630647 rto.40-mh@gov.in
RTO Office Malegaon Dy. Regional Transport Office, Gat no.178, Share, Tal Malegaon, Dist. Nahsik-423105. 02554-258850 dyrto.41.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Baramati Dy. Regional Transport Office, Vidhya Nagari Corner, MIDC Circle, Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Dist. Pune-413133. 02112-243111 dyrto.42.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Vashi

(New Mumbai

Dy. Regional Transport Office, T-Block, Sector 19B, APMC Market, Vashi, New Mumbai, Thane-400703. 022-27840702, 27830701, 27839345 dyrto.43.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Ambejogai Dy. Regional Transport Office 02446-247755, 246673 dyrto.44.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Akluj Dy. Regional Transport Office, At Post Yashwant Nagar, Akluj, Tal.-Malshiras, Dist. Solapur-413198. 02185-227555 dyrto.45.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Panvel Dy. Regional Transport Office, Central Facility Building, 2nd Floor, Kalamboli, Taluka Panvel, Dist. Raigad-410218. 022-27425555, 27424444 Rto.46-mh@giv.in



RTO Office Borivali Dy. Regional Transport Office, S.No. 53/4, Behind Palak Pluto, BMC Road Depot Building, Kandar Pada, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-400068. 022-26366957, 26362252, 28919768, 2631982. dyrto.47.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Vasai Dy. Regional Transport Office, At Post Chandansar, Bhatpada, Virar East, Taluka Vasai, Dist. Palghar-401303. 0250-2524888, 2523888 dyrto.48.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Nagpur (East) Dy. Regional Transport Office, Nagpur (East), Chikali Devsthan, NIT Hall, Dipti Signal Area, Near Water Tank, Nagpur-440034. 0712-2681215 dyrto.49.mh@gov.in
RTO Office Karad Dy. Regional Transport Office, Karad A/p Gat no.351, Padali (kese), Po-Supane, Tal. Karad, Dist. Satara-415114. 02164-255300, 400500 dyrto.50.mh@gov.in


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RTO Charges India


Types of RTO charges in Maharashtra RTO.

When a new car is purchased, there are a number of charges that are added to the road tax. The following the charges: –

  • Registration charges

When a person buys or registers a car, a small amount is added to the price of vehicle that has to be paid by the customer only.


  • Hypothecation charges

It is the amount paid by the customer while buying a car on loan. If you are buying a car from straight transfer from your bank account to the dealership account, you don’t need to pay hypothecation charges. It is done only if the car is financed through a bank.


  • Number plate charges

The amount a person pays while buying a high-security registration plate (HSRP) number plate.

The main reason for HSRP’s implementation is that old number plates are easy to tamper with and can be utilised by car thieves.


  • Parking Fee/State Development charges

The one-time payment made by the board to the licensees for the full lease in order to recoup the Board’s investments in infrastructure facilities such as roads, electricity and water supply.


  • Temporary Registration charges

It is the amount that need to be paid for temporary registration of the vehicle to RTO Maharashtra.

When the person buys a vehicle a temporary registration number is given to that vehicle before getting the permanent one and its validity if for one month.


  • FASTags charges

These are the prepaid rechargeable toll tags that enables for automated payment withdrawal from the FASTags.

They are typically placed to your vehicle’s windscreen. You will not have to stop your vehicle at toll places to pay toll if you have a FASTags.


  • Road Tax charges

Road tax is a fee that must be paid to RTO Maharashtra, or included with, a motorised vehicle in order for it to be driven on a public road.


Fees for Vehicle Registration.

Registration Charges The amount is Rs. 600 for all the vehicles.
Hypothecation Charges The amount is Rs. 1500 if the car is purchased on loan
Number Plate Charges HSRP number plate cost between Rs. 230 and Rs. 400.
Parking Fees/Sate Development Charges For cars under 4 Lakhs, the MCD parking fees is Rs. 2000.

For cars above Rs. 4 Lakhs, the MCD parking fees is Rs. 4000.

Temporary Registration Charges Temporary registration is for Rs. 1200 – 1500 for a period of one month.
Road Tax Charges In cars under 10 Lakhs – CNG- 7%, Petrol- 11%, and Diesel- 13%.

In cars between Rs. 10 Lakhs and Rs. 20 Lakhs – Petrol is 12% and Diesel is 14%.

In cars above 20 Lakhs – Petrol is 13% and Diesel is 15%.

Also if the cars is under a company name, the road tax is above 20%.

FASTag Charges FasTag fees of Rs. 500 are charged when the car is purchased.


That’s all regarding RTO Maharashtra.