Applying for marriage certificate in Delhi. worrying about the cost ? Get the detail of marriage registration fees Delhi, tatkal marriage certificate Delhi fees. In this article, we will talk about Marriage registration fees in Delhi. Let’s take a look at how much you have to pay for marriage certificate fees in Delhi.

Delhi, India’s national capital, has a population of more than 250 million people of various religions and ethnicities, with half of the population in the process of becoming working-class in less than 5 years or already working-class, and as a working-class person, a slew of financial problems arrives on a daily basis. However, some problems occur only infrequently in life, such as the expense of a marriage, its registration, and so on.

Every couple in India is required to register their marriage in their respective various states and union territories. And although some states record marriages in an offline manner, Delhi offers the option of registering marriages both offline and online. If you are a couple from Delhi looking for a way to register your marriage in Delhi online, then we are here to help you and raise your information about the marriage registration fees Delhi. What is the marriage registration fees Delhi? What is the marriage certificate fees Delhi? We’ve jotted down some of the pertinent details related to it.

Marriage certificate fees Delhi

Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 500
The Parsi Marriage Act of 1936 500
The Anand Marriage Act of 2012 500
Muslim Marriage Act of 1936 500
1954 Special Marriage Act 500


Marriage certificate fee Delhi will be asked from the couple from Delhi, when their certificate is ready to handover them or when they are downloading the certificate from the online portal of the registrar this amount is been asked to pay.

If the couple want to issue a duplicate marriage certificate, then also the cost of the issuance will be the same.

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Marriage registration fees Delhi

MARRIAGE ACTS FEES in Rs (in tatkal) FEES in Rs (in general)
Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 1500 500
The Parsi Marriage Act of 1936 1500 500
The Anand Marriage Act of 2012 1500 500
Muslim Marriage Act of 1936 1500 500
1954 Special Marriage Act 1500 500

General: it is a type of registration where couple is only requesting to Delhi government that just record our marriage and issue our marriage certificate on normal basis there is no hurry for marriage certificate.

Tatkal: it is a type of registration where couple is requesting from Delhi government that to issue their marriage certificate as soon as possible, it can be a case of emergency or urgent requirement for any personal reasons and for that couple is ready to pay extra fees compare to normal fees.

This amount is marriage registration fees Delhi and every couple has to pay this amount, when they are trying to register their marriage legally in Delhi and its amount getting updated on annual basis by the Delhi government.

Types of Marriage Registration in Delhi

Marriage certificate in Delhi is a vital document for any couple who wishes to register as a married couple. Different marriage rules apply to different religions in India.

All of these acts have been passed by the Indian government.

  • Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 (it covers Hindu, Buddhist, Brahma, Prathama and Jain religion)
  • The Parsi Marriage Act of 1936 (it covers Parsi and Zoroastrians religion)
  • The Anand Marriage Act of 2012 (applicable solely to Sikhs)
  • Muslim Marriage Act of 1936 (applicable solely to Muslims)
  • 1954 Special Marriage Act (it includes all religion and even atheist)

A Delhi couple can perform marriage registration Delhi under any of these acts. Check out the marriage certificate fees Delhi in the previous section.

And every religion has to pay a common fee except for the marriage under Hindu Marriage act as they have to pay Rs 150 and marriage under other act have to pay Rs 100. marriage registration fees Delhi government reset it on annual basis.