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Driving License

Minimum Age for Driving Licence in India

minimum age for learning driving licence in india

Applying for a driving license Want to know what is the minimum age for driving licence in India ?

A driving license is a legal need for driving under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. According to this act, nobody can drive in public places without having a driving license issued through the Regional Transport Office (RTO).Vehicles that include two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and different forms of vehicles. Each vehicle type has minimum age for getting a driving license in India that will be discussed in detail in this article.

Minimum age for driving licence in India

For getting a permanent driving license, the first steps involve the issuance of a learning license. It is required for all types of vehicle  2 wheeler or 4 wheelers etc. applying for a learning license,it is necessary to know the minimum eligibility criteria for a driving license for the respective class of vehicle. Therefore, one of the main criteria is age eligibility. You must know the minimum age for a driving license in India.

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Minimum age for learning driving licence in India 


The minimum age for driving licence in India for a two-wheeler under 50cc is 16 years of age. However, in today`s time, 50cc scooters are few and a long way between. Hence, it’s good to wait to get the two-wheeler above 50cc license.

Two wheelers above 50 cc

The minimum age for driving licence in india for a two-wheeler above 50cc is 18 years of age. This included all the latest launches of Scooty and Active.

Light motor vehicle for non transport(cars)

Minimum age for driving licence in India for a  car is over the age of 18. He or she needs to pass the physical fitness and mental criteria for getting the license.

Light motor vehicle license for transport:

A light motor vehicle like delivery trucks, minibuses tempos, etc. The minimum age for driving licence in India for a delivery vehicle is 18 years of age. Along with age criteria , a person must have completed  at least 8th standard schooling..

Heavy motor vehicle license

The heavy motor vehicle license covers licenses essential to diving trucks, lorries, and different such vehicles. The minimum age for driving licence in India for a heavy motor vehicle license is 20 years and a person must have completed  at least 8th standard schooling.

HPMV (Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle)

The heavy passenger motor vehicle learners driving license covers buses, minibuses, etc. The minimum age for driving licence in India for heavy passenger motor vehicles is 20 years and a a person must have completed  at least 8th standard schooling.

Heavy Trailer

An individual having a heavy vehicle driving license can only apply for a heavy trailer license. An individual applying for the license must be 18 years but in some states, this age is 20 years. And also have completed schooling up to the 8th standard.

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Document Required for Driving Licence

Along with the minimum age for learning driving licence for different vehicles,you should know other requirements. Following are the documents that you need to get a driving license:

1. Age Proof (anyone from the given document)

Following are the documents that you can use as an age-proof:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. PAN Card
  3. Passport
  4. 10th Class mark sheet
  5. Transfer certificates from any school or college for any class with the date of birth given on it.

2.  Address Proof (anyone from the following):

Following are the documents that you can use as address proof:

  1. Passport
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Self-owned house agreement
  4. Electricity bill (issued with the applicant’s name)
  5. LIC bond
  6. Voters ID Card
  7. Ration Card

3. Other Requirements for Driving Licence:

Along with meeting the minimum age for driving licence in India. Following are the  other documents that you need for the driving license:

  1. Fully filled application form (to get the application form for driving license, go to the closest RTO or download it from the internet portal of your state)
  2. 6 passport sized photographs (while applying for Learners Licence)
  3. 1 passport-sized photograph (while applying for Driving Licence)
  4. Application Fees.
  5. If you’re staying in a different city, as current address proof, you can use rental agreement with one recent utility bill copy which can be an electricity bill or gas bill that can use as address proof.
  6. Medical Certificate – Form 1A and 1 that issue through a licensed Government doctor.
  7. For all candidates over the age of 40 years, a medical certificate is compulsory.

How to Apply for Driving Licence?

Once you meet the minimum age for learning driving licence in India, you can apply for a driving license both online or offline.

The steps form you can check your driving license status are given below:

1. On the parivahan home page, click on the “Online Services” tab.

2.  From the menu, click on the “Driving Licence Related Services” tab.

3. Select the state that you have applied for a driving license, from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on the “Apply for driving licence” tab .

5. Enter the information required like, “Application Number”, “Date of Birth”, and “Captcha”.

6. Click on “Submit”.


You must possess a valid driving licence in order to lawfully operate a vehicle on Indian roadways. A Learner’s Licence is the first step in obtaining a Driving Licence in India. A Learner’s Licence is a document issued by the appropriate state Regional Transport Office and Regional Transport Authority that serves as both a provisional and restricted licence. To obtain a Learner’s licence, one must be familiar with driving rules and common sense.

After passing a written or online test that assesses his understanding of traffic laws, the candidate in India is given a learner’s licence. After receiving your Learner’s permit, you will be permitted to practise driving on public roads as long as you are accompanied by a licenced driver. The minimum age for learning driving licence in India may depend upon the type of vehicle you are using. The minimum age for learning driving licence  could be between 16- 18 years


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Is a learner's permit valid throughout India?

Yes, the learner's permit is valid throughout India, but only for six months from the date of issue.

How can I get a duplicate learning license?

In India, to get a duplicate learner's licence, you need to submit all necessary documents along with a police report stating that you misplaced or lost your learner's permit. A duplicate learner's license copy costs Rs.50 and is easily obtained from your nearest RTO office.

Do I need to drive on the road during my learner's permit test?

No, you are not required to drive a vehicle on the road during your learner's licence test. As this document is issued to you for learning to drive a vehicle in the presence of someone who has a permanent DL. You will only need to take a written test online or offline and answer basic traffic rules questions.



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