What is diplomatic passport? It is a type of passport which is only issued to certain individuals. It is most often used by diplomats and other government officials to travel overseas for government duties. If you are a government officer and wants to apply for a  Indian diplomatic passport or official passport, then this article is specially meant for you. Here we are going to discuss each and everything about diplomatic passport meaning in detail.

What is Diplomatic Passport India?

Diplomatic Passport meaning is that passport holders can easily cross international borders while avoiding a lot of common travel regulations that ordinary passport holders are required to follow.

An Indian diplomatic passport look varies depending on the country of issue. It is very different from regular tourist passports.It is unique in colour and states the words “Diplomatic Passport” written on the cover page. The difference in the colour of the passport, make it easy for the officials to identity a diplomatic passport holder and offer them the relevant advantages. For instance, India’s official passport is white whereas its diplomatic passport is Maroon in colour.

Who gets diplomatic passport in India?

The first thing that comes to the mind is who can get diplomatic passport in India. So, the list of applicants who can apply for a diplomatic passport is as follows:

  1. Officers from Indian foreign services(Branch A) who are travelling abroad
  2. Selected officers from the Indian Foreign services (Branch B) and Officers from the Ministry of External Affairs who are travelling to abroad for official duties
  3. When the dependent parents, daughters and sons, spouses, or official hostess are travelling to abroad with eligible diplomatic passport holders. The ministry of external affairs must recognize the dependent status.
  4. Family members which are mentioned above can also apply for a diplomatic passport for educational and other purposes in a different country
  5. Individuals who are holding diplomatic status
  6. Officials who are deputed by the Government of India to travel overseas

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How to get an Indian diplomatic passport?

The procedure is the most important thing  required to know before applying for a diplomatic passport. Normally, the applications for the diplomatic passport are only allowed at the PSP Division, Patiala House, New Delhi. However, the applicants can also choose to apply for the diplomatic passport at the passport office attached to their present addresses.

The procedure to apply for it is described below in very easy steps.

  1. Register yourself through the Passport Seva Online portal.
  2. Once you create your account, login to the portal with the help of Login ID and password.
  3. Click on the link “Apply for the Diplomatic/ Official Passport”.
  4. Fill in the form with all the relevant details like your name, family details, etc.
  5. After this, take a printout of your filled application form through the “View/Print Submitted form” link which is available on the View Saved/Submitted Applications page.
  6.  Bring the printed copy of online filled application form and other important documents while visiting the Consular office, New Delhi.

Benefits of Diplomatic passport India

A diplomatic passport leads to a special status to its holders. They receive a wonderful tension free experience while travelling to overseas. Some of the major advantages of having diplomatic passport are:

  1. Special treatment while travelling and separated airport channels
  2. No delays while boarding due to time- consuming passengers
  3. Special treatment upon reaching overseas
  4. No visa fees

Documents required to apply for a diplomatic passport

Before knowing the procedure, it is beneficial to arrange all the necessary documents which are required to apply for a diplomatic passport. So, the individuals can submit a copy of the following documents:

  1. An official identity card
  2. Submit the official letter from the forwarding officer
  3. Submit a political clearance certificate
  4. Head of office’s certificate
  5. Original diplomatic passport (if it is under the safe custody of ministry of external affairs, carry the original surrender certificate or safe certificate)
  6. Diplomats who are going to retire in less than 6 months from the date of application have to submit an undertaking from their office (this specifies that they will surrender the diplomatic passport in the office after their return from that official tour)

Note- The documents are to be submitted in the following order:

  1. Printed clear copy of the filled application form
  2. Political clearance certificate
  3. Copy of the identity card
  4. Certificate issued by the office’s head
  5. Request letter from the forwarding officer
  6. Other necessary documents
Q1. What is the fees structure to apply for a diplomatic passport in India?

There is no fees structure to apply for a diplomatic passport in India. It is totally cost-free.

Q2.What is the difference in ordinary passport and a diplomatic passport?

2. What is the difference in ordinary passport and a diplomatic passport? The ordinary passport is generated to only VIP’s and general people whereas diplomatic passport is generated to high ranking diplomats or government officers.

Q3.Can I apply for an ordinary passport while owing a diplomatic passport?

Yes, you can do so. You must mention this at the time of filling application procedure to avoid a penalty of Rs.500

Q4.What is the processing time to obtain a diplomatic passport after filling the application form?

It takes around 7 days to get a diplomatic passport after filling the application form.