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Online Steps for Ireland Visa Tracking

Ireland Visa Status

90 days Ireland Visa

Processing time:

10 to 20 days

Stay period:

90 days


180 days

Visa category:





Rs 5300/-

If you have applied for an Ireland visa and want to know your current status, you can check it through Ireland visa tracking. It is necessary to check the Irish visa status to avoid unwanted delays and fulfill additional document requirements if required. Thus, after applying for an Ireland visa, you must know the process to track Ireland visa status and Ireland visa processing time from India.

Ireland visa tracking India

Indians have to apply for an Ireland visa for visiting the country for any of the purposes. There are different types of Ireland visas, and you need to follow the same steps for Ireland visa tracking for all visa types.

For application of Ireland visa, you have already followed the steps as

  1. Fill the visa application form at the official website of AVATS
  2. Visiting Ireland VFS visa application center for submitting form supporting documents 

The applicant’s last step is to wait for their Ireland visa outcome. After an appointment at the visa application center, it will take 10 to 20 days for visa processing. The normal processing time may vary as per the season or number of applications. Thus, the Embassy of Ireland provides the facility to track the visa status online.

Once the decision has made on your application, the Embassy of Ireland uploads Ireland visa decisions. The report is uploaded every Tuesday and Friday morning. It contains all the decisions made on visa application in India.

How to check Ireland visa status ?

After submission of application form, documents and payment of fees, you will get receipt at visa application centre. The receipt contains reference number that can be used for tracking Ireland visa status

The steps for checking the Ireland visa status are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of VFS.Global
  • Click on “Track your visa application status online”.
  • Enter the reference number and date of birth. 
  • Enter the text shown in the image.
  • View the current Ireland visa status on screen

Possible Ireland visa tracking status

Some of the possible Ireland visa statuses are as follows:

  • Application receipt pending
  • Application received
  • Administrative processing
  • Issued
  • Refused 

Processing time of Ireland visa 

The processing time differs according to the type of Ireland visa. Some applications can take longer depending upon various reasons. To avoid any delays, it is beneficial to apply for an Ireland visa 6 to 8 weeks in advance. 

Median visa processing time for Ireland visa applications are as follows:

Visa type  Sub Category  Processing time
Business 10
Employment Critical Skills Permit 10
General/ Other Permit 45
family visit 25
Study 25
Tourist 10

Note: Processing time does not include the time it takes to secure a VFS appointment. Also, it does not include the time it takes for the documents to reach them from VFS. 

Reasons for Ireland visa rejection 

There are various reasons for Ireland visa rejection. The possible reasons are as follows

  • Incomplete application: An applicant’s visa will be rejected if all the details are not filled. They must ensure that each detail is carefully filled. In case of any confusion, reach out to the visa counsellors. 
  • Violation of rules: Applicants need to adhere to all the rules while applying for an Ireland visa. Don’t submit fake or illegal documents. Check the rules and regulations of the Embassy of Ireland.  
  • Unclear purpose of travel: The purpose of traveling to Ireland has to be clear. The visa officials will probe deeper into the reasons for applicants taking the trip.
  • Passport issues: if the pages of passport are full and do not have a fresh book. 
  • Crime record: An applicant’s history has a huge impact on the visa application process. Their visa will be rejected if they have a criminal record. 

Note: There are plenty of reasons for Ireland visa rejection. Applicants must know all the possible reasons in advance to avoid making mistakes.  

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My Ireland visa application form has gone over the stated processing time. What is the reason behind it?

It can happen with anybody. Reasons may include biometrics, postal delays or in- depth document verification.

My Ireland visa application has been refused. Can I appeal the decision?

The refusal notification will tell if you can appeal the decision or not.

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