Do you want to change the name on your birth certificate?  The birth certificate mentions the name which was given at the time of child’s birth. But for many of the reasons, it may require to make name correction in birth certificate. Therefore, This blog will explain to you how to change your name on birth certificate along with the processing time, fees, documents required and some possible reasons and process for birth certificate name change online.

Birth Certificate Name Change

A Birth certificate is a very crucial document and is the first legal document a parent should apply for his/her child. Parents or the child’s older siblings can change names on behalf of their children or minor siblings for valid reasons. If the child is not a minor, he/she can change his/her name without the guardian’s help and consent. Apart from changing your name, you can also apply for changing the father’s/mother’s name in your child’s birth certificate during adoption/divorce/ other valid reasons. 

You can change the name on your birth certificate only once in your lifetime. You can now easily correct/update your child’s name online.

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Reasons for changing the name in a birth certificate

The reasons why a person wants to change his/her name is given below:-

  1. Surname change due to marriage
  2. If one dislikes his/her current name
  3. To avoid unnecessary complications
  4. To change Sophisticated names
  5. Religious and Political motives
  6. Divorce
  7. Astrological or Numerical reasons
  8. If one changes his/her gender
  9. If one wants to change his/her identity.

Documents required for birth certificate name change

The following documents are required for birth certificate name change in India: –

  • Affidavit for changing the name in a birth certificate
  • Old Birth Certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Attested passport-sized photos
  • Copies of the advertisement that has been published in newspapers
  • Three copies of manually drafted applications

Procedure to change name in birth certificate

You can apply for a change of name on your birth certificate online and offline. 

Procedure to change name in birth certificate offline is: –

  1. Obtain a ‘Birth Certificate Update/Correction Form’ from the Municipal Corporation Office or the Gram Panchayat in the area of the birth of the state you live in.
  2. You must visit a local notary officer who will write the letter with your existing name and the desired new name and briefly state the reason for the name change. An Affidavit should be written on a Rs 100 non-judicial stamp paper.
  3. Complete the ‘Birth Certificate Update/Correction Form’ and submit it to a Magistrate in a District Court in your state, along with an affidavit or certified copy with the judge’s original signature.
  4. An advertisement should be published in two newspapers, one in the local language of the state and the other in English. The format for this advertisement is:

“I, XYZ, residing at, have changed my name to ABC and will be known as ABC from here on in. I have submitted an affidavit to this effect, which was signed by on.”

Publish your name in the state’s official gazette. You can do so by getting  in  touch with the government press in your state. Fill out the application and pay the requisite fees. Your name change notification will be  published in your state’s Official Gazette. They’ll email you a copy of the name change certificate.

Processing time for a birth certificate name change

Changing your name in birth certificate in India generally involves 3 steps: filing of an Affidavit, Newspaper Publication and lastly a Gazette Notification. The entire procedure could take a month and the official gazette notification along with the newspaper Ad publication can take 14 days.

Fees required for a birth certificate name change

Changing name in birth certificate in India costs around Rs 1000 excluding the newspaper ad rates. Newspaper Ad publication rates differ for every state and newspaper. The process of official notification takes around Rs 700 – Rs. 900 and the affidavit for a name change is made on an Rs 20 – Rs. 100 non-judicial stamp paper.

Websites for birth certificate name change in India

Every state has different rules regarding changing birth certificates. Kindly visit the some websites given below and read all the instructions given on those websites before applying for a name change. Please visit the following websites to know the instructions and apply for a birth certificate name change as per the state where you reside: –

State Websites
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar Municipal Corporation (
Andhra Pradesh (
Meeseva – Online Login Form ::
Assam (
Bihar (
Civil Registration System (
Chhattisgarh (
Goa Government of Goa, India
Haryana (
Himachal Pradesh (
Jammu and Kashmir (
Kerala (
Madhya Pradesh (
Odisha Odisha One | Unified Citizen Portal
Punjab Government of Punjab, India
Rajasthan Rajasthan Civil Registration System
Tamil Nadu (
Telangana Welcome to Telangana MeeSeva Portal…
Uttar Pradesh (
West Bengal (
West Bengal e-District (
Daman and Diu
Delhi Govt. of NCT of Delhi (


Q1. What is the minimum age when I don’t need my guardian’s approval to change the name in my birth certificate?

A person can change his/her name without the guardian’s approval provided some valid reasons when he/she attains the age of 18.

Q2. Is a gazette necessary document to change his/her name?

No, an official gazette is an optional document for name change in birth certificate. It is better to be on the safe side and obtain a gazette for name change.

Q3. Do I need to update my birth certificate if I change my name?

You don’t need to update your birth certificate. You just need to possess the notarized copy of your name change certificate and the advertisement published in the newspaper and the official gazette.

Q4. Do I need to update my passport after the name change?

Yes, you need to file an application at the RPO/PSK to change the name on your passport after you change the name in the birth certificate.