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NOC for Vehicle Transfer to Other State Online

Noc for vehicle transfer

Vehicle NOC

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Want to apply for NOC for vehicle transfer to other state online ? NOC for vehicle transfer is an important document to ensure a smooth and legal transfer of vehicle from one RTO to another RTO. It is required for all type of vehicles  while ownership transfer like car, bike, bus etc. Before applying you should know about vehicle NOC  and steps to get NOC for vehicle transfer and documents required for parivahan NOC.

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NOC for Vehicle Transfer

If you have to sell your vehicle or your residence has changed to a different address, which comes under other RTO jurisdiction within or outside the state, then you need to apply for an NOC for vehicle transfer before applying for ownership transfer or re-registration. NOC, which stands for No Objection Certificate, is a legal document that is issued from the RTO where your vehicle is presently registered.

As per Motor vehicle act, you are required to apply for change of address and re-register your vehicle in new RTO when you are going to another state for longer duration of time. The major reason behind this is to keep track of the vehicles.

Updating the records will ease the process mainly for security purposes that’s why you need a NOC for vehicle .

Why do we need parivahan NOC ?

The main reason behind getting a parivahan NOC is to get clearance from the RTO about any pending taxes, theft cases, or security actions before processing the ownership transfer or re-registration of the vehicle with another RTO.

Thus, you have to apply for NOC for vehicle transfer in two situations:

  1. Self Use: A vehicle owner, whose address has changed from one city to another city within or outside the state.
  2. Selling: If vehicle has been sold to another person and that particular person lives in some other city or state, then the original owner needs to apply for NOC of the vehicle. Once the NOC is received and given to the buyer of the vehicle by its seller, it needs to be submitted by the buyer  to the new state’s RTO.


  1. If you are going to another state for shorter duration, you don’t need to apply for vehicle NOC, address change  and re-registration of vehicle.
  2. Getting vehicle NOC is an important step while shifting interstate which most vehicle owners often overlook.

Scenarios of Vehicle NOC

There are three scenarios to consider while applying for an NOC for a vehicle transfer.

  1. No loan on vehicle: You can apply for NOC at parent RTO directly for ownership transfer and self use in case of residence change.
  2. Loan is there and continuing: If the loan on vehicle is continuing , get the loan continuation letter or NOC of continuation from the bank and submit while applying for NOC at parent RTO.
  3. Loan is paid: If the loan on the vehicle has been repaid, get the NOC from the bank, go for hypothecation removal and submit it to the RTO to apply for the NOC for the vehicle.

Where to apply for NOC for vehicle transfer?

You have to apply for a NOC application at the RTO where the vehicle is registered. You can apply online through the Vahan Parivahan portal, and depending on the state or RTO, you may need to visit RTO after your online application.

Validity of vehicle NOC

There is no validity period defined for vehicle NOC. As per motor vehicle act , you should apply for re-registration of vehicle in the new RTO within one month from the date of issue of RTO NOC. After this period, you will have to pay late fine.

The late fine is :

  1. Bike – Rs. 300/ month
  2. Car – Rs. 500/month

How to apply for NOC with Itzeazy?

  1. Book order for NOC at Itzeazy
  2. Based on requirements, Itzeazy will share list of documents and service charges
  3. Make advance payment
  4. Upload documents soft copy and prefilled form
  5. Itzeazy verifies it and pick up the documents accordingly
  6. Submission at RTO
  7. Get NOC for vehicle transfer

Documents required for vehicle NOC online

Following are the documents required for NOC for vehicle

  1. Application form 28 (4 copies)
  2. Original RC
  3. Copy of valid Insurance certificate
  4. PUC certificate
  5. Chassis & Engine Pencil Print
  6. Proof of motor vehicle tax
  7. Consent of Financier on CMV form 28 (in case of HPA or a lease agreement)
  8. Address proof and photo identity proof
  9. Permit and fitness certificate (applicable for commercial vehicles)

How to apply for NOC for vehicle?

You can apply online for a parivahan NOC for vehicle transfer at the parent RTO through the Vahan Parivahan official website. The vehicle NOC process is completely online in states where faceless facilities are available (Aadhar authenticated), so there is no need to visit the RTO in such states.

While in a few states. You need to visit the parent RTO for documents and form submission after the online application for the NOC of the vehicle transfer. Thus the steps involved mainly for NOC of vehicle are:

Online procedure for NOC for Vehicle

Applying vehicle NOC through online process is possible with the help of online portal ‘Parivahan’ under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.  The eligibility of your state’s availability must be checked for online NOC before proceeding. Itzeazy too provide online service for vehicle NOC.

Once the availability is confirmed, kindly ensue with the following steps to apply for a NOC for vehicle online.

  • Visit the online portal ‘Vahan Parivahan’.
  • Carefully fill in the vehicle’s registration number and click on ‘Proceed’.
  • You would now be directed to a new page, and choose ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’ from the available options.
  • Enter the last five digits of your vehicle’s chassis number.
  • Provide all the details asked for and upload the essential documents.
  • Pay the fees as applicable for your concerned RTO.
  • Save the application form as receipt which is generated, and take a print out.
  • Submit the application form along with the receipt slip and required documents “in-person” to your concerned RTO.

After completing process to get RTO NOC for vehicle transfer, you can expect the certificate’s issuance within 30 working days. The states where faceless NOC process is available, there is no need to visit RTO after online form submission.

NOC for vehicle ownership to other state

If you are buying a vehicle which is registered in other state and you want to transfer it in your name, following are the steps you need to follow :

  • Apply for NOC for vehicle transfer from other state to your city.
  • Application for vehicle NOC should be submitted to the parent RTO.
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle in your city & road tax payment
  • RC transfer in your name in your city

​Pls note vehicle registration number will also get changed in the process. After completion of the process you will get new RC with new number and your name.

​NOC for vehicle transfer to other state

If you are shifting your vehicle to other state and having stay there for longer durations, following are the steps you need to follow :

  • Apply for NOC for vehicle transfer to other state at parent RTO
  • NOC should be submitted to the RTO.
  • ​Re-registration of vehicle at RTO  in your new city & road tax payment

​Pls note vehicle registration number will also get changed in the process. After completion of the process you will get new RC with new number and your name. ​​​​​

Re registration of vehicle

If your address has changed and you have to shift your vehicle within or outside the state to a different registering authority, you have to apply for re-registration of the vehicle at the new RTO. It is necessary to re-register within 12 months of shifting. Before applying for re-registration, it needs to get an NOC for vehicle transfer from the parent RTO. You have to follow given steps for re registration of vehicle:

  1. Get NOC for vehicle transfer from parent RTO
  2. Apply for re registration at new RTO
  3. Submit all the documents
  4. Pay road tax (for state change)
  5. Get new RC from RTO

Cancellation of NOC 

If you have received your NOC for vehicle transfer from parent RTO and you want to change the location or it has wrongly issued, it needs to cancel the NOC.

For cancellation of NOC, you have to get non utilization certificate from new RTO for which NOC was issued. Then you have to submit the non utilization certificate, RC and NOC to parent RTO for its cancellation.

After cancelling, you can apply for new NOC of desired location.

Things to keep in mind for NOC for Vehicle 

There is lot of deficient information among the vehicle owners about motor vehicle rules and regulations, which need to be followed. It is not very clear which vehicles require parivahan NOC and which don’t.

Following are the important points which should be kept in mind while applying for vehicle NOC :

  • Application for vehicle should be submitted to the parent RTO only
  • If you are selling the vehicle to someone , NOC should be issued in the name of buyer. Its very important.
  • Get the correct information about the destination RTO . Fill up the form 28 correctly . If parivahan NOC is issued for any other RTO , it will be big problem.
  • Get information beforehand whether vehicle can be re-registered in the new RTO or not. Check with the RTO. There are many cities where there is restrictions regrading re-registration based on model year of the vehicle.

How do I get Road Tax refund ?

You can claim for road tax refund from the parent RTO where vehicle was registered once you re-register your vehicle in the new state.  Road tax paid in the previous state will be refunded on the pro-rata basis.

The time limit for applying for road tax refund differs from one state to another and the process for refund can be commenced soon after registering the vehicle to new state/UT.

However, kindly note that only the original owner of the vehicle can claim for a refund which is understood because that owner is the one who paid the road tax in the first place.

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What is the time period of NOC ?

There is no expiry date mentioned on NOC. Its valid till you re-register your vehicle in the RTO for which NOC was issued . However there is late fine per month . Hence its advisable to re-register the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid late fine.

Can we get NOC online in Haryana ?

Process for NOC in Haryana is not online completely . Application form can be filled online. RTO fees can be deposited online. However application form along with suppoting documents needs to be submitted to the concerned RTO physically. After processing of vehicle NOC , physical copy of it should be collected physically from the RTO.

Do we need NOC to travel to other state for a short duration?

If the duration is less than one year, then no NOC is required by you for taking your vehicle to another state.

Is NOC needed if I am moving from one city to another in the same state?

Yes, as the jurisdiction of the RTO changes, you need to apply for vehicle NOC in the parent RTO . Its required to shift the vehicle to the new RTO jurisdiction area.

How long can one drive a vehicle in another state without re registration on other state?

Once NOC is issued from the RTO , your vehicle is no longer registered to the parent RTO. Its advisable to register it to the new RTO ASAP. You will not be able to claim insurance, in case of accident or any other mis-happenings .

Are the documents required to obtain NOC for a transport vehicle the same as for other vehicles?

The documents required for transport vehicle NOC is not same . Additional documents are required in this case, such as Tax clearance certificate Certificate of vehicle’s fitness Surrender of a permit issued by any other state Challan clearance certificate.

Can we download NOC online?

Yes, you can download NOC of vehicle online from Parivahan website.

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