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White number plate in India

White number plate in India-itzeazy

The color of a vehicle’s number plate in India holds significant importance as it provides essential information about the vehicle’s use and registration status. Each color signifies a specific type of vehicle, distinguishing between personal and commercial use. In this article, we will explore the meaning of white number plate in India, how to get the white number plate, and the new rules regarding their display in India. 

White number plate in India

The most typical number plate used for private or non-commercial cars in India, including both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, is white. It serves as the typical license plate for privately owned vehicles. Typically, the white number plate has a white background and black letters on it. White number plate means that the vehicle is exclusively registered for private or personal use and should not be used for business activities like the delivery of goods or the transportation of paying customers.

White no plate-itzeazy

By decoding the color-coded number plates, one can easily determine the function and type of cars encountered in India.

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How to get the white number plate

To get a white number plate in India, you need to follow the process of motor vehicle registration. Here are the general steps involved:

  • Documentation: Gather the necessary documents required for vehicle registration, which may include:
    1. Roadworthiness certificate
    2. Sales invoice
    3. Proof of address
    4. Identity proof
    5. Valid driving license
    6. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
    7. Insurance certificate
  1. Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO): Go to the RTO in your district of residence or you can find more on vahan parivahan website .Each district in a state has its own RTO. Submit the required documents to the registering authority.
  2. Vehicle inspection: The registering authority will verify the engine and chassis number of your vehicle to ensure they match the documents and the vehicle is not stolen.
  3. Payment of fees: Pay the applicable registration fees and any other charges as specified by the RTO.
  4. Number plate assignment: After completing the registration process, the RTO will assign a unique number plate to your vehicle. The number plate will have a specific format as mentioned in the previous information. The first part will denote the state or union territory, followed by the district code and a unique number or alphabet.
  5. Number plate installation: Once you receive the assigned number plate, affix it to your vehicle as per the guidelines provided by the RTO. It should be clearly visible and securely attached to the front and rear of the vehicle.

All your query related to how to get the white number plate will be solve by following the steps mentioned above.

What is the new number plate rules in India?

New rules for vehicle number plate in India have been introduced regarding white number plates for vehicles. These rules aim to bring clarity and consistency in displaying vehicle identification on the roads.

These rules aim to enhance road safety, vehicle identification, and maintain consistency in displaying registration details. It is crucial for vehicle owners to follow these rules to comply with traffic regulations and avoid legal issues.

Here are the key points about the new rules of number plates in India in easy words:
  1. White Number Plate: All private vehicles in India must display a white number plate on the front and rear of the vehicle.
  2. Black Text: The numbers and letters on the white number plate should be in black color. This ensures easy visibility and legibility for identification purposes.
  3. Standardized Format: The number plate should follow a standardized format set by the authorities. It typically consists of a combination of numbers and letters that uniquely identify the vehicle.
  4. Reflective Material: The white number plate should be made of a reflective material. This helps in increasing visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring that the vehicle can be easily spotted.
  5. No Additional Stickers or Artwork: It is important to note that no additional stickers, logos, or artwork should be added to the number plate. The plate should only display the prescribed numbers and letters.
  6. Proper Mounting: The number plate should be securely mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle. It should not be obstructed by any objects such as mudguards, bumpers, or frames.

These new rules for vehicle number plate in India for white number plate are designed to enhance road safety, enable easy identification of vehicles, and maintain uniformity in the display of vehicle registration details. It is important for vehicle owners to adhere to these rules to avoid any legal issues and ensure smooth compliance with traffic regulations.

Q1 What does a temporary number plate mean?

A brand-new car is given a temporary number plate until the relevant RTO provides the permanent number plate to the vehicle. It has color-coded alpha-numerical according to the type of vehicle and is good for one month.

Q2 Can we use a white number plate for the EV?

EV license plates must have a green background and white or yellow numerals and letters.


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