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The birth certificate is an important legal document that serves as proof of a person’s identity in a variety of situations.  The municipal corporation of Bangalore issues the birth certificates in Bangalore. Applying for a birth certificate online in Bangalore is just a matter of  few clicks.  You can apply  online for Birth Certificate in Bangalore. So check out how to get online birth certificate  Bangalore , required fess and documents for obtaining.

Online Birth Certificate Bangalore

A birth certificate is a document that determines whether or not an individual is an Indian citizen. This certificate will be useful at the time of

  1. school admission/college admission,
  2. hospital benefits
  3. licenses of any kind
  4. while applying for Government grants, a legal document from the Government
  5. while buying any financial products
  6. while getting employment
  7. for establishing the age or
  8. while obtaining certified documents such as Voter ID, Driving License, Marriage Certificate, Passport or PAN Card etc.

How can I get birth certificate in Bangalore?

Here is how to apply for birth certificate online Bangalore. Follow the procedure to apply Online Birth Certificate Bangalore.

Step 1: Go to the official site of BBMP from where you will get the Birth Certificate Form.

Step 2: Change the language preference to English.

birth certificate online in bangalore

Step 3: Go to the Citizen Services Option and click on Birth Certificate.

how to get birth certificate online in bangalore

Step 4: Go to the link Online Birth Certificate Request Form to apply for Online Birth Certificate Bangalore.

birth certificate apply online in bangalore


Step 5: The Birth Certificate Request Form will appear which needs to be duly filled. After filling the Request Form, hit the submit button.


how to apply for birth certificate in bangalore

For Citizen Service Center, select the nearest place from your residence from the available options.

Step 6: A confirmation message or mail will come on your registered number and email address.

That’s all about the procedure to apply for birth certificate online Bangalore.

How to apply for a birth certificate in Bangalore offline?

Previously, we discussed Online Birth Certificate Bangalore.Now let’s see how you can apply for a birth certificate in Bangalore offline

  1. To get the birth certificate first you need to visit your nearest District Statistical Officer and check the details about your registration details so that you can apply for the certificate
  2. You need to pay ₹.5/- for a copy of the certificate in the statistical office.
  3. They will be checking all the details in the records and accordingly they will prepare the certificate.
  4. You need to carry some documents with you as a proof for verification by the concerned officials before issuing the birth certificate in Bangalore. This can expedite the process.

Birth Certificate Bangalore Fees

Whether you opt for Online Birth Certificate Bangalore or the offline birth certificate process, you need to pay the required fees.


Time Period Fees
If you register within 21 days of birth  No Fee
If you register after 21 days of birth  Rs. 7
Register after birth but within 1 year of Birth  Rs. 10
Registration after one year  Rs. 15

Registration of Birth in Hospital

In Bengaluru, a Medical Officer Health (MOH), BBMP, is the Registrar. The function is part of the Department of Statistics under the authority of the Joint Director, Statistics.

According to the Registration of Birth and Deaths Act 1969, registrars have to maintain a register of all births and deaths under their jurisdiction and send this data to the Chief Registrar periodically.

This data is used for compiling statistics. Any person can get the particulars of any entry made in the birth/death register. At the hospital, the person applying for a Birth Certificate should fill a Form- 1 which the hospital will then send to the BBMP office.

The MOH will provide the certificate, which can then be collected at a specified date. You can also apply Online Birth Certificate Bangalore. Check out how to apply for birth certificate online Bangalore. In the case of births, the name of the child can be specified in the initial application itself, making the procedure easier.

Alternatively, parents can add the name later at the BBMP office before they collect the actual certificate, or they can collect the certificate and then apply for name inclusion any time before the child turns 14, and an updated birth certificate can be obtained.

Girls born after 31st March 2006 in a BPL family in Karnataka must be enrolled under the Bhagyalakshmi scheme through the nearest Anganwadi.

Registering Births in time

Registration of births done within 21 days of the event is free of cost. From 21 to 30 days after the event, the MOH will provide the certificate after collecting a fine of ₹25. You can apply for a birth certificate in Bangalore offline as well as opt for Online Birth Certificate Bangalore.

If you registering for the birth or want to apply for birth certificate online Bangalore After 30 days and within a year, only the Joint Director of Statistics can provide the certificate. The penalty is ₹50, and an affidavit needs to be submitted.

If the birth is not recorded in Bangalore, the applicant should get a Non-Availability Certificate from the BBMP. Documents such as address proof are required in the absence of hospital records to get a non-availability certificate.

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Non Availability Certificate

The Non-Availability Certificate is an acknowledgment or endorsement from the authorities stating that the certificate is not available to them. Applicants have to fill out a form and submit it to the BBMP authorities, who will then verify the data and issue the acknowledgment.

In some government hospitals, the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) has the power of the sub-registrar and is authorized to certify births that occur in the hospital. In these cases, the certificate will be available from the hospital itself.

The certificate is available within 24 to 48 hours after the event in six government hospitals— Vanivilas Women and Children Hospital, Victoria Hospital, Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, Ghousia Hospital and KC General Hospital, have also been declared as registration centers along with the seven Corporation Hospitals in the city.

In the case of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), the Registrar-General should record the event at the Indian Consulate. If a child is born outside India and returns to settle in the country, the birth can be registered within 60 days of arrival. After 60 days, the procedure is the same as for delayed registration of births within India.


Your child’s birth certificate will be issued at the hospital itself. Parents can collect it before clearing the hospital bills.  You can also opt for Online Birth Certificate Bangalore.

There are many options to apply for a Bangalore Birth Certificate online. However, by following the steps outlined above, you can easily apply. It is mandatory to register a birth within 21 days of the event.

What is the fees required for birth certificate in Bangalore?

No fees required for if birth certificate in Bangalore within 21 days. if register after 21 days Rs 7 . Register after 30 days and before one year requires Rs 10. Birth registration after one year Rs 15.

How many days take to obtain birth certificate in Bangalore?

It will take almost one month to get birth certificate in Bangalore.

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For birth certificate Bangalore, You can book order online. For any query or concern please speak to one of our relationship manager over phone or chat. You can also write to us. We will get back to you.

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