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Dubai Visa Price for Indian

Dubai visa price for Indian@itzeazy

30 days Dubai Visa

Processing time:

3 to5 days

Stay period:

30 days


60 days

Visa category:





INR 7300

If you are applying for a Dubai visa from India, it is necessary to know the Dubai visa price for Indian before starting your visa application. There are different types of Dubai visas available for Indians as per the purpose of visit, entry type, and stay duration. Thus, you should know about the Dubai visa fees for Indian as per Dubai visa types and their validity.

Types of Dubai visa for Indians

Indians have to choose a Dubai visa type as per the purpose of their visit. Also, you need to decide the duration of your stay and entry type while applying. Thus, considering these things, there are mainly three types of Dubai visas for which Indians can apply.

  1. Dubai visit visa: It allows you to apply for a short visit to Dubai for the purpose of tourism, business, family visits, or study. It provides a 30 or 60 days stay visa with single or multiple entry options to Dubai. The main types of Dubai visa under which:
  2. Dubai transit visa: It allows for transit through Dubai or UAE airports. It is available for 48 hours or 96 hours for Indians.
  3. 5 years Multiple entry Dubai Tourist Visa: It allows Indians to visit Dubai multiple times, which is valid for 5 years, and stay for 90 days on each visit.

Validity of Dubai visa for Indians

The validity of a Dubai visa varies as per the type of visa, as given in the following table.

Dubai visa types Validity
Visit visa 60 days
Transit visa 48 or 96 hours
5 years multiple entry  tourist visa 5 years

How to apply for Dubai visa from India?

Indians have to apply for a UAE visa to enter Dubai. You cannot apply online or by visiting the UAE embassy. Indians have to apply through authorized visa agents or sponsors. Thus, while applying, you need to pay Dubai visa fees to agents along with the document and form.

Dubai visa price for Indian 2024

Dubai visa price for Indian depend upon the types of visa and entry (single or multiple) and duration of the stay in the country. When considering the Dubai visa price for Indian travelers, it is important to note the various factors that contribute to the overall visa fee. Understanding the visa fees for Dubai from India is crucial for planning a budget-friendly trip.

Types of Dubai Visas                    
Visa Price (INR)
48 hours Dubai Transit Visa Single 3500/-
96 hours Dubai Transit Visa Single 6500/-
30 days Dubai visa Single 7300/-
Multiple 13500/-
60 days Dubai visa Single 12000/-
Multiple 18500/-
5 years Dubai Tourist Visa(90 days stay) Multiple 40000/-

Note: Above visa prices cover application fees, issuance fees, electronic fees.

  1. Fees are non refundable
  2. Additional service fees may apply.
  3. Dubai visa fee depends on whether you want to enter Dubai once or multiple times.

Dubai visa price for Indians_Itzeazy

Dubai visa fees under Express/Tatkal service

Normal Dubai visa processing takes 3 to 5 days. You can get tatkal service with additional fees to get Dubai visa. For tatkal/express service, fees for 30 days visit visa is Rs 15000/- .You can get Dubai visa in 1- 2 days under tatkal scheme.

The UAE immigration department has the exclusive authority to approve or reject visas without influenced of visa lounge.

Dubai visit visa charges for 1 month

Indians can apply for single-entry for 30 days Dubai visit visa for short trips for tourism or business purposes. Dubai visit visa charges for 1 month is around ₹7,300, including taxes.

If you want to get multiple entries, you have to pay respective fees of Rs 13500/-.

Dubai visit visa charges for 3 months 

If you are planning to stay in Dubai for bit longer you can apply for 3 months visit visa. Dubai visit visa charges for 3 months for Indians are approximately ₹18,090 for single entry.

How to pay Dubai visa fees?

Indian passport holders can not apply online for a Dubai visa on their own. You have to apply through authorized visa agents. Thus you have to pay Dubai visa fees and additional charges  to the respective visa agents  while submitting documents. After approval you will get copy of their e-visa.

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How much is 1 month visit visa fees for Dubai?

Dubai visit visa price 1 month for single entry visa is just ₹7,300

Can I get a 90 day visa for Dubai?

Yes, you can get 90 day visa for Dubai. 90 day single entry Dubai visit visa will let you stay in Dubai up to 90 days. During this time, you can enjoy your vacation, shop, dine out, go to meetings, spend time with loved ones and business trips.

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